Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Las Vegas, NV - L-R: Ton, Dawn, Lori, and Vincent.

Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Do Not Gamble with Marketing Strategy and Clients Are Winning

Minuteman Press in Las Vegas, Nevada, is led by Lori Murphy, a lifelong go-getter with a penchant for art and a body of knowledge at work for her allies and customers in the B2B Services industry.

Lori Murphy never panics.  She has been one to plan for the short and long-term during a career in which she was mostly self-employed. But always on the hunt for newer chances to indulge her artistry and desire to help others spread a message.  She initially held the intention to become a photographer in high school, but when camera equipment was too pricey she enrolled in the printing program and learned about old-school print techniques.  It seems the first business she should buy would be a print shop, but in 1993, she bought a signage company that was founded in 1987.  She maintained a great reputation and managed 10 employees before taking a look at the digital evolution and deciding to sell it so she could travel, mentor upcoming leaders and consider exactly what impact upon the professional world she would make next.

“I like to stay calm so I can get things done well and I’ve learned what we can visualize manifests in little decisions we make every day that bring us closer to our goals,” Lori says.  Yet, unforeseen turns of the pages in plan books happen and Lori knows that and is ready.  “When I went to RIT for photography, I wound up going to school for printing, actually because I could not afford the expensive camera equipment.  I learned about lithography and traditional techniques by enrolling in printing instead.  It is wearing to panic and it doesn’t do any good, so I focus on what I can control, wasting no time on what I can’t control.  That way, I change my approach to fix situations or at least learn something from them.”

She believes her approach makes interactions with people better as staying calm in pressure situations can be catching.  So after years of travel in an RV across the United States, mentoring people wishing to strike out into business on their own, she discovered that people were asking a lot about franchise ownership.  This encouraged her to discover more about it herself.  “I spent thirty hours a week volunteering with SCORE as I travelled the country, coaching entrepreneurs in what I had done myself, building a new business from scratch.  When people kept asking about franchising, I had to learn about it so I could help match them with the right franchise.  It turned out to be a great experience for me, personally because I learned to respect what owning a franchise has to offer vs. trying to do everything alone.”

The concept of buying into a proven system was a revelation to Lori with her experience taking on ventures by herself.  It sparked appreciation that she feels others might not get to enjoy as immediately as she did.  “I bought my Minuteman Press franchise in March of 2017 and when I realized I didn’t have to develop all the needed systems that they were already provided by Minuteman Press International I felt like it was such a gift.  When I started my sign company, I had to create CRMs and well…everything on my own.  The proprietary software alone is a tremendous asset.  We have a program designed just for our industry and our type of work. I had no help like that as an independent owner and I am sure it gave me greater appreciation of what a franchisor provides compared to the average person because I’ve been on the other, more difficult side of self-starter.”

She had the chance to have fun because the relief her new ally provided in the form of central and local support set her free to go to corporate training with more enthusiasm and less fear.  “I spent years creating building signs and temporary billboards for housing developments with my sign company, but the basics like color-matching carry over into my marketing services center.  That was one of the things I liked about Minuteman Press.  I love working with color and I was already familiar with four-color process, color materials and signage, but needed to learn many other things in training like digital printing and how to sell apparel and promotional products.” She continues, “Training was amazing!  Learning on my own was hard, but going to corporate training which provides decades of knowledge of the printing industry helped bring it all together.  I now have a system that works which includes sales, marketing and assistance even with hiring people.”

“I have come full circle.  I went to school for printing, bought a sign business and now I am back in printing as a franchise owner.  It was meant to be.” – Lori Murphy

The Neuropathy and Pain Center is Relieved by Their Partnership with Minuteman Press

The Minuteman Press design, marketing and printing franchise in Las Vegas shows off marketing materials produced for the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas.

The Minuteman Press design, marketing and printing franchise in Las Vegas shows off marketing materials produced for the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas.

Joan Frayer, Sales and Marketing consultant for the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas gives five stars to Lori and her staff at Minuteman Press in Las Vegas. She says, “I have been using Minuteman Press for about two years and I do an assortment of things with them from the simplest jobs like business cards to more detailed jobs like our newsletter.  Since I work for a pain management practice our newsletter is more complicated than average, so the images and graphics involved are far from your run of the mill job.  I always ask a lot from Lori and her team and I get a lot more than I ask for in return.”

Joan has worked in marketing and sales for years and her most recent position prior to the current pain-relief practice was in the sales department for the local newspaper.  She worked with the advertisements and design team there and for that reason, when she gives praise to work in graphics, she doesn’t give it lightly.  “I have to say that Minuteman Press has phenomenal designers. I never have to tell them that something they produced is out of balance or doesn’t look right. It is always excellent.”

Lori is similarly proud of her partnership with Joan and the work they are doing is meaningful to her.  She feels great satisfaction in the process of producing tools that will be used by health professionals to relieve people’s pain.  She says, “We started out producing flyers and business cards after someone referred us to Joan and she gave us a try.  From there, our partnership grew from just printing into full marketing services which is our specialty.  I believe in the work they are doing and feel wonderful knowing that we are working to support programs and doctors doing the good work of helping people manage and relieve pain and even avoiding unnecessary surgery.  We sit down as full-service marketing providers and go over every detail.  It is easier to be passionate about things we do when we believe in them, so all the postcards, advertisements and mailings we produce are part of this effort.”

“There are times in design and promoting a message when you get stuck in a rut and at those times, I turn to Minuteman Press, Lori Murphy and her team.  Sure enough, they are right every time. It’s been great.  I am very happy and everyone at The Neuropathy and Pain Center of Las Vegas feels the same way. I have worked with a lot of ad agencies so I can say, when something needs to be done, there is never a hesitation or a doubt that we need Minuteman Press,” Joan adds.

For Lori, a lifetime as an artist and a career that was self-driven to impressive success is culminating in a return to the industry she thought she left when she sold her sign company.  It is fitting that it was the digital evolution that prompted her initially to sell for fear that signage would be negatively impacted, only to discover that digital printing would come to be one of her greatest assets as an entrepreneur.  “Ten years ago, I left a similar industry and one of the reasons was that everything was changing, moving away from airbrushing, carving and sandblasting and into digital design and more button-pushing.  I made a conscious decision to sell at the time believing the change was not a good one.”

It is with optimism that she concludes, “Today, when I deliver a sign or a banner and everyone gathers around to look at it, I remember how much I love to make colorful stuff.  I never could have predicted I would buy a Minuteman Press franchise, but I am glad that I did.’

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