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Minuteman Press Franchise in New Rochelle, NY is Where Longevity in Printing Meets the Modern Marketing Needs of Clients 

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church puts good faith in Minuteman Press to take care of all design and print needs.

In 1975, at the age of 15, Frank Miceli walked through the doors of Minuteman Press in New Rochelle and the company honored both his dedication and natural talent, making him a manager before he graduated from high school.  Minuteman Press gave him every reason to stay, so he did and is now its rightful owner.  His proud franchise is one of the first of what are now nearly 1,000 marketing services centers worldwide and the man that started as a boy (doing bindery and collating) is a man with seasoned professional presence in his community.

“I worked my way up through being a pressman and then doing basically everything.  I went to college and still worked here.  Afterwards, the owners bought a second shop and sold this one to a new person and I decided to work here full time.”  Frank’s second boss ran the operation against the promising system of Minuteman Press International, in spite of the early proof that the franchise system developed by founder Roy Titus and his team was working and getting stronger.  Of the new owner at the time, Frank says, “He didn’t know too much about what he was doing and I knew more about the printing industry than he did.  Eventually, he realized it wasn’t for him.”

Things were not going to be easy for young Frank as he decided to buy what was now a disrupted existing printing business, but he was not afraid of things that aren’t easy.  His ethics were already aligned with the vision of Roy and the objectives of his franchise.  “The guy who owned the business before I took over destroyed what we had been building because he wasn’t marketing and basically it had been run down and nothing new was being added.  I had to start from scratch by rebuilding relationships and taking assistance from my franchisor.”  Franchise support swept in for him on all fronts including locally as he explains, “I picked Regional Vice President Jim Galasso’s brain a lot too  and now I’ve been an owner for about 28 years and I have been with Minuteman Press for 45 years overall.”

The golden rule that works so well in life and professionally helped him ease back into the minds and at the time, rolodexes, of customers.  “Basically, we treated them how we wish to be treated and gave them individual attention like they are the only ones who matter.  Today, it’s the same approach and we have long-time customers and some have been with us for 30 years.”

“It is great to meet with someone, take their ideas and create something that is printed on something that will help them grow.” – Frank Miceli, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, New Rochelle, New York

From the days of now archaic photo copiers and dominating offset presses with no fax machines and daylight cameras to the advancements of digital printing technology, Frank has seen it all and doesn’t seem to miss a step.  He respects and uses the Minuteman Press brand to his advantage to this day.  “We had the original Minuteman Press package of equipment and a great relationship with corporate.  Today, I spend my time networking and working behind a screen because the industry has changed so much.   We have seen every problem that can come up for our customers in that time and we help them with solutions.” And the solutions keep coming as the modern printing industry expands, with experts like Frank at the forefront.

Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President Jim Galasso (NY/NJ/CT) sees how a winning, competitive spirit is put to good use at Minuteman Press in New Rochelle.  He says, “Frank has always kept a positive attitude about growing his business.  Much like he coaches his kids in sports, he has kept a competitive nature in business and uses it to win customers.  He has never taken anything for granted and treats each customer like his biggest one.  It is just one of the many reasons people want to do business with him.”

From last minute requests that come from every angle and every type of venture, to customers who fancy themselves designers, Frank and his staff remain the one place to go for marketing efficiency.  “The biggest issue these days is that people try to give us self-designed artwork that they think is great, but it’s not.  We have to be nice about helping them understand that what looks good on your screen doesn’t translate instantly to looking good in print.   People see something they made on their screens and come to us asking to print it just like that and it comes out differently than they expect.  This is where true printing expertise comes into play, not just using a computer.”  Minuteman Press franchise owners and their teams know what looks good on paper and these days, what looks good printed on more than just paper.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Trusts Minuteman Press in New Rochelle

A customer of his center for 3 or 4 years solidly now, with members and leaders close to Frank, the Greek Orthodox Church started as a long-time client, then mistakenly tried a different printer.  “They approached us after dissatisfaction with the printer they tried when a parishioner volunteered the service in our place.  They started having issues that ranged from quality to slower turnaround time and missing deadlines.  When they came back to us for help, we turned things around very quickly and they loved working with us and we feel the same way.  Also, the parishioners know us and get our name. It’s like networking without trying.”

Parishioners count upon the timely delivery of their newsletters, so that was the first need that Minuteman Press in New Rochelle addressed.  “We design and print a number of things for the Church, but started with the newsletter, resolving their problems with personal meetings and engaged back and forth with proofs until it was just right.  We also do banners, poster boards for their annual festival and everything they need for their gala and family picnic events such as food tray liners and banners.  We also take care of their Christmas celebrations as they need invitations for their candlelit dinner event and raffles.”

As heroes to clients, how Minuteman Press is known, Holy Trinity was rescued from a last minute gaff. They forgot to order the festival booklets until the first day of the 3 day event.  “They have a special booklet every year and this year they forgot about it until the first night, so we got a frantic phone call the next morning and I had to print the entire job within a few hours.   I was happy to do it and donated my services to give back to the community.”

Father Nicholas, Gigi and Eva at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church all agree that their personal connection with Minuteman Press in New Rochelle is strong.  Father Nick speaks on their behalf: “We congratulate Frank and the entire staff at Minuteman Press, New Rochelle for always going above and beyond the call of duty for Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church!  Our relationship over the past 3 years has always been impressive when it comes to the quality and turnover.  May God grant you many years!”

For Frank and his marketing service center, those years continue well into their 5th decade as do the possibilities for growth in printing, his industry of choice for life.

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