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3 B2B Services Industry Entrepreneurs Share Tips to Overcome Business Setbacks in the New Year

People who are too afraid to make mistakes often fail to take chances and a life led in fear will certainly fall short of great. Still, what if you took some chances in business and encounter a setback?  The ways you might stumble when running a business are too many to list and as unique as the individuals or teams in charge, but there are some guiding principles that can help the most bold yet battle-weary entrepreneur.

After all, you are here to make an impact and failing is part of your impact both in the lessons you procure and in the model you can set for others.  It could be said that overcoming setbacks well is a great way to build your professional reputation.

“Business setbacks are a regular part of being an entrepreneur, but getting past them sets you apart from your competitors.” – John Taylor, owner Minuteman Press franchise, Nashville, Tennessee

John Taylor is building an impressive digital print, design and marketing following through exactly the kind of bold, risk-taking that put him into business when he bought his franchise from his boss.  He pursues projects of all kinds by saying YES, confident that going forward is always best.

Still, the reality of imperfection is present as he develops new connections and tends to those longstanding.  He says, “It’s either going to be a setback in a contract I expected or maybe a large client that gets wooed by a bigger corporate provider and leaves us.  We recover by always feeding more good work into the pipeline behind the setback and then we close it.  We would each love to say we never lost, but we have.  I will say that those disappointments cannot change who we are.  We are go-getters and tigers!”

Through taking-on a true leadership role by advancing from manager to owner of a Minuteman Press franchise, John Taylor joins thousands who can say We Are The Modern Printing Industry™

But even the best didn’t get there with zero disappointments.  They are continually supported by their veteran franchisor, true, but they also have something only they can bring into the mix:  Willingness.

“I did not envision myself doing this much within the printing industry five years ago,” John explains.  I was leaving a job and starting a new business. It was one that I had been cultivating for 12 years with the former franchisee when I was his manager. “It feels phenomenal to have the ability to adapt to new processes and expand our offerings as setbacks or customer demand insists.  I am willing to take risks because I am unafraid to chase opportunity. As a franchise owner, I have that support, but I also make sure no chance to take a new job slips by without serious thought and I love the ability to do that as a business owner.”

Living a legacy-level kind of live that makes an impact on your community and the future of your family means taking risks, encountering setbacks and assigning trust only when it is deserved to work through them. 

Dave Johnson owns Minuteman Press in Coral Springs, Florida and he acknowledges the learning curve necessary to become the strong manager he is today.  He says, “I think the hardest thing I had to learn as I moved into management roles was hiring the right people.  Years before I bought my franchise, as a manager, I hired people who turned out to be bad hires; but the only way to learn is to make the mistakes.   I learned you are only as good as people in your organization, especially a small organization. You cannot “carry all the wood” on your own.”

In the B2B Services Industry, Elizabeth Casas uses her Minuteman Press franchise in Carson to the advantage of other entrepreneurs, many of whom encounter setbacks with online printers.  “It might seem wonderful to buy 500 business cards for a few dollars online, but you get basic, common stuff for the most part.  People typically do not know how to design or create exactly what they need to reach their audience but they try and then they come to us.  It is a big setback to spend money on marketing materials only to realize you can’t use it.  That’s why Minuteman Press is so popular. We meet with everyone and come up with a plan to promote them.” That plan includes reassurance that print is a necessary investment and skipping it ends up being costly.

Surround yourself with positive company and find your advantage to get past professional trouble.

John Taylor isn’t nearly done taking chances and setbacks in stride.  But he has found his positive entity and ally in business and you should too, no matter what your path.  He says, “Without the Minuteman Press International, their proprietary software, the equipment deals, and local franchise support, we would not have the advantage.  The brand is the advantage; it gives us every chance in the world.  Even newer franchise owners that I am happy to mentor along with other veterans, they wouldn’t have my ear if they were not another Minuteman Press franchise owner.  We are a family in that way and newer franchise owners can get the inside track to whatever I can help him with when setbacks occur.”

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