In Print We Trust! How Printing is a Driving Force in Building Your Brand

Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Agree Their Brand is Built For The Win

If you want to cut to the chase of entrepreneurship, you can start by recognizing that no one recognizes you right now and that you have little support.  You are an unknown without your brand and free-agency does not come with guaranteed experts in your corner.  Naturally, great stories come from people who start with little and make it big, so one way to go is to start something entirely new; but to borrow gaming terminology, there’s a “cheat” and it is brand.

If your audience doesn’t know you, they have no reason to pay attention or fork over cash for what you’re selling, so brand is the hook-up to more immediate trust and gives you enormous power.  Also, if you are inclined to run your show your way, you will do yourself a favor by securing wise mentors.  Minuteman Press International is the kind of brand that gives power to its franchise owners in exchange for intelligent hassle in design, print and marketing on their parts.  Guess what?  It’s working all over the world.

As a great number of businesses constantly sweat out one of their biggest worries, being unknown, they rely on marketing agencies to try and stay ahead of the competition.  This is not a bad thing, by far, but it is an extra concern that franchise ownership helps put to rest.  Greater still is the support you stand to receive if you align yourself with a worthy franchisor.

Minuteman Press franchise owners share three crucial reasons why their brand is built For The Win:

  • The Brand is Recognizable: Frank Miceli, Minuteman Press in New Rochelle, New York: “Our brand is recognizable, not a “fly-by-night” place.  Most importantly, the help I get from Minuteman Press International is great.  If I have any issue, I can call my Regional Vice President, Jimmy Galasso, my Field Representative Kyle Barker, or I can call Executive VP Mike Jutt and anyone else I might need at the home office.  They all give me their time so I can go forward.”
  • The Brand Opens Doors: Garry Conley, Minuteman Press in London, Kentucky:  “Right now, I have 20 promotional products that I am producing right now for my clients.   The options my clients have result from one of our franchise system-wide conventions 12 years ago when we went to Las Vegas with fellow franchise owners and ASI was there.   They made it worth our while to join them and gave us many options in promotional product offerings.  Today it represents about 20% of everything we do as we build business together with our customers.”
  • The Brand includes Support: Jason Jacobus, Minuteman Press in Flemington, New Jersey: “I tell everyone that I know that wants to own their own business the support from Minuteman Press International is fantastic.   I have a lot of friends who own franchises and they aren’t as fortunate.  Our franchisor basically tells us to do what we want to grow our businesses – just don’t mess with the logo. We have that freedom, but also get our monthly calls from corporate checking in and still, I do not feel I work for someone but my friends owning other franchises do not have the same good feelings.  They tell me that they do not feel like the boss, that they feel their franchisor is the boss. That is not true for me!  But, they are just always there when I need them, from IT guys like (Chris) Multari and Bruce Lenting to all departments.”

Minuteman Press franchise owners have their brand and the freedom to say, “We Are The Modern Printing Industry”.  Jason adds, “One thing that impresses me the most is how corporate stays on top of technology.  I’d say the last four years and the way the company is guiding us on new stuff for the future so we can grow is excellent.   A few years ago, for instance, it was not a thought in my mind to make t-shirts to promote our customers’ businesses.  After all, I bought a printing company not apparel, but as we got settled, the deals our franchisor made with select vendors added more for us to offer.  Today, promotional products and apparel prove that Minuteman Press International is always giving us avenues to make more money.  I know they could sit back and do nothing more, but they don’t; they keep helping us expand

It’s clear that the good news for you (if you wish to win in business) is that your need for attention and support doesn’t have to cost you millions of dollars or tedious work trying to make a name by yourself.  You can get the best by investigating those with experience and a brand that is there for them and known seemingly everywhere.  Still, you have to honor brand in order to win and you have to “work it” to make it to the upper echelon.

Frank Miceli in New Rochelle, NY concludes, “We can market how we like, while keeping the brand guidelines, all with feedback for what has worked for other franchisees.  ALL of what I heard turned out to be TRUE.  The first two years were really tough, but you have to stick with the plan in the beginning, then migrate to your market strength.  You take the experience you have and add it to the strength of the brand. For us, we are a service company first.  We don’t just sell postcards, banners and more; we provide personal service and the end product of that service may be a banner or a postcard, etc. We have been around doing this work since 2003 due to customer care and our brand, Minuteman Press.”

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