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Minuteman Press Franchise Owner James Frost Discovers That Minuteman Press International Finds ‘Just the Right Balance Between Franchisor and Franchisee’

James Frost owns Minuteman Press in Redondo Beach, California. James shares his unique insights on owning a business and joining the #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise family…

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. — Though his early career was built in the travel  industry with a large European Tour Operating Group and he was instrumental in its successful expansion, James Frost always wanted to be his own boss one day. That day came on June 1st, 2018 when he bought an existing Minuteman Press franchise in Redondo Beach, CA, but not without first experiencing doubt.  “I knew I wanted to run my own business, but when I started looking I was skeptical of my fit in a franchise business. I didn’t have a lot of experience,” he explains.  “I had a perception of franchises being ‘prescriptive’ and ‘directive’ in terms of how I would run things and I was concerned it would be overpowering for me and was skeptical as to whether it was the right model for me.”  James did not see the real need for a franchisor at first, but as he dove deeper into discovery, he came to understand the value of his brand.

“I learned that Minuteman Press International provides just the right balance between franchisor and franchisee.  When I met with Dan Byers, Regional Vice President, it was for an existing location that was profitable.  Every time we got together and discussed possibilities, I saw greater value in the Minuteman Press franchise system.”  Though a relatively new entrepreneur, he has knowledge enough to share. “Now that I’ve been in business for a while, I have to say that they let me run my business and make my own decisions, but they are there when I need them.”

He had a career that lent him a view of the business world on a larger scale than many people have the chance to see. Starting in the UK in the early 2000s, taking both the European expansion and a temporary assignment in the United States in 2007 before working in Moscow for a year and a half, he gained respect.  “In 2010, I came to Los Angeles on a long-term basis and now it is home.”

Though he continued working for the same company until the end of 2017, he got to THAT point professional people get to when they realize they have loftier ambitions.  “I had a great career with amazing experiences but I needed something different.  I needed to be the master of my own destiny and I was always interested in owning my own business.”  It was then that he poured through the data on business models with determination to find the best fit.  He had a realization, “I discovered what interested me it was in the printing and marketing sector.  After all, I have been a buyer of marketing and print and I thought it was interesting how the supply side of the business worked.”  He connected with Minuteman Press Regional Vice President, Dan Byers, who took him on tours of active Minuteman Press centers.  This helped solidify James’ instinct that he found his franchise family. “I looked at a few franchises for sale and finalized on Minuteman Press in Redondo Beach in June of 2018.”

He retained two employees when he took command and added a third to find the right balance for his intended work climate.  “All of them have spent the majority of their working lives in this industry.  I have a very experienced team. I am impressed by the way they have helped me during this transition and also with their ideas and new approaches.  I am happy to listen and implement the ones that will work to our advantage.”

“My approach to customer service at Minuteman Press in Redondo Beach is to do the best job possible each time and the aim is to continue to be better than my competitors.”  – James Frost, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Redondo Beach, CA

“When people come to us for help, we are not anonymous. We have a range of clients, regular accounts and occasional customers.  This is a business of relationships so I am getting to know them pretty well because I know if we can nurture those relationships, the more chance I have to protect them and keep them for the long term.  It is also how we differentiate,” he adds.

It is gratifying to move from the world of employee to the one of employer.  James cites two reasons, “Making myself a successful business owner within four months as well as seeing customers’ delight with our finished product are motivators and it’s a rewarding feeling.”  The brand itself has been a help, as he explains, “We have clients from different areas in the United States, people coming to L.A. for events that needed our services and were familiar with Minuteman Press in their local markets.  That has helped us land several jobs.”

James has great reason to be excited about his future in Los Angeles, his home; and yet, he remains surprised at the positive course his career is taking.  “I had no idea I would be living in CA on a permanent basis and in a completely different industry.  Nor did I realize I would be a business owner, too.  So far, I am not looking back and I am very happy with my decision to buy a Minuteman Press.”

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