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Doing the right thing by customers even if it means extending yourself isn’t required by banks when you take a business loan.  In a free-market society, whether or not anyone is watching, you can do the right thing…or not.  It’s possible to do JUST what is required of a project, submit it and expect payment, but while wealth can come and go, your reputation is forever.  You should care about it at least as far as you hope to prosper, but further if you hope to be personally fulfilled and respected.

3 Minuteman Press franchise owners share how their principles matter in the printing industry.

Cheryl Armstrong, Minuteman Press Colorado Springs, Colorado:  “Every transaction is personal and relationships are crucial in any business but the difference is that we know this and act on it.  I need money to run my business, but money is not my motivator.  It is not as fulfilling for me because I want people to like my business and come back here.  I do not take advantage financially when others might.  I sit and chat with my clients and they feel connected, then they are assured we are going to give them a good product.”

Tim Siercks, Minuteman Press in Princeton and Cambridge, Minnesota:  “Last Christmas, we were asked to complete a job that comes in 3 times a year and it’s a big run of 300,000 sheets that we make into a periodical, The Lutheran Digest.  We only had a short window to finish them and ship them to individual churches.  Due to the fact that it was Christmas time and our clients needed us, we chose to sleep in the shop sometimes, working around the clock while including our kids in the project, too.  We kept our production running, finished it in time and also delivered the requested quantities where they were needed!”

Bill Chapman – Minuteman Press Brampton, Ontario, Canada:  “We offer great products, but it is through our service that people come and stay with us for a long time.  We are not going to print just anything that is ordered.  We care about every project and will tell you why you may want to consider changing things, particularly those who may think they are designers and aren’t.  We have a strong, professional team and we want you to succeed as much as you do.  It is absolutely not just about the money.”

Constructing a reputation worthy of loyalty takes time, but only takes an instant to lose, so guarding the principles shared by the most successful Minuteman Press franchise owners is a daily practice.

It is made easier by generations of good people gone before them and it tends to attract like-minded entrepreneurs. Those entrepreneurs are their motivated clients and by the thousands, they send referrals back to the marketing services providers they have come to trust.

Scott and Kitty Kurz, who own Minuteman Press in Hanover, Pennsylvania, are examples of well-respected professionals with clients that have submitted their trust…with good reason. One of them, Penn-Air, a hydraulic and pneumatics company, made first contact when Scott and Kitty participated in the same sales training program.

“The CEO/owner of Penn-Air mentioned that he was surprised that over all the years that he has been participating in this sales program, no one had ever approached him to potentially do business together”, explains Kitty.  “When I got back to our office, the first thing I did was pick up the phone and set up an appointment.  Initially, we did some small print jobs and a few promotional sales for them.  I continually stayed in touch building a relationship.  They recently went through a rebranding and we were the ones they thought of for all the print that is involved with rebranding.”

Lisa Kellison of Penn-Air is grateful to have a marketing services provider that is clearly an ally in all situations and a source of abundant and timely solutions for all of her company’s needs. She says, “There are many reasons why I like dealing with Scott and Kitty Kurz of Minuteman Press.  First and foremost is their helpful attitude and approach, sometimes reading my mind!  There are times when I need something soon, well, ok…I ALWAYS need something soon!  They go over and above to WOW us, and as a customer, I can’t thank them enough.”

The quick-paced world in which we live doesn’t discuss principles nearly enough, it seems.  Too many in the business world are cutting to the finish by cutting off their neighbors for profit.  At a time when empty promises and bare-minimum completions are justified by quotas and profit-margins, Minuteman Press remains the caretakers of principles that keep customer service as it should be, personal and never disrupted.  If you are a business owner, make sure you can say the same about your own contribution to the discussion and be ready for the increased chance of lasting “love” in the form of referrals and loyalty.

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