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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: 3 Key Advantages of Franchising

Listed below are 3 reasons why franchising wins…

For many aspiring business owners, franchising is an attractive option. The right franchise will have a proven business model, offer ongoing support, and have strong core values. To enter an agreement with a reputable franchisor, an individual has to comprehend the reason franchising is advantageous and the way it can suit both parties very well.

Here are 3 reasons outlining how a strong franchise will benefit the franchisee:

1. Strong brand identity makes a difference. Understanding franchising means understanding that various franchises absolutely have different levels of brand consciousness going for them. A brand that’s recognized all around the world is a powerful ally for any entrepreneur.

The Minuteman Press franchise business model, for example, has been successfully tried and tested more than 40 years. Minuteman Press International is now headed by 2nd and 3rd generation members of the Titus family and maintains its position as the contemporary leaders of the digital print, design and marketing industries. The award-winning training program along with the unmatched ongoing support offered long-term to its franchisees are just two elements among a wide range of advantages given to entrepreneurs choosing an industry leader over other potentially less understood, less established franchise opportunities.

Julie Arndt, owner of 2 Minuteman Press franchises in Brandon and Plant City, Florida, touches on one of the biggest reasons she found franchising to be a huge advantage. She says, “As a franchisee, we are able to get involved in franchisor nationally negotiated vendor discounts. This is just another area of support a franchise provides you can’t get on your own.”

2. Buying an established franchise helps you hit the ground running. The choice to buy an existing franchise with a proven customer base and history shouldn’t be underestimated. In a franchise system, you’ve got the experience of business personnel to help you adapt to the business model, in which independent business owners may not have their plans laid out and therefore will not have a documented “how-to” guides for new owners. When done well, franchising provides a seasoned program that helps new owners transition more easily when buying an established business. The best franchisors are able to give new owners a well-thought out, already proven operating system. Basically, you can come in with an already established client base and then simply work to grow it further while following the franchise system.

3. Franchising gives you the advantage of working for yourself, but not by yourself. The right franchisor will offer top notch training for you and your employees. They will have experienced regional and national teams that are readily available to answer your questions and even provide marketing support that may be costly if you’re left to do it all on your own. It’s extremely reassuring to know that there is someone with the expertise and experience there for you once you need guidance.

Pete Scaglione, Regional Vice-President located in Texas for Minuteman Press International, indicates that the first step in knowing franchising is recognizing that the difference in quality among them. He explains, “Not all franchises are the right fit for you. Locating a business that you see yourself operating and understanding what the franchise has to offer you is essential for selecting the most appropriate franchise. Costs, franchise fees, equipment and typical capital required for your business must be considered.”

Pete thoughtfully concludes, “Most importantly, when you are conducting franchise research, speak with current franchise owners and get your questions answered by the key people who will be helping you should you decide to choose the franchising route.”

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