Amy Steinman (left), multi-unit Minuteman Press franchise owner, Glastonbury, Manchester, Hartford, and Vernon, CT.

Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Work Together So You Can Have Marketing Services Worldwide

When you are a long-term client of a Minuteman Press franchise owner, you may have been so for immediate marketing essentials from traditional print to digital branding representation and that is a wise decision.  Yet, what you may not realize is the partnership you enter with your local Minuteman Press frequently has lasting and far-reaching returns that will make your life easier and help you expand your message.  In an uncommon sense of community, franchisees sharing the Minuteman Press brand frequently develop friendships and often, are at great ease working together to help one another’s clients.

Perhaps it is due to the many gathering opportunities their franchisor affords for comradery and education on the latest in technology and strategy, or perhaps it is because the sort of entrepreneur that buys a printing business through this brand does so because they are invested in more than just profit.  There is a long history of Minuteman Press franchise owners going out of their way to help their clients and their communities flourish.  In one particular case, all it took was a phone call overseas from a  veteran, multi-unit leader, Amy Steinman, owner of three Minuteman Press franchises in Glastonbury, Hartford, Manchester and Vernon, Connecticut and a client of hers was saved some time and money pains.

Amy says, “One of our long-term clients, Michelle Nemeth, of Mastercam, a loyal customer, needed business cards produced for one of their employees, but the catch was that she needed them shipped to the United Kingdom.  She didn’t ask questions about shipping or customs charges, but she knew they would be there.  I realized I could make her life easy by calling my friend, David Ghent, owner of Minuteman Press in Bath, UK. I’ve known him for many years through the corporation’s President’s Circle meetings and he was able to print and ship the cards to our client from his shop.”

“Minuteman Press International hosts events with the express purpose of connecting our worldwide community of franchise owners.  It is why we have The President’s Circle event annually, system-wide conventions and regular regional meetings.” – Ron Rubin, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President, New England Region

Michelle Nemeth, Marketing Coordinator for CMC Software, Inc. did not expect special favor, just the accurate and timely production of the business cards she needed for a new employee in the UK.  She says, “Recently we had to order business cards for a new hire who lived in Europe. I ordered them through Amy, thinking they would have to ship them overseas and wondered how long that would take or cost. To my surprise, Amy informed me that she would be working with their partner Minuteman Press in Europe and could save us both time and money  by printing them at the local Minuteman Press in Bath, UK, which was close to where my cards needed to go! I was thrilled and had no idea they had a local branch in Europe! Minuteman Press saved me both time and money – and pulled off the order incredibly fast!”

The synergy between the marketing services providers in the United States and United Kingdom resulted in a nice surprise for Amy’s client, Michelle.  “When we checked it out, the location wasn’t close enough for David’s team to deliver personally, but by shipping from his own Minuteman Press franchise, we were able to help our client avoid international shipping charges and customs paperwork.  She was absolutely thrilled and we had a lot of fun working it all out with Minuteman Press in Bath.”

“When Michelle replied with great appreciation, I was able to tell her that one of the benefits of working with a Minuteman Press franchise is strong international connections and potential for saving time and money,” she adds with pride.

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