Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Middletown, RI - L-R: Helen Andromalos, Owner; Taylor Vogl, Production; and Ben Kortright, Design.

Get Personal! Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Are Getting Things Done in B2B with Personalized Service and Authenticity

Striving to create personal connections around the world, Minuteman Press franchise owners get things done for today’s business professionals. They make it personal while staying professional and that’s a win-win for their B2B (business to business) communities.

Too often, online print providers are willing to let hapless, hurried project managers rush through a design and ordering of print products without any guarantees. This detached approach is rampant in big-name print providers too.  They are collecting cash and little more and people wind up stuck with subpar marketing materials that miss their audience either partly or entirely. There is no reason for such waste because local Minuteman Press franchise owners actually enjoy the successes of those who trust them.  That enjoyment is a personal investment that magnifies outcomes for all who come to trust the Minuteman Press brand.

“We personalize everything for our clients. Yes, they may be other businesses but they are run by people with preferences and needs, so our care is still tailored to them,” explains Helen Andromalous, owner of Minuteman Press in Middletown, Rhode Island.   She represents nearly 1,000 such digital print, design and marketing centers bringing forth new options to build business together with clients. 

Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Middletown, RI - L-R: Helen Andromalos, Owner; Taylor Vogl, Production; and Ben Kortright, Design.

Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Middletown, RI – L-R: Helen Andromalos, Owner; Taylor Vogl, Production; and Ben Kortright, Design.

People are delightfully surprised to discover that there are potent ways to combine traditional print and digital marketing as well as fulfilling personal print needs.  Helen continues, “When people come in and start to realize everything we are capable of doing for them, it really gets enjoyable to help them complete projects.  I feel like I am in art class all day long and I just love it.  We are providing dye-sublimation printing which addresses consumer demand.  We went to an expo and I set up a booth there even though it was technical B2C (business to consumer) because those consumers work for others and those others are our clients in B2B.  I want people to know, for instance, that I can print photos on aluminum and they are stunning, but also that we can provide them with coffee mugs, name badges, coasters and a list a million miles longer.”

There is an air of amusement at the suggestion that there’s little room for personalized customer service in the B2B Industry if you ask a Minuteman Press franchise owner.  The personal touch is evident in their voices, in their work and in the feeling you get when you enter their centers.

Jim Little is a prime example of this level of care as he provides it every day in Minuteman Press of Burlington, WI.  He says, “We absolutely cater to our highest volume customers, but we know all of our eggs are not in one basket and we treat the lady who walks in and places a $30 order with the same care.  On a practical level, it’s not worth letting anyone feel less than your top priority because they will complain instead of strengthen your reputation.  The people you touch with personalized service may not make it obvious to you at first, but it comes back later.  We make things convenient, we are reliable and since we enjoy the entire process of meeting clients’ goals, they remember their last experience was a good one and they come back to us.”

Meet Jim Little (left) and the staff of Minuteman Press, Burlington, Wisconsin.

Meet Jim Little (left) and the staff of Minuteman Press, Burlington, Wisconsin.

One of the best things about letting your Minuteman Press partner get things done with you is that it frees your time and energy and makes your business more efficient.  “I have had clients that have previously used multiple firms for products, paying separate designers and printers and running between both, for example.  Our combined services gives them full, in-house design, full, in-house printing and we stay connected every step of the way, accommodating unforeseen things that need adjustment.  We do everything from ink on paper all the way to large format printing, plus we act as a full mailing house able to take care of all things direct mail.”

All you have to do is sit in front of a computer and use basic software provided by online printers and you will find out developing a marketing strategy isn’t that easy.  The problem is that many people try to cut corners with do-it-yourself marketing that comes out looking amateurish and cheap.  If it’s not your field, why would you risk your business trying to manage it?  “Some people come in with things they put together in a Word program and its like when you can tell a homeowner has done some construction by himself without any skills.  Print is the same way.  It matters that much.  Let the professionals handle things for you,” Helen adds from Minuteman Press in Middletown.

“Today, I delivered business cards to a new customer and he showed me samples of a card he liked and ordered. When he reordered it, they could not appropriately match what they themselves had done the year before.  I told him to give us a shot at Minuteman Press and when I delivered them personally, he looked at them, stood up and sang our praises. He was grateful.” – Marc Frechette, Minuteman Press in Seekonk, MA

Marc Frechette, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Seekonk, MA. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise

Marc Frechette, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Seekonk, MA.

Bringing the future of the printing industry forward through second-generation Minuteman Press franchise ownership positions Sam and Brad Wagner as deeply respected allies within their community.  It also allows them endless opportunity to bring fresh enthusiasm into the projects coming their way.  “We are a close-knit group of professionals here in our Crystal Lake franchise, so no job is too big or two small because we all pitch in as needed.  We run an open-door policy and maintain open pathways of communication.  We would not have the successes we’ve had any other way.  We have branched into apparel and have provided wide-format printing for years, just as blueprint orders have really taken off.  We are designing and printing packaging now as we have learned when we add new equipment. It increases what we can do in-house for the convenience of our clients.”

“Our owners realize in a competitive industry, building a relationship with their customers and taking an interest in helping their customers businesses grow separates them from the competition and builds loyalty.” – Jeff Robey, Florida Regional Vice President, Minuteman Press Internattional

Getting things done is what Minuteman Press franchise owners do every day in the B2B Services Industry, but it is clear their personal touch remains as vital a part of the process as the finished product itself.  As Sam says, “I love helping and being creative on behalf of our clients.  One time, we had to come up with a stand-out look, so we used black paper and white ink to create a floral design. We recently had a lady that needed items for an event and she was delighted because we provided her with unique, branded mirrors as she is in cosmetics.  But I also enjoy taking care of the printing for people when they are throwing baby showers or celebrating a wedding.  I love the feeling when we get down to the finished product and can deliver something to them that I know is exactly what they need.”

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