Sedrick Tydus, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Oakland, California.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Oakland, CA Leads By Saying YES to Clients Like BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) So Everyone is On Board for Growth

BART is always on the move and Minuteman Press in Oakland helps them make new connections for commuters with expertly branded stations that are right on time.  Minuteman Press franchisee Sedrick Tydus is a B2B leader with a mastery of numbers, technology and personal service, creating marketing success for many clients.

Before the PC, there were mainframe computers and Sedrick Tydus was one of IBM’s resident experts of sales and in management.  Keenly attuned to the nuances of numbers and how to make them work in any company’s favor, he took on the banking industry just as the personal computer appeared on the scene.  He managed regions and employees to the benefit of Wells Fargo for fifteen years, then onto Bank of America for three years before extending his sales talent to the mortgage arena, working for e-loan for a half decade.

At this point, he was far too driven to work for anyone else, so he opened his own bank and for nearly six years developed an enviable entrepreneurship.  It was a successful venture, except for all of the meetings and the fact that he was still restrained by a governing organization.  Something was lacking.  According to Sedrick, “I had enough of working for other people, so I decided to look at franchise opportunities because I really always wanted my own business, from the moment I graduated and throughout my career.”

In 2013, Sedrick met Minuteman Press International’s Regional Vice President for Northern California, Bob Ylinen.  He went into his exploration for a new opportunity with a career’s worth of accumulated business management and sales wisdom, plus a methodical approach and a driven spirit. He cut to the chase during due diligence as he explains, “I evaluated four franchise systems and it was clear to me that Minuteman Press International was the best one for me based on two primary reasons: 1.  Most of the active franchise owners I talked to told me, ‘You’d better like computers;’ and 2. ‘You’d better like marketing.’ So for me, if those are the biggest ‘negatives’ it makes a lot of sense to buy into the Minuteman Press International product.”  He was also pleased to receive training and support on a local level that is comprehensive without infringing upon his rightful freedom as his own boss.

“Bob Ylinen told me about a small, independent printer who wanted to sell and had two employees, two offset presses, no digital equipment to speak of and about one-hundred viable current customers for a jump-start.  The former owner may not have generated significant revenue as he was winding down, but I decided to buy it and convert it to a Minuteman Press franchise.  We moved from Emeryville to a bigger business community in Oakland and had our grand opening,” he explains.

Oakland, at the time he opened his digital print, design and marketing center, had been Sedrick’s home for three decades. He was firmly established and respected, so these were advantages he would use to gain ground immediately.  “I knew a lot of people and had always been involved in the community, so my strategy for growth was to increase my networking and involvement.  I am on a few boards and networking groups, including BNI, the Oakland Rotary #3 and The Oakland Chamber of Commerce and I went on to show people I am here to stay and able to help them.”

Also, always with the affinity for technology at hand to serve him, Sedrick not only upgraded all of his equipment, but he also maintained a well-rounded reputation on all channels.  He continues, “I increased my web-presence through strong reviews, currently with more than one-hundred and fifty 5-star ratings on Google and nearly ninety 5-star ratings on Yelp.  It has really paid off as I am in a very internet-friendly area with lots of screens and people viewing them as they conduct business.  I picked up a lot of business from Lyft and Uber, for example, as they search for marketing services and find me easily based on those ratings.  I have picked up convention business from out-of-state clients who are coming into my area and choose me based on my web-presence and ratings.”

Still, the presiding draw that Sedrick fully acknowledges is at the heart of his own investment, the Minuteman Press brand itself.  “The brand certainly helps.  If you are looking for service and have a choice between Minuteman Press and an unknown, generic competitor, you will pick Minuteman Press.  Our brand, plus my earned reviews helped me grow my business and build new relationships with other local companies.”

“Sedrick has truly leveraged his personal and business connections to grow his sales. He understands that a successful business is built upon the relationships he develops with his clientele.” – Bob Ylinen, Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International, Northern California

The team at Minuteman Press in Oakland operates in a climate akin to that of the most beloved “Santa” in one of the most famous holiday movies, ever…Miracle on 34th Street.  “It’s true.  We are just like Santa in that movie because we care about our customers first.  I will absolutely sacrifice a transaction for a relationship, so if we need to refer someone, we are happy to play the role of facilitator.  Also, before using email, there is a little thing called talking to people and if there is a choice to call or email, we talk first.  They always remember us for our service, just like the movie.”

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Capital Projects is always in motion.  They began working with Minuteman Press in Oakland, CA for their superior pricing, quality, reliability and customer service.

Diann Castleberry is the Community Relations Project Manager for BART Capital Projects representing Allen Group, LLC, a construction management firm.  She confirms that the “care and attention given to our printing needs has been appreciated and warmly received.”  She goes on with praise that started from the beginning, “I began working with Sedrick and Minuteman Press of Oakland for BART’s opening celebration of their latest addition to their commuter train system, BART Warm Springs/South Fremont Station (Opened March 2017).  Everything was on time and made very easy for a very intense project that had moving dates.  We had multiple jobs ranging from banners, large exhibit display signage, program booklets, commemorative posters, directional signs and name tents.  BART was so pleased with the work that we were asked to order additional commemorative posters and program booklets as gifts to key stakeholders.  The event was held in stormy weather conditions and garnered more than 500 people in attendance.”

“I knew of Sedrick and Minuteman Press from an earlier contact.  He provided the print work, which included program booklets, recognition certificates and signage for the annual community event of the “Every Breath Counts” fundraiser for the Northern California Breathmobile, a pediatric asthma treatment and management program serving children ages 5-18 in the three Bay Area counties under the umbrella nonprofit of Prescott-Joseph Center.” – Diann Castleberry, Community Relations Project Manager, BART Capital Projects

Sedrick’s marketing services include the latest technology and the skills to put it to work for BART when they need a solution to any number of project complexities.  “BART was founded in the early 1970s to relieve our freeways.  It has now grown to the point where it has four of the major 5 counties connected to its system.  They are adding more stations and they need our help branding each of these new stations.  Diane is a pleasure to work with and she knows I can deliver all she needs.  I appreciate our partnership.  I am like a subcontractor on projects and we work with her as a project manager for BART so they can do the heavy-lifting of building tracks and making stations with no worries about branding.  One of our employees, Wei, commutes on BART and came in to say, ‘I just saw our banner!’ which is really great to hear.”

The appreciation is two-sided as Diann contributes her thoughts on something new, “I am now working on BART’s Earthquake Safety Program and Sedrick and his Minuteman Press team came through again with beautiful banners and informational panels along with project contact cards that received positive review by BART and our key stakeholders.  The Minuteman Press team reflect the expertise, care and attention that Sedrick himself gives to his clients with every interaction.”

The community of Oakland simply became more connected when Sedrick Tydus decided to direct all of his respected knowledge and keen ability to generate business growth as a Minuteman Press franchise owner. 

As he discovered, building business together consists of actions that define Minuteman Press International’s rightful campaign that says, “We Are the Modern Printing Industry.” One of those actions is best described in his own words, “I spent 30 plus years in banking and for 70% of the people who came in for a loan, I was forced to say, ‘No’. I spent a career not being able to say YES due to the nature of the industry and dealing with things like credit and income. In my Minuteman Press center now, even if we have to work a little harder, we are equipped and have the resources and references to allow me to really say, ‘YES’ the majority of the time.  I am in a position to provide solutions to whatever needs they have, and that is a great feeling.”

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