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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: 3 Benefits of a Business Service Franchise that Make Entrepreneurs Take Notice

By Keith Cawley, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President, U.S. Heartland Region

If you are in the market to buy a business, there are many pieces of the puzzle to examine. In my experience, three of the most important questions to ask that often get overlooked are:

1. Who are my clients and what are they willing to spend?

2. How can I help them?

3. When do I need to be available to them?

The answers to these questions can really be game-changers for potential business owners because they can really shape your entire life as well as how you do business. If you work in the food service industry, be ready to work long nights and weekends as a way of life. If you open a dollar store, be prepared to offer countless promotions and compete on price and price alone. If you open a house cleaning business, get ready for increased liability because you have employees’ entering people’s homes.

As a business service franchise, Minuteman Press International is able to put entrepreneurs at ease and make them take notice by simply answering the above questions. Let’s take a look:

Three Questions Answered: The Benefits of a Business Service Franchise

1. Who are my clients and what are they willing to spend? Minuteman Press franchises serve as business to business marketing services providers. Our clients are business professionals who are looking for ways to grow as well as products and services that they use in their daily operations. These are clients who have money to spend and are willing to pay for products and services that are high quality and deliver results. The Small Business Administration even advises small businesses with less than $5 million to allocate 7 to 8% of their revenues to marketing, including both brand development and promotion. The bottom line is that many Minuteman Press clients are businesses that have money to spend, which is a huge benefit to our owners.

2. How can I help them? As a business service franchise that provides helpful solutions, high quality products and top-level customer service, clients tend to be loyal to their local Minuteman Press franchise. From printing business cards and full color brochures to developing and implementing cross media marketing programs, Minuteman Press business owners help their clients in two vital ways: 1. Provide virtually all of the printed products they need to run their businesses effectively; and 2. Help increase brand identity and awareness through marketing programs and items such as promotional products. Minuteman Press is all about entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs, and so the same goals and aspiration that you have for your business is essentially what you are selling to your potential client base. That idea of having shared interests towards a common goal is one of the biggest benefits of owning a business service franchise like Minuteman Press.

3. When do I need to be available to them? Every business has a target audience, and who that audience is as well as what you are offering will determine when you need to be available to your customers. As stated earlier, working in a sector such as the food service industry will guarantee that you will be working nights, holidays and weekends. On the other hand, being a business service franchise allows Minuteman Press owners to work normal business hours. For the entrepreneur who is looking to work hard during the day but still have time at night and on weekends with family and friends, the Minuteman Press franchise business model makes that possible.

At the end of the day, the decision to buy a business will change your life in many ways. Whether you are looking for a career change or becoming an entrepreneur has always been your dream, the benefits of owning a business service franchise like Minuteman Press are bound to make you take notice.

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