Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Brookfield, Wisconsin – L-R: Jim Kamps, Bindery and Finishing Expert; Mark Wooldrage, Graphic Designer); Angila and Scott Allen, Owners; and Kristin Bourgeois, Store Manager.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Brookfield, Wisconsin Keeps the B2B Community Looking Their Best with Digital Print, Design and Marketing Services

InSite Health is among the many loyal clients that continue to trust Angila and Scott Allen to help promote business across all channels.

If ever there is reason to believe that a human being can contribute goodness to the world through the way she runs her business, Angila Allen would be it.  It seems professional endeavors have never been solely about profit as she and her husband, Scott, have always been grounded in faith with the intention to build something meaningful.  They possess both humility and ferocity enough to be forever learning, while never sitting idly by and waiting for professional triumphs.  They go out and get them.  It is in this way, as Minuteman Press franchise owners, that they can say ‘We Are the Modern Printing Industry’ and continually prove it.

Angila holds her degree in economics and has a history of investing herself completely in all situations that command her presence, which meant her twenty-plus years in the mortgage, lending and consumer finance industry only blossomed. At the same time, she and Scott developed respected names in the rental properties arena, one of their earliest joint ventures.

Angila says, “I am the daughter of entrepreneurs so I was brought up with a mindset of building business strongly.   I worked in the family grocery from 3rd through 12th grade, doing everything from stocking shelves, to cutting meat, to running the cash registers.  My dad worked a second job and was always advising other small business owners, including my uncle.  Meanwhile, Scott has always been an entrepreneur with a marketing and sales specialty.  Today, he is a sales coach and works in the legislature in addition to co-owning our franchise.”

Early in their marriage, they decided that a dedicated, at-home parent is what they wanted for their children, so when the first of their two daughters was born, Angila redirected her tremendous energy into the honor of motherhood.  It is not always easy for a driven woman to make such a switch of focus, but Angila gives herself to the highest priorities in the present moment without fear and the results are always rewarding.

She says, “Our daughters were entrusted to us by God and I kept that in mind as I gave ten years to full-time parenting. I always thought I would be working, but six months after the birth of Christine, I knew that raising her was where I was to be in the NOW and I left my job to make that a reality for my family.  Now Ellie is sixteen and Christine is nineteen and they are both very different, but very strong and faithful young ladies.   I am very grateful that we have a close family and I got to teach them to read, sing, say little prayers and take them places to experience things together.”

As their family matured, so did opportunity to explore new professional endeavors.  Angila and Scott have always had an impressive work ethic, but their rightful place is in leadership, as owners.  So, they began to look for the way to buy a business and make it their own.

They explored franchising with the measure of confidence that educated entrepreneurs direct towards the perfect fit:  “We looked at laundromats, restaurants and even car wash franchises, but never found a good enough reason to proceed.  Then, a funny thing happened that led us to Minuteman Press International.  Someone on Scott’s side of the family was laid off due to corporate downsizing and Scott proposed we go into business with him.  It was this family member who mentioned Minuteman Press and from there, we met with Doug Harlan and went on tours of active franchises, taking us through how the system works.  We prayed about it as we are people of faith and we also did our due diligence.  Then, Scott’s family member wound up taking a job, but by then, we learned enough and prayed enough to know that there were too many green lights when it came to Minuteman Press for us to do anything else.  We bought an existing location in Brookfield, WI.  We sat at the closing on a Friday at 5pm with our plane booked for corporate training that Monday.  We were that sure.”

Doug Harlan is their Regional Vice President and is pleased to say, “When I started working with Angila and helping them with their investigation of Minuteman Press, I felt very strongly that once they got into business, the only way for that business to go would be up. Their personalities lead well to our industry as so much of what we do is simply building relationships. The Allens talk to everyone with whom they come into contact.  Most importantly, they let people know they own Minuteman Press of Brookfield and that they have the capability of providing them with a multitude of products and services.”

Angila and Scott assumed command of a seasoned Minuteman Press franchise with eighteen years’ worth of serving their community.  “We marked our first anniversary in August, 2018 and have retained members of the existing staff as they, too, were close knit (like family) and had years of experience.  We believe the previous owners were building a legacy and we are coming in to take over and build it further in our own way.  We observed ideas in the training center and got new computers, new furniture and smart TVs to help our customers come in and feel good, positive and be able to see the variety of ways we can help them promote their businesses.   It has been a pleasure and a blessing.”

Both were delighted with the corporate training experience and felt it was “awesome”.  she says, “I have to say, in our previous research we always looked for a franchise that cared about its people by providing updated technology and training.  It is Minuteman Press International that impressed us the most, especially when we met Mike Jutt (Executive Vice President and Director of Training) and his team. Plus, we saw that the Titus family is in its third generation and they obviously care about their owners. To them, they are like family and the people at corporate seem to get to know everyone. Bob Titus, CEO, took the time to come and talk to us while we were in New York, too.”

“Training was great and we had homework at the end of full days.  It was so thorough and since then, we took ideas to upgrade our location and have continued to grow.” – Angila Allen

Recently returned from an ASI show in Chicago, the couple stayed on top of marketing trends in multiple ways, including the current-knowledge-packed regional meetings hosted by their franchisor.  Still, it is in the everyday dealings with people that they shine and thrive.

Angila explains, “Minuteman Press International keeps us engaged with other owners and on top of the latest information in our industry. We are huge on service and we have implemented a total customer experience approach.  We are always striving to make it more rewarding for our clients, staff and ourselves.  When they walk-in, we make it clear we are here to be their partners in business growth and make sure we understand what they are trying to achieve and stay on top of quality control.  We get to know everyone personally and help them get ready for upcoming events with just the right products,” Angila explains.

“You can say that Minuteman Press International is the company we want to be with because we saw their longevity and we recognized the tremendous support provided to franchise owners, which is huge.” – Scott Allen

InSite Health provides on-site Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals for the Physical Workforce and Minuteman Press provides all they need in design, print and marketing.

InSite Health product samples produced by Minuteman Press, Brookfield, Wisconsin.

InSite Health product samples produced by Minuteman Press, Brookfield, Wisconsin.

InSite Health remains actively engaged with the physical workforce and helps its clients keep its employees healthy and avoid injuries and lost time.   They realize that even small discomforts and simple, repetitive motions can lead to injuries that cost time and money, so their role is to protect workers and their companies from the “domino effect of loss… “.  They deal with these situations quickly and have a marketing services provider in Minuteman Press that can match their speedy pace.

Angila says, “We started doing business with InSite Health in May of 2013, so this is a client we inherited from the previous franchise owner and we are delighted to have them.  They were originally referred to our center for signage from a mutual vendor who respects our brand.  That is another benefit of being a Minuteman Press owner, referrals based on the name.  We have earned great trust and it’s become part of our total customer experience. ”

The first marketing piece they needed was simply name badges and then progressed to increasingly more effective design and print.  “Since we took over, we have ramped up branded promotional items and have done posters and flip-books for Insite.  We are able to offer them items we have done for others including, hold/cold packs, flashlights, massagers and more.  When we were touring the Minuteman Press centers here, we were like ‘Oh my, look at how much we can help other businesses grow through being a marketing services provider.  Insite continues to discover all we can do to further their mission internally and in how they promote themselves.  We are looking forward to helping them more and growing with them in this partnership,” Angila shares.

True to her nature (and thanks to her degree in economics), Angila is able to appreciate the full-magnitude of the role she and Scott play in the lives of other people pursuing entrepreneurial success.  “We help people grow and meet their goals professionally, but it is much bigger than that.  As we explored Minuteman Press International, all these little pieces we help put together to promote them actually helps grow our economy. We are good for employment and families overall.  I can see the bigger picture and it’s thrilling.”

Beckie and Tony Kaczkowski are partners at InSite Health and they are grateful for their partnership with Angila and Scott Allen.  As Beckie says, “We have great confidence in the quality that Minuteman Press Brookfield gives us, in both product and customer service! They are always available in a pinch and able to guide us when we have a need for quick clients’ requests.  From their design ideas and suggestions, to print and final product we have never had any issues, even with promotional items.

When asked if her job is made easier as a direct result of her marketing services provider, she is resoundingly positive.  “Yes! Whether we are doing a routine order or creating a brand new product, we never think twice about the care that Minuteman Press Brookfield gives to us or worry that our needs won’t be met!”

The future is assured between InSite Health and Minuteman Press in Brookfield, WI.  Angila and Scott continue to bring goodness into their community and growth to the clients that trust them.

Beckie adds, “We are excited to announce our partnership with Briotix Health, LP which allows us to continue growing our relationship with Minuteman Press Brookfield as we expand our services around the country.  We would highly recommend a partnership with Minuteman Press Brookfield as they have perfected the proofing process by never printing until we physically see a proof and approve it.  This has proven to be highly effective in getting the job done right the first time!”

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