Renee Mansour, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Bend, Oregon.

Minuteman Press in Bend, Oregon Acquires Independent Printer Action Typesetting and Printing

“Mike knew we would take care of his customers as he did for so many years.”

Renee Mansour, owner of Minuteman Press in Bend, Oregon, has expanded her design, marketing, and printing franchise with the acquisition of independent print shop Action Typesetting and Printing. Renee and her family have lived in Bend since 2004 and she has owned Minuteman Press located at 235 SE Wilson Avenue, Suite 100, since 2015.

Of this acquisition, Renee says, “Mike L., the owner of Action Typesetting and Printing, unfortunately became ill last fall. When the hope of getting better wasn’t there, he turned to Minuteman Press in Bend to purchase his company.  Mike knew we would take care of his customers as he did for so many years. He is sadly missed in our community, as he has moved to Cottage Grove to be with family.  This past year has been very difficult for Mike and his family not only because of his illness but because he had to give up his business that he took over from his parents.  We have spoken to many customers that have said Mike helped them from the beginning to grow their business and to find ways to help them with difficult projects.  Minuteman Press will carry that passion on with each and every one of his customers and are honored that Mike felt we were the best choice to handle this task.”

As a Bend resident for over 14 years and a business owner for over 3 years, Renee truly cares about the community and the people she serves. She explains, “Minuteman Press is locally owned and operated. We design, print, and promote business of all sizes. We value our customers and take special care in sticking to their branding guidelines.  Minuteman Press helps businesses grow by providing a one stop shop for all of their marketing needs.  This includes commercial printing, promotional items, mailing, and branded apparel.  Our goal is to have outstanding products, customer service, and to make life easier for our customers. We are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.”

Renee has steadily grown her business through her hard work in building real relationships with her customers. She says, “There has been such tremendous growth in our business and we attribute that to the care we take with each customer and their order.”

Because she is part of the Minuteman Press franchise family, Renee is able to pass along those benefits to her customers in Bend. She states, “Minuteman Press is a franchise and each center is individually owned and operated.  The care we have as being a local to the community is to help businesses in our community succeed. We have a vested interest in our local businesses. With that being said, it doesn’t go without saying that being part of a franchise gives us a competitive edge over other locally owned print shops.  We not only have the power of the franchise, which offers us better pricing on products we use daily to run our business, but we also have tremendous support not only from corporate but from other Minuteman Press owners. When a customer comes in and wants a difficult job done that we may have not done before, I don’t have to rely on myself to figure it out.  I have hundreds of people with years of experience to help us navigate through these projects.  This gives us the ability to never turn away a customer because we don’t know how to make their vision a reality.”

Along with her husband and three children, Renee enjoys her time in Bend as both a business owner and a resident. She reflects on the past 14 years, saying, “I love that I get to call Bend and Central Oregon my home.  It not only is a beautiful place to live but boasts an array of culture.  There not only is the outdoor active lifestyle, but arts, culture, and let’s not leave out beer.  The people in our community are laid back and care for one another.  The growth that has happened over the 14 years that we have lived here is tremendous.  I feel I have a great work and life balance because of Central Oregon’s culture.”

Giving back to the community is also a point of focus for Renee and her team at Minuteman Press in Bend. She explains, “Minuteman Press works with several local non-profits.  We not only sponsored The Ronald McDonald House’s largest fundraiser and Bend Film, we also give discounts to many local non-profit organizations.  I feel it is important to help those that are helping the people of our community.  It is important to give back.”

For more information on Minuteman Press in Bend, call Renee and her team at (541) 749-2900 or visit their website:

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