Minuteman Press franchise owner Tim Sierks with his daughters Kayla and Kelsy. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Family-Owned Minuteman Press in Princeton, Minnesota Helps Clients Race Ahead of the Competition

Tim and Mindi Sierks are making a family tradition out of designing, printing and promoting clients, all while enjoying the fruits of their labor through real family time and shared hobbies that include IMCA Hobby Stock Car Racing.

Tim and Mindi Siercks are not intimidated by complicated problems. In fact, they seem to have the talent to capitalize on them and clients of their Minuteman Press franchises in Princeton and Cambridge, MN are the winners.  It turns out to be fortunate that Tim grew disenchanted with the way he was treated in exchange for his hard work in the heating and air industry because he decided it was time for a major professional upgrade.

“I could not stand my boss and had no control over my life.  I would go to work and they didn’t care about our lives, just that we got our work done,” he says.  He had a fondness, though, for a vinyl cutter he bought fourteen years ago with which he was creating graphics for race cars, a passion he shares with both his daughters, Kayla and Kelsy, today.  “I hated my job so badly but I loved creating those designs, so I tried to figure out what we could do that could let me work creatively in design and print while providing a good living.” He figured it out when he and his father found Minuteman Press International and bought his first Minuteman Press in in 2008.

“At the time my Dad and I bought our first franchise, Minuteman Press International also offered my wife and I a deal to open a second franchise,” he explains.  “We took that deal, bought those assets and moved that operation to a yet another location.”  It is during this point of their journey that Tim and Mindi show their entrepreneurial agility because opportunities came quickly and they didn’t miss a step.  “We sold the original business because my father preferred to retire from printing at the time.  At one point Mindi and I decided we wanted to be closer to home so we sold off our Ham Lake location and opened our Minuteman Press franchise in Princeton, MN.”

Mindi Siercks is delighted she left her job in accounting to co-own their digital print, design and marketing franchise and reflects on the beginning of their ownership.  “All of these decisions were ones we made within two years and resulted in what we have today, two centers to serve our growing customer base.  The first, Princeton, opened in September of 2011.  Then, as we grew, we bought our second Minuteman Press franchise in November of 2017.”

The days of loathsome bosses were over for Tim and the couple have rebuilt an admirable life for their family, one that continues to thrive with the support of their franchisor at headquarters and locally.  “We have Keith Cawley and Adam Peters is our field representative and they are always there when we need assistance.  I also realized I knew more about our business than I realized since I worked in a mail room at 14 years old and we now do a lot of direct mail campaigns.  I also learned, as we grew, that if you work hard for yourself, you are controlling your own destiny.  It means that I have energy because I am happier.  I work harder now than before but I can take two hours off for my child’s soccer game and then go back to the center and work with my wife,” Tim shares.  Mindi adds, “We are literally sitting across from one another at a desk we share and we get a lot of questions about how that works.  People wonder how we do it and I tell them (jokingly) it is because I am very forgiving.”

“In a small town like this, business owners run into issues with time and forget to do things, so we pick up the slack for them.  It’s all personal, even for our biggest clients with 500 employees.  The individuals in contact with us know we are here and they aren’t alone if they have a real challenge.” – Mindi Siercks

Mindi’s contribution to their business is foundational, with her own influence on the flow of their Minuteman Press venture.  According to Tim, “We are very active in the Chamber of Commerce and I was on the board for seven years.  Since then, Mindi has taken over and that is where a lot of our work comes from.  We remain out there networking and very involved in everything within this community.”

Mindi also partners with Tim to maintain professional and personal objectives that make for an exceptionally good life.  “We have the same goals.  We want to be able to do what we want, when we want to do it while having the money to do it ALL. For the most part, we have it.  We want to take four vacations a year and they do not have to be long, just away from the area.  We made a goal 3 years ago to take two vacations with the children and two as a couple.  We have been making it happen and usually it’s two places, Disney and Las Vegas,” she is happy to say.  And it is with grateful appreciation for their staff that they make it work.  “Our two very dedicated employees are a support system that gives us this flexibility and without them we simply would not hit our goals,” Mindi adds.  “We have Cortney as our full-time designer in Princeton and Jami, our full time customer service representative, in Cambridge.  We also have our daughter, Kayla, who works part-time answering phones and doing office work to help out.”

Speaking of their daughters, Kayla and Kelsy, and the passion for racing they share their Dad: “Both of our kids race and carry on Tim’s passion for the sport.  Our youngest daughter, Kelsy, races go-karts and Kayla races an IMCA Hobby Stock car on Friday nights at Princeton Speedway.  Tim recently won two races in Kayla’s car when he decided to hop in and have some fun to test out her car,” Mindi shares with a degree of pride.

Tim adds, “My grandfather raced in 52-63, my dad started racing in 1979 and still does. I started in 1996 and Kayla started this year.  She had one practice run and started racing only hours later.  We are proud and enjoy racing together as a family.  My dad and I even wear Minuteman Press branded racing suits along with sporting some nice logos on the car for advertisement.”

Keith Cawley, Regional Vice President, reflects on the time he has known Tim, Mindi and their family, “I’ve known them for ten years so I remember when Kayla was six during the pre-racing days. It’s fun seeing owners within my region do great jobs with their franchises while able to enjoy REAL time with their families. The car racing tradition within the Sierck family is a great example. Kayla is actually working with her parents this summer so that’s the beginning of another 3rd generation success story for Minuteman Press. It is wonderful to see the owners’ children come up and work in the business.”

Clients such as Dan Erickson, owner of Erickson Asphalt maintain the highest standard for their own businesses and trust Minuteman Press in Princeton for marketing services

“We met Dan in a mentorship group and he became a mentor to us in business as we grew our business in the area.  As this relationship developed, he started learning more about what we do and we learned about what he does so well in his industry.  He has a large company and have earned a great reputation.  Dan is now one of the top contractors in the U.S. He is also managing other businesses as well. A friendship developed and he started to give us little jobs to check out our service and pricing,” Mindi says.

Dan was pleased with what they provided to him and started to send more work to Minuteman Press.  “Now we do everything he needs when it comes to print.  We do two mailings per year using variable data printing and the direct mail campaigns give his business a jump start each season.  The service is working as this year, the response to the mailing nearly doubled,” according to Tim.

“We design the majority of what Erickson Asphalt needs and Dan’s daughter is a designer so sometimes we work with her as well.”  Design to print is essential, but so is attention to digital marketing and Minuteman Press centers are able to help with online marketing as well.

Dan Erickson is more than satisfied with the partnership he has developed with Tim and Mindi and he looks forward to its continuity now that his high standards have been met. “Tim and Mindi and their staff at Minuteman Press in Princeton have been consistently excellent as a marketing services partner.  We can count on jobs well done from design to the final product and look forward to a continuing partnership.”

The color and depth of their lives has transferred to their business lives and the small town culture appreciates the shared growth.  “The people in our community trust us to get things done well and on time.  If they bring us something at the last minute, even if it is hard, we will get it done and they know that.  We know most of our customers personally as our children are growing up together in the same soccer leagues and youth groups.  We care and everyone knows it.  There is mutual respect and that is good for everyone’s business growth,” Tim concludes.