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To Promote Your Brand and Message is Serious Business … So Don’t Do it Alone!

Nearly 1,000 Minuteman Press franchise owners worldwide can confidently say, “We Are the Modern Printing Industry™”. Minuteman Press franchisees will merge your passion with their command of creative design, print technology, and marketing strategy so you can reach your target audience.

Let’s say you have a great idea to open a live music café and have the following items in place or ideas in mind:

  • You even have talented amateur artists lined up and a menu that contains a few specialties you sold prior to having a brick and mortar – and they are a hit!
  • You have some idea about a brand name and a pretty good slogan and logo concept, but it’s nebulous because you aren’t a creative / graphic designer.
  • You know food (thus the café launch) and you have chutzpa to manage a business that will entice crowds to your cozy place with live music.
  • You have capital to launch the venture and a business plan, but you are not a marketing expert, so you quite literally risk your fortune if you try to promote your business on your own, without expert guidance.

Fortunately, today, the contemporary printing industry contains tools that are ripe for the picking in terms of promoting your business, but you’ll have to find a partner.

Now take that café analogy and apply it to virtually any industry in business because among the options to promote your venture is your local Minuteman Press.  You can avoid the experience of ordering business collateral online, an idea that is hit or miss at best.  Sure, you could try your hand at ordering business cards, letterhead and maybe some flyers with an online printer and do alright, but alright is not going to help you beat the competition.  Take it from a veteran Minuteman Press franchise owner, Dave Johnson in Coral Springs, FL, who says, “To be competitive, you have to be aggressive.”

The act of walking into a design, print and marketing center is wise and the first reason is that you will find human beings invested not just in your wallet, but in your intent to bring a professional endeavor to life.  They will consult with you personally and care to hear about all of the notes you wrote at 3 am in moments of inspiration as you developed your business concept.

Dave continues, “Our clients are as demanding as any others. They know they can buy for less online or with local gang-run houses. But we provide them with a level of service they cannot possibly get online. We correct their files, alert them when design errors will not give them the finished product they are expecting, turn jobs around in far less time than competitors (our average job turn is less than 48 hours), and deliver for free.”

“The next time you’re looking to put a creative idea together come to someone you can work with personally,” according to Jim Galasso, NY/NJ/CT Regional Vice President.  “There is an expression that educated consumer is the best customer. How true this is for any business and at Minuteman Press our experts can help you design, print, and promote your services to all your customer needs.”

It’s a money-saver to cut to the chase and use the expertise of others, so you can focus specifically on your business – and enjoy less stress than if you were to do it ALL alone.   “As a top marketing service provider we have thousands of creative minds in our system with the right tools and ideas to help generate new customers that will educate them in the services that are provided.” Jim adds.

The partnerships that Minuteman Press franchise owners maintain with their clients is evidence of a brand that takes design, print and promoting business to an elite level.  Jack Panzer, Southwest Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International, is one of those supporting and observing the successes that result from trusting a Minuteman Press center.  He says, “The difference between going to a typical ‘print shop’ or an online printer and one of our marketing services providers is that we don’t just take orders and print. We help you build your brand and increase the number of leads to assist with your growing sales.”

Endurance over four-decades as the leading printing industry franchise continues for Minuteman Press International because of franchisees such as Dave Johnson, who adds, “We make a specialty out of providing print services that online services simply don’t offer such as specialty stocks, coatings, binding, etc., or taking on difficult or multi-component packages that give us good access to agencies, designers and corporate marketing departments. We figure out a way to get their projects done and make them look good.”

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