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Minuteman Press in Dublin, California Helps Their Clients Look Stunning Through Design and Print

The Art of Beauty – Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng’s Plastic Surgery and Medispa (Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Medical Associates ARPSMA INC) Knows Minuteman Press in Dublin will Always Make them Look Their Best in Marketing

Just as Kris began her career in cosmetology, making people look fantastic, one of her top clients, respected plastic surgeons Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng were running their business, the Art of Beauty with the same philosophy – and they produce results people love.

It was a tragedy averted that led Kris Palsa to forever respect Dr. Stompro and remember him when she became a marketing services expert years later.  “My oldest son was in an accident in 1996, at age 15 and Dr. Stompro, who was the on call plastic surgeon and another physician saved his life.  I have always remained thankful and fond of him over the years, so when it came time to go marketing, I decided to visit The Art of Beauty in April of 2007 and by July of that year, our partnership began and it continues to this day,” explains Kris.

All of the critical decisions that patients need to make are included in the printed collateral Kris and her staff deliver to The Art of Beauty, including ten distinct information sheets.  Also, the practice needs its presentation folders, business cards and customized canvas bags for promotional events, all the provision of Minuteman Press in Dublin.  “Anything we print for them is held to the highest standard so we can help them promote themselves.  Their business cards are an especially nice, customized, foil design and when they hold events and need to distribute branded goodies, we print customized bags.  Still, we have also done more personal services and produced things such as when Dr. Stompro turned 50.  We took care of customized shirts for the party and we continue to produce all of their printed needs for holiday events, plus postcards with special offers included.”

Part of leading the modern printing industry as a Minuteman Press franchise owner means using traditional print as a starting point and having the capability to help clients take off from there to reach a wider audience with unique style.

Kris continues, “We produce a customized book that is displayed on their coffee table and it is an odd-sized piece of perhaps 100 pages that highlights patients’ before and after photos.  To make it easy for people to flip-though, each section required customized tabs to accommodate the odd size and the end-product turned out beautifully.”

Janice Stompro is the Vice President of this respected practice, officially known as Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Medical Associates. Her praise for Kris and her team is undeniable and lasting. “Kris Palsa is there for us whenever we need her and she is spot-on.  Minuteman Press delivers the highest quality work in a timely fashion and they make us feel like family.  She has been such a great asset to our corporation that she has 100% of our backing.”

Kris Palsa, owner, Minuteman Press, Dublin, CA.

Kris Palsa, owner, Minuteman Press, Dublin, CA.

Looking their best in print and marketing is an absolute must for Minuteman Press clients like The Art of Beauty Plastic Surgery and Medispa…

Dr. Stompro and Dr. Cheng’s Plastic Surgery Practice is pleased to have many patients return for additional procedures.  They know that Kris Palsa and her staff at Minuteman Press have a history of helping clients gain return business and referrals.

Kris Palsa has artistry and the ability to use it to make other people look fantastic.  She first discovered this as she completed beauty school and worked as a cosmetologist, but even at 18 years old, she harbored an inner voice that rose up in protest against working on Labor Day Weekend.

Though she wanted weekends off, she also wanted to work hard and build a career but on her own terms, as it should be. So, she left cosmetology and spent 20 years working for a Canon Dealership, selling supplies and service contracts. It was a role she enjoyed and mastered but it was not one that would satisfy her professional initiative and determination forever. She had a drive to achieve new things that would lead her to something greater…

“During my time with Canon, they started a program to acknowledge top employees and I won it every year based on sales.  I really enjoyed what I did, but as times changed and the nature of my job phased out, I found I was still employed, but the excitement was gone. I got bored.”  Observing that boredom and knowing her talents, her husband, Steve Palsa, long-time owner of Minuteman Press in Lafayette, CA, made a brilliant suggestion – that she should buy a Minuteman Press franchise herself.  He added that she should also consider going into business with her brother, as he did.  She did it and today, her artistry and determination to make others look fantastic directly benefits the clients of her own Minuteman Press franchise in Dublin, CA.

“By the time I was ready to leave my job and do something new, my husband, Steve and his brother, Ron, had been owners of their printing franchise for twenty years. He thought since he and his brother were successful that they could help my brother and I succeed in opening a business they already knew.  In my career, I spent about eighteen months working in sales for their center, so I knew the system of Minuteman Press International was proven and I knew I could trust their support.  My brother, Mark, and I bought a brand new Minuteman Press franchise in Dublin and went to corporate training in New York in 2007,” Kris explains.

Kris and Mark may not have had printing industry experience but they entered into a partnership with the modern printing industry though Minuteman Press International. It meant they had depth of support and training to be counted upon for the long term.  That her husband, Steve, and brother-in-law, Ron, continue their own nearly thirty-year legacy in B2B franchise entrepreneurship is a sweetened and now, mutually beneficial bonus.  “We did call my husband in Lafayette a lot after our grand opening; but over time, as we learned how to do the things we needed to do, the calls for help became less frequent.  Today, we may not call for help, but we do exchange jobs back and forth regularly.”

She used her local franchise support team in the process of creating a new career and lifestyle for herself. They advised and worked alongside her as she needed.  “We opened our franchise in April of 2007, at the height of the recession, so we hit a rough time and did not start off with great sales immediately.  It took us time, hard work and the proven system that worked for my husband.  Our field representative went out marketing with us for the first three weeks and I went out every day, door to door while my brother stayed inside the center to manage it.”

Kris continues, “One of the reasons we went with Minuteman Press International is that we saw it work for the Lafayette center, so we already knew the system was strong.  The home office was always a phone call away and we called the IT department there for help all the time.  Over time, we built our customer base and it is loyal,” Kris is happy to say.

She and Mark make sure everyone they hire understands the culture they have established casts every team member in all roles, as needed.  “At our shop, when we hire someone, we make sure they know everyone does everything, including tending to the garbage bins. Still, we do have our main roles. I take care of sales and quotes while Mark takes care of bindery and delivery.  Dane is handling design and prepress assignments, too; but all of us can and are happy to do any of those tasks as needed.”

Robert Ylinen is Minuteman Press International’s Regional Vice President for Northern California and he says, “Kris Palsa truly enjoys her business and she is proud to be a member of the Minuteman Press family. When I make a visit to her Dublin, CA location, many times I will find her at the front service counter happily assisting a client and making sure they are getting the personal attention all of her customers enjoy. It is just one of the reasons that Kris has built a very high percentage of monthly repeat sales.”

Kris has a love for her role as marketing services provider that allows her to engage her lifelong creative gifts as well as her fire for sales.  “My brother always said I could ‘sell ice to an Eskimo’.  But the truth is I enjoy helping customers decide what they need and helping them with their own sales and objectives.  I like knowing what they need when they don’t and sharing it with them so they can reach their goals.  When I am out in our community, I love noticing our products, from signage to banners and all the things we can produce.  I might be at a restaurant with friends and family and tell them we printed the menus.  I love saying, ‘That’s our company. We made that.’  I always point out our work,” she adds with pride.

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