In Print We Trust! How Printing is a Driving Force in Building Your Brand

In Print We Trust! How Printing is a Driving Force in Building Your Brand

Learn how print can augment marketing efforts and help grow your business
If you don’t already know that your digital presence is an absolute necessity today, from your website to your engagement on social media platforms and professional outlets such as LinkedIn, then you must have taken a vow of technological chastity and you will need a miracle and a prayer to grow a business venture.   Of COURSE digital marketing is important today!  For Pete’s sake, the majority of us have created online profiles as a form of idyllic alter-egos that project nothing but sunny days and smiles and conveniently mask our inevitable rainy days and frowns so we can be the envy of our neighbors.

Digital marketing and the establishment of a regularly refreshed professional campaign online is a widely known need and it is promoted as the way to go these days and millions are doing it; even though many eager entrepreneurs overestimate their own abilities to design and implement effective marketing campaigns and really should seek expert help within the business to business services industry to get it done well (but that is another story).  What is less known and often overlooked is the enormous impact of traditional marketing efforts, namely the crafty and precise use of print.  In the vast and crowded expanse of the Internet, your business stands to receive featured billing amongst fierce competition if you understand that when it comes to client intimacy and what we really need to submit our initial contact and eventual loyalty it is “in PRINT we trust”.

Print is alive, well and can be your weapon of “brand construction” if you learn how to use it

Matt Peretz, Minuteman Press International Vice President in New York,  knows that the lengthy and successful history of print on paper translated long ago into business success for marketing campaigns of all kinds and has remained consistent even as the dawn of the Internet caused a ruckus that led to mythical calls such as “print is dying”.  Instead, the most intelligent marketing specialists learned how to marry print to digital and create integrated marketing programs that, if done well, are pretty much unstoppable.  Still, the overemphasis on digital marketing leads some business owners in the wrong direction, away from traditional, proven print campaigns.

For those who recognize the value of print, yet another challenge emerges. There is an assumption that point and click ordering or DIY print representations of brands will be sufficient.  This is a great disservice and a waste of money because the quality of your printed brand representations from business cards to promotional products reflects directly on your own quality, so you should take it very personally and get it done by a top professional.

As Matt explains, “A large part of impressing a client with a printed piece is to produce it in the highest quality possible.  If you or somebody on your sales team hands out a printed piece that is designed poorly and is scuffed and marred, just imagine what they are thinking about your business (hint:  it is a direct reflection on your business).  A good example of the importance of print quality is product packaging.  If you are choosing between two different products, and all things are equal except the packaging, odds are you are going to reach for the one that is aesthetically pleasing.  A quick google search will reveal tons of pages describing how Apple tests and designs their packaging.  A very important aspect of their product to them.

Additionally, making the printed piece personal will make a big impact as well.  Using variable data printing, you can add your prospects name, logo, or other personalized aspect to make an impression.”

Ignoring print in favor of digital is a marketing equivalent of an imbalanced diet.  Trust the data and learn how to integrate print into your campaign.

If you do not want the health of your business to suffer, you must “feed” it with a properly executed, integrated marketing campaign.  Too many misled entrepreneurs pour money into digital channels alone and inadvertently self-sabotage their efforts. They neglect what many studies indicate people want the most – printed representations of your message.

Jim Galasso, Minuteman Press Regional Vice-President for NY/NJ/CT, puts it best, sharing, “Roy Titus, founder of Minuteman always said, “People love to see their name or their company’s name in print and when it’s done nice they even like it better”.  Today your local Minuteman Press franchise is able to put a person’s name, image, or logo not only on paper but on tens of thousands of promotional products and apparel and this compliments their online marketing efforts.

So to impress a prospective customer putting their name or company name and title on a free pad or a promotional product is a great way to start a long-term relationship.”

Using VDP (variable data printing) and the mounds of customer data available today, including potential or current clients’ names and recommended services and products based on their personal preferences, you can take advantage of the digital ad and junk mail fatigue that assault people’s sensibilities and really stand out from your competitors.  These are fantastic times to partner with a marketing specialist in the B2B industry and maximize print so that you have a balanced marketing program because digital and print marketing are fine partners, each complimenting the other with care to all the touchpoints consumers are likely to be engaged within.

From NFC tags and QR codes, potential clients are seamlessly led from your expertly printed flyer, brochure or business card right to your website.  At the same time, with marketing services providers as partners to help you, the CMR (customer relationship management) data you have collected will continue to refresh possibilities for updated personalized print campaigns.  Also, personalized URLS (PURLS) for all of your clients and unique landing pages for specific groups can generate insight into how well your efforts are performing if you feed them into Google Analytics. From there, it is a matter of continually fine-tuning and working all the digital and printed marketing angles to benefit your business in a modern, comprehensive way.

Why use print to impress potentially new clients?  Because it works.

Joe Copeland, owner of Minuteman Press in Jacksonville, FL, has helped many of his clients bring their marketing efforts to full power by incorporating a superior printed strategy that brings real results, which is all that matters to the bottom line, after all.  Joe explains, “In recent years marketers have been confronted with an ever dazzling array of channels with which to market their businesses.  With the advent of social media and a panoply of digital channels, it sometimes is hard for people to remember that print is a key part of any campaign. But the reality is that print has been, and will continue to be an essential part of any marketing campaign.”

Joe continues, “The most effective campaigns utilize all of the tools available to generate best results.  Because print uniquely appeals to our senses through touch and feel, it’s different and stands out.  In addition, the physical presence of a card in a mailbox for instance, or a flyer in the hand, differentiates it from just another message in the inbox.  I have a core group of marketers that have been customers for years.  They buy printed marketing materials year in and year out for one reason: because it works.  A wise marketer covers all bases in an effort to maximize exposure to all potential customers.”

A study by Yankelovich is just one of a great many that provide more proof that print ads are “much more likely” than digital media to let your business make a positive impact on people.  The reasons vary from study to study, but do not stray far from a central theme which is that people are drawn in to print media. They are more receptive to engaging fully with the messages they encounter in print, particularly if it is done with expert precision.  We are in a world of digital overload and with a design consultation that produces a variety of stellar printed representations of your business, the attention you can grab will cut right through the crowd and grab unique attention.

The sharpest among digital marketers are learning to recognize the driving force of print and how it can positively impact their efforts online.  Print becomes an enormous ally to online initiatives when it is effectively worked into a professionally assembled integrated marketing campaign.  Digital marketing casts a wide net and can reach large groups of people, but the audience is not as cleanly targeted as it can be with specific printed campaigns.  Print can target an audience with impressive accuracy and bring your message to them in a way they will be most receptive – and proceed to drive traffic online for you as well.

David Walton, Minuteman Press Regional Vice-President located in the Carolinas, realizes that entrepreneurs frequently need to learn the hard way that single channel, digital efforts fall short.  In his position as a representative of the number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchisor, Dave is gratified to see great numbers of clients’ learn that people trust print and consider it a refuge from banner ads and spam.

Minuteman Press franchises have marketing specialists working as partners to help integrate the best print with digital efforts so that both are consistent driving forces for the good of bringing the right kind of attention to business owners.

Dave sheds more light on this, proudly sharing, “There are a number of ways Minuteman Press can help you impress a prospective client.  Today’s digital marketing environment is getting crowded.  While digital marketing can be effective, it is most effective when combined with print.  At Minuteman Press we can not only help provide professional designed email campaigns, but we can also create targeting mail lists combined with direct mail, ensuring a much greater return on investment.  In addition, we can provide a wide range of personalized promotional material ranging from Bic pens to chocolate bars customized to the shape of your logo. If you want to impress your prospective clients contact your local Minuteman Press today!”

People trust print.  They always have and always will.  In a variety of ways it is the perfect marketing medium as it is available in great and small quantities, can be highly targeted, creative and engages the right senses, the ones that encourage people to seek out your products and services online and at your physical location.

Anne Myers, owner of Minuteman Press International in Myrtle Beach, SC offers 3 reasons print needs to be added in order to impress new clients and make your business unforgettable:

  • Print is more engaging than your digital efforts, which makes it memorable. Your customer can feel and smell the paper, see your logo and colors on In this way, you engage your customer in a tangible way to build credibility.
  • Print is more personable – particularly when you include a photo of yourself or your team or a short handwritten note on your print promotions.
  • Print will help you build a loyal customer base, which will drive traffic to your digital media so they can learn more about you and your company.

“Individually, each channel we use to reach potential clients plays a critical marketing role, but if you want true excitement and force towards driving your business into success, the inclusion of well-executed print is irreplaceable; and will be the vital foundation for any brand to create a modern and potent integrated marketing campaign,” advises Michael Jutt, Executive Vice-President and Director of Training for Minuteman Press International. So keep yourself active and fresh on social media, but make certain to be consistent across all channels so they are buzzing with beneficial activity.

And never forget, when it comes to reaching potential clients where we live so that your business becomes unforgettable, it is in print we trust!

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