Marc Frechette, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Seekonk, MA.

Second-Generation Minuteman Press Franchisee Marc Frechette Keeps the Family Business on Track in Seekonk, Massachusetts

Loyal clients Such as LeachGarner, a global precious metals solutions provider, directly benefits as Marc Frechette leads his digital print, design and marketing center with fortitude and expertise.

Marc Frechette has always been bold and ignited by an energy that is uncommonly constructive.  He spent 6 years engaging in all aspects of the restaurant industry after graduating from culinary school and whether as a waiter, a bartender or a chef, every individual encounter was made better by his presence.  Still, there was an unsettling lack of stability in his career in spite of his greatest efforts and he was meant to do bigger things for more people.

Marc explains, “At the end of six years of hard work, I was burnt out on the restaurant thing and realized everything I owned I could fit into my car. Working nights, weekends and holidays takes a toll.  It was fun but it was time for a professional change that would put me in charge and pay back more of my efforts.”  Fortunately, he grew up the son of dynamic Minuteman Press franchise owners and the concept of joining the family business rose to the top of his possibilities at just the right time.

In 1990, Bob and Dottie Frechette bought their Minuteman Press franchise in Seekonk, MA and for 15 years, they used the number-one rated printing industry franchisor as their guiding mentor and built a healthy foundation for the future. Marc explains, “I am a second-generation franchise owner. I grew up around this center but had zero interest at the time to become an owner.  Yet, after my culinary career choice proved unstable, my parents hinted that I should come check out the operation and see if I want a future in the family business.”

“In 2001, the worldwide convention happened to be in Las Vegas and since I was in Vail, Colorado, I went and spent the weekend with other Minuteman Press franchise owners.  I was impressed enough that I decided to give it a shot so I moved back to New England in November of that year, right after the 9/11 tragedy.  It was an unusual time to go into a new business, so I started working for my parents on the first day and through my work on bindery, cutting business cards, taking on customer service at the front counter and answering the phones, I learned the best ways to run the franchise,” according to Marc.

Over the next few years, Marc split his time between sales and service, doing cold calls and joining BNI, the Chamber of Commerce and forging his own relationships on the good strength of the Minuteman Press brand and his parent’s reputation.  He says, “In January of 2006, I bought Minuteman Press in Seekonk, officially, after going through quite a learning curve in an entirely new field.  My dad retired completely, but my mom stayed on for a year or so.  I realized I needed to hire and train new staff to fulfil roles left open now that I was an owner.”

“The recession hit while I was still learning to run my business and I will say that I never would have survived if I was not a franchise owner.  It did get lean, but I ran a tight ship and I had the support of Minuteman Press International to get through it and rally, then move forward as business got stronger.” – Marc Frechette, owner, Minuteman Press, Seekonk, MA  

The courageous spirit and tireless ambition that allowed Marc to keep working positively early in his culinary career in spite of multiple moves and instability and carry him through a recession in an entirely new industry was to be tested even further in March of 2015.  “We had a fire and it was a total loss for the business.  It happened on a Sunday night and the following day, my staff and I went in, place still smoldering, and we salvaged as much technology as we could.  We took everything to my house and proceeded to take orders starting that very Tuesday.  We leaned on our friends from neighboring Minuteman Press franchises and were welcomed by the Konica Minolta showroom to conduct some business.  Then, in April of that year, I approached a competitor, made an offer on his location and converted it to our new Minuteman Press center.”

As he credits the support of his franchisor during the recession, he also credits his status as a franchisee of Minuteman Press International for support during the fire that devastated his physical location.  “My Regional Vice President, Ron Rubin, made sure Ed Connelly, our Field Representative, was apprised and he came to me right away, Monday morning.  Ed stayed with us for two weeks, every day, helping us work from my home and helping me negotiate new equipment so I could keep running my business.  Everyone from the corporation called, it seemed, from the IT Department (Chris Multari) to CEO Bob Titus and Executive Vice President Mike Jutt.”

Marc continues with just one reason he and his family of franchise owners can say, We Are The Modern Printing Industry™: “The support I have is excellent, but one thing that should be noted is that having other Minuteman Press franchise owners, all four of them in this area, tell me they are there for us, ‘whatever it takes, we will help you…’, that is amazing.  It strengthened my relationships with all of them and we already got along well, competing fairly.”

As technology advances, but essential business needs remain, Marc leads his digital print, design and marketing center from, as he says, “letterhead and business cards to full-color marketing campaigns.”

One of his many loyal clients, LeachGarner, was previously unhappy with the service from their print provider.  Fortunately, they hired Linda Hull, a talented graphic designer and entrepreneur who has a longstanding partnership with Minuteman Press. 

Marc says, “I met Linda in BNI ten years ago.  Since then, she has referred me to about a half-dozen customers who stayed with me.  She works currently at LeachGarner in jewelry manufacturing and she brought us along with her.  When I learned they were unhappy with their print provider, I knew it was my chance to give them great marketing services and today, they are an awesome client.”

Linda Hull is the Graphic Designer for LeachGarner and is thankful she has worked with Marc Frechette long enough to bring him to her company’s aid in marketing. She explains, “I have been working with Marc since my now thirty-year old son was in first grade.  I have had a design company and he has always printed everything for me and I refer him to everyone because he does a great job.”

The partnership Marc has with Linda has enriched many new ones and assures that his work for her in her current role will continue.  “We print full-color catalogs and have done large-format posters, direct mail, brochures, holiday cards and more.  We gained a lot of respect with this client because we are able to maximize the benefits of digital printing without sacrificing color quality.  Sometimes, colors can be difficult when there is a gradient, so we provided samples to them and they checked our work against the former vendor’s work.  We gave them exactly what they wanted.  It was superior to what they had.”

She adds an additional note of appreciation, “Since I was an independent contractor and decided to take this in-house design position, he does the printing for me here as well.  He and his staff are so dependable and always provide great quality and service, plus fast delivery.  If they get a short deadline, they will get it done and make you look good. That’s a pretty amazing thing.”

In sincerity, she adds, “I am on a first name basis with every member of Marc’s team.  They know your project and always come through.  When my company needs anything, I don’t go out for a bid, I just go to Minuteman Press.”

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