Minuteman Press Franchisee James Moore Serves as an Ambassador for the Tustin Chamber of Commerce, Setting a Fast Pace for Excellence

James Moore secured the pace car for the Tustin Chamber of Commerce Half-Marathon, which he was invited to drive for two consecutive years.

James Moore has a sense of command about him that is welcome in business.  It served him well at Eastman Kodak for many years when he was a Senior Application Specialist, traveling across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  His company would make a sale, but it was James who went and implemented every facet of proper operation and on-site training thereafter.  Multi-million dollar sales depended upon his ability to command respect and to direct installation and training, taking anywhere from six weeks to six months.

He traveled a lot and when his company encountered financial problems, they did a reduction in workforce that included James and his team.  It wasn’t long before Fuji tried to coerce James to bring his talent to their company but he already decided to buy a franchise and go in a new direction.  “During my time at Eastman Kodak, I was part of the digital print evolution, putting automation into the printing process and one of the earliest examples was going ‘computer to plate.’  I enjoyed the work and almost worked for Fuji, but turned them down because I didn’t want to travel anymore.   I still love to meet and work with people, personally and wanted to stay in Southern California.”  The new benefactor of his command would be the Minuteman Press franchise he bought in Tustin, CA, a business that was not nearly hitting its potential.  James would change all of that with his talent and a realignment of operations to the proven system of Minuteman Press International.

“I still enjoy all the things that were gratifying about my former job.  I am very active in the Chamber of Commerce and BNI.  I love meeting people and helping them.  I just met a gentleman who bought a franchise in another industry and I am helping him with his promotions and marketing.  He knows I have already been through the franchise process and we are helping him design and personalize everything he needs while respecting his brand standards.  That’s how we are growing here in Tustin,” according to James.

There is no uncomfortable hesitation when a business owner or non-profit comes to James and his team for help. He takes leadership in stride and it reflects in his reputation through the strong results he is able to generate within his community, and beyond.  He says, “When clients come to us, we understand what they need after listening to them and we absolutely know what looks good.  We took on a new customer, The American Red Cross, recently and when their files came in less than perfect, we were able to help them edit everything perfectly.  The two sets of 5,000 booklets we produced will serve them well.”

Knowing how to respect a brand is paramount to the most successful Minuteman Press franchise owners and James continues to position his business in that category.  “Respect the brand and stay within the guidelines of the brand or fail.  A customer is not going to tell you if you screw up.  In most cases, they just won’t come back. My staff learns by seeing me put this into practice when I throw away something that could have gone out to a customer, but I know we can do better. They hear me say, ‘Let’s redo it because it’s not excellent.’” By this example, James promotes his positive service-based company culture.  “You simply cannot slide something out the door if it is just ‘OK’ and not great.”

James runs his digital printing, design, and marketing services franchise by extending a sense to his staff that being efficient can be done in a low-stress environment, one that welcomes dialogue, even when something isn’t quite right.  “I tell them to ask me questions and to learn so that they can become more valuable.  I have seen print shops managed like sweat shops where no one is relaxed and mistakes are punished.  It is one of the reasons I did not work for a printer.  I am happy to manage a comfortable work environment that gets work done on an excellent level.”

The Tustin Chamber of Commerce trusted Minuteman Press with a new idea for the half-marathon programs…and it caught more than the attention of the runners…

“It took me a year of developing professional connections and enjoying good company at Chamber of Commerce events before I got some work for my business, but it was worth it,” explains James.  “Great things don’t always come quickly, but you must show them you are genuine and then they come your way.”

Instead of run-of-the-mill grab bags for participants, the half-marathoners were considered thoughtfully when Minuteman Press designed the program.  “Instead of goodie bags with flyers for 3,000 runners, we created a magazine with ad-space and gave them out to everybody.  We included information to encourage people to keep it, like maps for next year’s race.”  He wasn’t done helping the event because he reached out to a car dealership among his loyal clients and secured the pace car, which he drove last year and this year.  “We also designed and printed special postcards, both of which were noticed and admired by the Tustin District.”

The Tustin District is a very large residential and retail development on what was previously the Tustin Air Force Base.  According to Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President, Dan Byers, “James has been trying to get work from the District and is now finally starting to as he met one of their people through sponsoring the Chamber of Commerce Race. His persistence and positive, never-give-up attitude is really starting to show dividends.”

James continues, “I met the decision-makers for the Tustin District as they were among the race sponsors and they said they already had a printer, but asked for a quote on postcards because they admired our work for the-half marathon.  We produced a nice tri-fold piece for them to distribute to all of their stores and they loved it.  Immediately, they gave us two or three more jobs which were excellent and they have been happy ever since.”

Minuteman Press in Tustin is not slowing down as the Tustin District ordered some jobs that were designed and printed and then sent to their other property in the Palisades.  “They loved our work enough to use us elsewhere,” James reflects with pride.

Elsa Padilla represents the Tustin Chamber of Commerce and when asked, she had no hesitation expressing satisfaction with the partnership.  “I am so happy to say good words about James Moore and Minuteman Press because he has always been there for us as an ambassador and his quality is excellent.  He delivers everything on time and so nicely packaged.  It was his idea to reformat our program and it was a great one, much better than our original plan.  He and his team are amazing.  He comes to our meetings not just to help himself but because he really cares about the Chamber.  Anything that goes out with our logo is certain to be something about which we can be proud.”

And as it’s easy to tell when you have a true ally, Elsa adds, “Minuteman Press is out to make their clients happy.  Their follow-up is excellent and they are always there for us.  James knows we are a non-profit and he is always giving us ideas to save and make money.”