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Want to Own a Business? Trust Yourself and Find Experts Worthy of Your Trust Before You Make That Critical Move

“I am a fast learner and I can trust that about myself, so I knew when I put my mind to something I am going to do it.”

Life-changing decisions like owning a business are never easy, especially when you are confronted by unqualified people that try to pressure you to make a choice before you know what is right for you. It is important to trust your own gut feeling and get advice from multiple experts who can help you confirm your instincts are right before making such a move.

Consider this analogy: In New York, during the height of a particularly frightening flu season, a five year old boy with asthma lay flat and skinny in his parent’s bed, but it was time to go to the doctor.  It was time for the flu test, then appropriate treatment and he had to sit up to get dressed, though he was too weak.  He understood this and in spite of his age, seemed to recognize his own mortality, so he pushed through tears at his mother’s urging.  He started whispering, “I just have to trust myself.”

And so it was that he trusted himself to get up, through weakness and wheezing, get dressed and, in discomfort but in faith, make his way with his mother to the doctor’s office, where flu panic ruled the room.

First came the flu test, then the misdiagnosis (and potential ER trip), causing his mother to mumble, “I just have to trust myself.”  She took him to an urgent care center and there, it turned out not to be the flu or strep, but pneumonia with an X-ray confirmation.

There is a vital extension to the lesson of trusting yourself to find your own best solution:  The best answers to problems are often not found alone.

Self-trust or “trusting your gut feeling” with action behind it leads you to a stronger position in which you can authentically examine the puzzling scenarios life presents and find your healthiest, wisest path.

Most importantly, the extension of self-trust is critical if you are to get anywhere, whether the problem is personal or professional. It allows you the capacity to trust others who are in the strongest positions to help you survive, then thrive.

Ron Rubin is the kind of expert people find themselves consulting after their gut instinct tells them a big career change must happen.  He is a Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International in New England and his main objective is to help people bridge the gap from trusting themselves to finding solutions that are ideal for their particular goals and practical needs.

Ron says, “I have been a franchise professional for 44 years, working with the Titus family, the founders of Minuteman Press International.  I get to meet people who know something is wrong with their professional situation and they need someone to trust for guidance.  They are unhappy and they have a sense that there is a better solution out there for them and intend to take control of their destinies. This is when they come to me and I help them through offering full disclosure. I also direct them to franchise owners who are able to give frank answers about their lives.”

“Minuteman Press franchise owners put their faith and trust in us because we have over 40 years’ experience, with a proven business model and track record.

Ron Rubin is pleased to share some reasons Minuteman Press International is so widely trusted:

  • We have been rated number one 26 times and 15 years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine in the printing and marketing services industry.
  • The company’s success is based on the success of our franchise owners. Even though the franchise paperwork says “franchisor/franchisee,” we at MPI view it as a partnership.  Therefore, franchisee success is our success and they come to realize that quickly.
  • Our home office and regional support teams are constantly working on behalf of our owners. We have franchisees who have been in business for over 40 years and they still use our support and we meet their needs in the every-changing world of technology. Our support is ongoing and adapts always with the demands of the times.
  • To verify all of this, the people who come to me talk to franchise owners within the region they wish to launch businesses themselves. They talk to owners in business for many years and those who are new to the business for a well-rounded view.
  • They ask these owners about the company training and the ongoing support they have, both regionally and from the home office. By doing this, they can make a decision about what is right for them personally.  They either come back and say it isn’t the right fit OR discover reasons to be excited and go on to buy a printing franchise. After 40 years of experience in this industry, we know that no business is for everyone, so our intention is to be a trusted source of expertise.

Ron reminds us of something true that is sometimes forgotten under pressure, “If you don’t trust yourself, you will never do anything.  You will be stuck.  If you find the right opportunity, you have to take the blinders off and go do it, but you absolutely need input from credible sources.”

“I started a brand new center and had no print background,” says Helen Andromalos, owner of Minuteman Press in Middletown, RI. “I went to corporate training in 2011 and before it started I was like ‘this is it and I have got to make it work.’ It was fun but was also scary and a little concerned. My doubts were like, ‘Is print going to go away?  I didn’t see my layoff coming.  What about print?  Can we have faith in the printing industry?’  But I am a fast learner and I can trust that about myself, so I knew when I put my mind to something I am going to do it.”

Helen is part of a family of Minuteman Press franchise owners with trust in themselves; and that trust extended to their franchisor, giving them advantages that serve their communities, worldwide.  She adds, “When I went to my first regional meeting and I talked to another owner, she confirmed that my early feelings were normal and as time progressed, we all gained confidence. She was totally right.  Training helped me trust the system of Minuteman Press International and as my business started picking up as a result of my hard work, I saw it was going to work out for me.”

Block out the noise that comes from the opinions of friends and business associates and just trust yourself.  This is the first step to claim ownership of prosperity in personal peace, happiness and in professional endeavors. Keep in mind that a gut feeling is not enough and go the extra mile to confirm it.  Much like Helen Andromalos did, put action behind your gut feeling by trusting those in the strongest positions to help you find your wisest path.  Then, let no naysayers stop you.