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3 Summer Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

The summer presents several fun and unique marketing opportunities that businesses can use to grow. Here are 3 tips to do just that…

1. Meet your customers where they are… outside! When the summer weather kicks in and the sun is shining bright, chances are that a large percentage of your customers will want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. There are several ways to make sure you and your business are right there with them, including:

  • hosting an outdoor customer appreciation event such as a BBQ or picnic
  • sponsoring and attending a community festival
  • hitting the road and going to local hotspots to give away branded promo items they will appreciate and use all summer long

2. Sponsor and attend buzzworthy events in your community… Your city or town is bound to have annual summer events such as block parties, street fairs, charity runs, golf outings, and sports league games / tournaments. Find a few events that you would enjoy attending and then sponsor them so that your business is included in different advertising and marketing materials for those events. And don’t forget to have fun while networking and learning more about your clients and your community.

3. Find out what your customers are doing and ask how you can help. If you are really looking to solidify the relationships with your customers this summer, what better way than to see what matters to them and lend a helping hand? By listening to your customers and then showing up when it matters most to them, they will certainly remember what you did for them and that can only help your business.

By meeting your customers where they are most likely to be this summer, making your presence felt in the community, and doing what you can to help them with their own events and causes they are passionate about, you are well on your way to having a productive marketing season.

And of course, make sure you ENJOY every minute of it! After all, you are the face of your business, and people like to be around and work with other happy people.

Have a great summer!

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