Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Akron, Ohio - L-R: Jimmy Bruce, Graphic Designer; Parris Frisby, Franchise Owner; Lauren Lutz, Customer Service; Sierra Turner, Customer Service; and Kelly Andrews, Production Manager.

Excite Health Care Partners with Minuteman Press Franchise in Akron, Ohio for B2B Marketing and Printing Services

Healthcare IT and Health Information Management are both constantly changing.  Minuteman Press plays a key role with digital print, design and marketing services as Excite Health Care adapts to meet new demands.

Parris Frisby bought a new Minuteman Press franchise in 2008, when the economy was “tanking.”  “I started at a time when the economy was such that things could only go up and now, I look back at my growth and how much I have learned with appreciation for the support of Minuteman Press International and my fellow franchise owners,” he reflects.  He is being modest.  Parris bought his printing franchise in Akron, OH, after working for another printing company and managing up to seventy people, most of whom were quite a few years older.  He knew how to lead a strong team and just needed the right system and support to break out on his own.  Today, he has both from the printing industry’s leading franchisor and knows how to make it work to his benefit.

Parris learned a lot about production and time management as a print company manager, then took off for Florida to work for UPS. As he was not happy with that choice, he returned to Ohio, met his wife and created something greater professionally.  “I always wanted to own a business, so I did my research and for more than one reason, printing was a great way to go.  In my industry, many things do not negatively impact growth and it is not seasonal.  Buying a B2B franchise also comes with repeat business and Minuteman Press International has the system down, so it made perfect sense for what I wanted to do with my life.”

He admits the work it takes to launch a brand new printing franchise, develop loyalty in the community and become the respected business he owns today is formidable. It is not for the weak-willed or for those unwilling to use the proven system and support from the franchisor.  “I feel in those first few years I needed to see my Regional Vice President, Gary Nowak, a lot.  As a brand new center, there were struggles and things we could have done differently, looking back, but I discovered that the wisdom and experience of my local representatives, plus another local Minuteman Press owner who took me under his wing was extremely valuable.  I do not have to see Gary too much anymore because I am doing things right along with the proven system.  I have become a printing industry expert and now, even the mentor who was gracious enough to help me for many years, will sometimes call and ask me a few questions.  At our regional meetings and conventions, he and I and the other franchisees have this camaraderie.  We talk about goals and how we are all in this together, part of a family.”

Making wise decisions to purchase digital print technology, hiring a dedicated customer service representative and a skilled designer who has been with him for nearly his entire tenure as owner are all part of the reasons Parris credits his continued growth. “I streamlined the production process to the point that we can surprise customers with how we get things done so quickly.  I also am lucky to have a designer, Jimmy Bruce, who loves to work with people on these projects.”

Also on board is Lauren Lutz, a customer service representative that Parris says “he wish he hired a long time ago,” though she has been with him for about three years. “Lauren handles promotional product, apparel advice and orders and she takes tasks from me that I once had to do so I can focus on the business and less on day to day operations,” he explains.  And the charm of being a business owner includes the moral support of his wife, Sherry, who brings their seven-year old son, Sebastian to the center in the capacity of “helper/custodian”.  Parris is amused to share, “We printed business cards for him and he is a hard worker.”

The staff at Akron is also cross-trained so from graphics to production, they cover each other.  As a business owner, Parris acknowledges, “That is not where I need to be; but I have a history of printing, so I use my extra knowledge sometimes.  Still, I make personal deliveries and I always follow up with customers, correcting things as needed, making sure they are happy and proving we are not to be beaten in customer service,” he adds.

Excite Health Care Counts Upon Parris and his team at Minuteman Press in Akron for marketing services that allow them to provide their own clients with the best Healthcare IT and HIM consultants available.

Excite Health Care Custom Branded Apparel Produced By Minuteman Press, Akron, Ohio - Front

Excite Health Care Custom Branded Apparel Produced By Minuteman Press, Akron, Ohio – Front

Excite Health Care Custom Branded Apparel Produced By Minuteman Press, Akron, Ohio - Back

Excite Health Care Custom Branded Apparel Produced By Minuteman Press, Akron, Ohio – Back

For a company that provides 24/7 support to its clients and employees, there is little time to worry about marketing or printing collateral as they have the task of finding the most experienced, motivated leaders and consultants in their own industry.  The company focuses the elements of longevity, trust, value and personalized service are what they found when they found Parris Frisby’s marketing services through a Minuteman Press Google search. “We have been working with Excite for two years now, after they found us with thanks to Google Adwords.  I have dozens of positive reviews online and we strive to keep them coming, and genuine. The people at Excite were impressed and now that they are our partners, we strive to keep them impressed,” according to Parris.

Every week, Parris, Lauren and Jimmy are doing good work towards helping Excite meet their goals.  Traditional printed essentials like business cards, newsletters, announcements and booklets for trade shows are designed and printed along with branded apparel and promotional products that are helping to spread the word for the growing company.  Parris shares, “They had a designer in the past, but we are doing more of the design work for Excite at this point. They prefer things heat-transferred and I am able to do excellent work as I purchased a dye-sublimation machine with a heat press, so we can prepare and print their branded shirts on-demand.  We do these things a lot more quickly than whomever was doing it for them before and that helped gain tremendous loyalty.”

Ashley McCool, Marketing Manager for Excite Health Partners is thankful to have Minuteman Press on her side when it comes to the range of design and printing needs she must secure for her company.  She says, “Parris and his team, specifically Lauren Lutz, have been very helpful with the variety of print jobs that we have needed.”

She concludes with words that are good news for their partnership going forward, “From t-shirts to stationery, and even tradeshow banners, the turnaround time and attention to detail in the work have made this a successful working relationship – so much that I see Lauren (and team) as an extension of our marketing team and she has truly been great to work with!”

To learn more about joining the #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise family, call us at 1-800-645-3006 or simply fill out the contact form on this page.