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Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Lift the Weight of Marketing from Your Mind

Too often, people with good ideas are weighed down by worries that keep them from becoming an entrepreneur. With support from their franchisor, Minuteman Press franchise owners can shake those fears and focus on delivering results as they Design, Print & Promote…YOU!

The decision to take an idea and create a business for yourself is one that should make you feel lighter, free of burdensome concerns common to those working for others.  You know you will seek advisement from experts to help with core issues such as putting together a business plan, addressing the red-tape of legalities, making decisions about employees and considering the physical location.

Then, there is your brand. It looks fantastic in your head, doesn’t it?  You have strong ideas about branding, from color schemes to logo design; and you probably have a slogan that captures the essence of your own brilliant concept.  It’s an exciting time and the thrill of realizing you are on the cusp of something great is what makes the sound of the morning’s alarm have a celestial ring. It makes you want to leap from sleep into working on it and making it a reality, but inside you know it’s time to stop the presses.  No one can see what has not been designed and no one can connect with what has not been printed.

The weight of marketing can grow heavy on your mind. This weight can…and should be lifted if you intend to actualize great things with your brand or message.   

“We designed, printed and mailed 16,000 books for a client recently.  They are a big enough organization that they could have several vendors and spend time going from firm to firm for different marketing needs,” says Jim Little, owner of Minuteman Press in Burlington, Wisconsin.

“In today’s printing industry, online services and big, four-color print houses are doing medium-sized jobs they would not normally do, just to get the work.  So with competition from online companies and bigger printers, we take care to show each client that entrusts us with design, printing and mailing (for instance) that they have earned an important degree of comfort.  We are their one-stop marketing services provider and this is where they find their savings and their value and why so many remain loyal to Minuteman Press,” he notes with certainty.

Jim continues, “There is a price to pay for convenience. Each business owner must ask, ‘How much is my time worth?’ and be honest about where their focus needs to be.  Minuteman Press accompanies their drive to succeed when they realize how partnership with us grants them a mind free of excess, so they can concentrate on the functioning and development of their organization.”

As more of the contemporary business world discovers that it is not burdensome to try their hands at DYI marketing, it is costly.  It seems everyone these days tries to be a desktop publisher and has modest printing equipment at their fingertips, hoping they can cut corners, not realizing the cost in time and ultimately, the need to reprint their efforts professionally.

Meet Jim Little (left) and the staff of Minuteman Press, Burlington, Wisconsin. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Meet Jim Little (left) and the staff of Minuteman Press, Burlington, Wisconsin.

According to Jim, “They learn that if they are trying to promote a brand, their time is best spent doing just that by giving us the whole project instead of trying to do it themselves or chasing it from vendor to vendor.  As they learn about our reliability, the products and services we can tailor to their needs, their trust is ours and we honor that.  They appreciate the marketing burden lifted by their local Minuteman Press when the results start rolling in.”

When the ticking clock makes you sweat your deadlines, your local Minuteman Press is cool and helps you take charge:

As owner of Minuteman Press in Alexandria, Virginia, Jeff Peterson wastes absolutely no time. He and his staff put worth into the term “customer service” by showing up for each project with high quality delivered at a pace that meets or beats deadlines.  He says, “Customer service means more than being personable.  I am into speed.  Some of the older printers aren’t as time sensitive as I tend to be, so our customers know that when they need to have same day or next day results, we are sensitive to that for them.  They will get their quotes and projects quickly without sacrificing quality.  We are proud of this and it is a benefit customers do not often see from other printers.  There is a sign company here and they promote themselves as quick printers, but will frequently say, ‘We will get it done by next Tuesday.’ We are not about that.  We are about getting it done quickly, so our customers get exactly what they need.”

Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President Jim Galasso offers questions to ponder and reasonable answers to consider: “Why do you go to a dentist when you have a cavity? Why do you go to an eye doctor if your vision is blurry? Chances are unless one is skilled at a certain profession they call on someone who is skilled, trustworthy, honest and reliable.”

Jim continues, “That’s why our customers call on Minuteman Press.  Our franchise owners have serviced tens of thousands of businesses all around the world for 40 years in over 950 locations. Our professionally-trained staff understands how to help clients market and grow their businesses. Sometimes, a simple design of a professional looking business card (which is often the first impression everyone gets) is needed. Other times, a complete custom design, print and mailing that will help gain new customers is needed.  For any type of business, in all industries, we ease people’s minds so they can get back to their own work.”

Jim adds, “The proper marketing tools that our franchise owners can provide will increase times you hear the phone ringing, the emails coming in, and the views your website gets, as digital design is something our owners can also help you enhance.  If you have thoughts about gaining new business, your local Minuteman Press may be able to save you time and money with better results.”

The assurance of more than forty years of building business together with clients with the individualized skills of franchise owners who care:

With decades as a corporate professional behind him and a current franchise consultant, Rich Coyner, owner of Cranbury Township Minuteman Press in Pittsburgh, knows the power he provides to clients, backed by a number-one rated franchisor.  “The beauty about Minuteman Press International is they provide a system by which my fellow franchise owners and I can take care of all of their needs without spending thousands of dollars on branding campaigns. Every small business knows they have to promote and market their company, but they are doing so based on their backgrounds alone.  They are thinking about starting and running the business, but not growing it and that is where we can really help.”

One of the countless examples that prove Rich and his compatriots can proudly say We Are The Modern Printing Industry™ comes in the form of a respected, local orthodontist who had inspired concepts to tell her community about her practice and found her voice with personalized help from the team at Minuteman Press in Cranbury Township.  “She used our marketing services to tailor messages specifically to the kids that need her expertise.  The children needed to see visits to her office as fun, as a positive thing.  We designed and produced marketing collateral such as signs and flyers based on precisely what she hoped to convey and her ideas came to life.  She is very happy with our partnership and continues to grow her business with our full support.”

Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Cranberry Township, PA - L-R: Don Green, Production & Finishing; Melanie Williams, Manager & Design; and Rich Coyner, Owner. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Cranberry Township, PA – L-R: Don Green, Production & Finishing; Melanie Williams, Manager & Design; and Rich Coyner, Owner.

With the best designers on staff at each local Minuteman Press franchise, people’s ideas are augmented and developed into designs that are perfect for their audiences while in harmony both digitally and in print. 

Rich explains, “We provide complete integrated marketing at a reasonable cost.  People are frequently misled into believing they need to spend thousands of dollars with a design firm, but with Minuteman Press they do not.  What makes us a relief for our clients are the results we give to them; and those results get us referrals.  They key thing to remember is that you do not need an expensive branding company because we can give you samples through the whole process, plus we design and print everything.  A lot of branding companies can’t do that and they will be more expensive. We have an on-site team, each of whom will sit with you, take your ideas and formulate a plan, working side-by-side so it speaks to exactly those you hope to reach and say exactly what you wish to say.”

Of the many thousands of small businesses and non-profits previously weighed down by marketing concerns, Minuteman Press franchise owners continue to lift that weight, allowing great minds across all industries to stay focused. 

As Rich observes, “We are like having your own marketing department and we make sure you can focus on your core competency while we focus on everything else.”

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