Bryan Nunes, owner, International Minute Press franchise, Boise Idaho.

Boise State College Football Team Plays to Win the Marketing and Printing Game with Their International Minute Press Franchise Partnership

International Minute Press franchise owners Bryan and Johnel Nunes put their marketing services front and center with the Boise State Broncos, freeing the coaches and players to do what they do best.

Bryan and Johnel Nunes spent years as multi-unit restaurant franchise owners juggling a hectic schedule, of evenings and weekend hours, that they wished to change…so they did.  They came to appreciate the franchise model for its many advantages, but it was time to switch from a food franchise to the B2B services industry.

Bryan says, “My wife and I found Minuteman Press International because I was looking specifically to sell to other businesses, rather than retail customers. After years managing 5 restaurants, I decided that the daytime, weekday schedule of B2B services would be better for family and home life balance.”

Bryan and Johnel’s restaurant franchise experience spanned throughout Montana and South Dakota. He grew up in the restaurant business so he was able to create a good living while he and Johnel sharpened management skills that would serve them as they exited retail for the more appealing B2B franchise opportunity.

Bryan continues, “My wife and I purchased our International Minute Press printing franchise in Boise in 2004 after making the decision to get out of retail and move closer to our family in Idaho.  We took our customer service philosophy with us, which is to anticipate the customers’ needs and ‘WOW’ them with our service.” (Minuteman Press International operates as International Minute Press in Idaho.)

International Minute Press in Boise has what Bryan describes as a “large, experienced staff” ranging in employment from five to fifteen years.  He says, “They know our clients so well and have come to know individual preferences and needs.  When I first purchased this business, we had no employees and it was an underperforming franchise. The proven system of operations from Minuteman Press International is a tool we use that the previous owner was not putting to work as it is intended.  We turned that all around and we got to know our customers, while working hard to find new ones who would appreciate how we take care of them.”

Chris Jutt is the Pacific Northwest Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International and he gets a front-row view of how the strongest franchise owners create their own success.  On Bryan’s ability to continually make strides when it seems things could not get any better, Chris says, “Running a successful business takes many skills and leadership is one of the most important ones.  Bryan demonstrates how leadership isn’t just telling people when they do the wrong thing; it’s telling them when they do the right things, too, and giving them a chance to grow as your business grows.”

Chris adds, “Bryan shows all the qualities of a great leader and because of that, he gets great quality and consistency from his employees every day and those benefits pass directly to his customers.”

International Minute Press, Boise, Idaho - L-R: Nathan Nunes, marketing director; Bryan Nunes, owner; and Blake Nunes, press operator.

International Minute Press, Boise, Idaho – L-R: Nathan Nunes, marketing director; Bryan Nunes, owner; and Blake Nunes, press operator.

For Bryan and Johnel Nunes, their part in the modern printing industry as International Minute Press franchise owners encompasses the best of the traditional and the contemporary, both in service, skill and technology.

Bryan credits their ability to meet tough deadlines and produce the best print on demand with the range of equipment they have at their disposal.  “We have four digital presses, three offset presses, three in-house designers with a range of specialties and the ability to help anybody with anything they might need in marketing.”

Bryan also believes in keeping up with technology in order to provide the very highest quality and innovative solutions for his customers.  He recently upgraded to a 4 color offset press that prints up to 300 lines per inch, which is the highest resolution offered in the Boise area.  High end clients like the Sun Valley Summer Symphony have chosen International Minute Press, in part because of the sharp resolution of that new press.  The new press has also allowed them to get into product packaging and foldable boxes in which retail products are sold.

Bryan and Johnel discovered that their inclination to serve people on a creative level and build business together with them as marketing services providers was where real professional satisfaction resides.  They enjoy helping people construct real-world marketing tools from abstract ideas as a natural outgrowth of how they now earn a living themselves.  “I would say the appreciation we get from customers when we take care of all the details connected to their brand or concept so they do not have to worry about the process is most gratifying,” Bryan explains.

And as they continue to tend to their business and enjoy liberated weekend and evening time as International Minute Press franchise owners do, their clients are the winners.  One of the most loyal among them, The Boise State Football team, continues to take on opponents with their team’s essential printed needs in expert hands…

Bryan was able to impress the team with speed, agility and print precision OFF the field, where it is needed to keep continuing and special marketing jobs winning the attention of fans while keeping the players focused and organized. “We started out doing copy jobs faster than their own in-house print shop, so they liked us so much they had us doing all of their customized projects.

Bryan shares a few of the ways he and Johnel lead International Minute Press in Boise as they help Boise State Football look like winners:

  • Ultra-high resolution offset printing for sports posters and brochures.
  • Solid colored envelopes that match school colors by flooding the whole sheet with ink and custom converting to make into envelopes.
  • Scholarship offers, embossed and foiled on metallic paper that is consistent with the university colors.
  • Manuals for their Las Vegas Bowl, plus guides and an agenda for the trip.
  • Various other stationery, flyers and mailing campaigns.

Joel Schneider is the Football Operations Coordinator for Boise State Broncos Football Team and he has no hesitation praising his International Minute Press partnership.  “The Boise State Football program has been working with International Minute Press for a long time as we trust the company, the people, and their products. They handle the majority of our printing needs including play-books, flyers, envelopes, letters, business cards, and pamphlets. Bryan and his team do exceptional work in a timely manner while still maintaining consistent quality. It is refreshing to work with a large company that still values customer service and the quality of their work. We are excited to continue to work with Bryan and the International Minute Press team in the future.”

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