Don Schleicher (left), Director, Nike Coach of the Year; and Rich Coyner (right), Owner, Minuteman Press, Cranberry Township, PA.

Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Partners with Minuteman Press B2B Franchise in Cranberry Township, PA for Printing, Marketing, and Direct Mail Services

Nike Coach of the Year is America’s Most Respected Coaching Clinic and Minuteman Press is a Key Player in their Annual Game Plan

If you talk to Rich Coyner for help with a challenge, within just a few minutes it becomes clear you are not alone anymore in your pursuit.  Instead, you have a seasoned, business-building force at your disposal.  Yet, as his clients at Minuteman Press in Cranberry Township (a suburb 20 miles north of Pittsburgh) well know, it is his loyalty to your cause matched by his team’s capability to use decades worth of design, print and marketing expertise that will bring you immediate relief at the most critical times.

His career in the logistics and supply-chain industry was as colorful as it was demanding and as multiple companies gained the good fortune of his employment, he climbed the high ranks of corporate America.  At an increasing pace in the early 2000s, corporate downsizing gobbled up jobs and spit them out, forcing the growth of third-party logistics companies as outsourcing took off.  Rich was coveted by these companies and one, a privately held family owned logistics company, tabbed him as their Executive Vice President and General Manager of Operations and his accumulated talent was a key component in their explosive growth. He joined them in their early years of existence and took their meager top line and helped it swell to a more than $30 million dollar company that was quite profitable.  He could have stayed in the industry and built his financial wealth further, but his business knowledge was accompanied by wisdom.  “After 33 years in corporate America and the same industry, I found myself at a point in my life certain that I wanted to work for myself now.”

And so he does today, but not before some introspection and a twist in his career afforded him an advantage as he explored franchise business opportunities.  It happens that Rich continues to operate a franchise consulting firm with his son, Shane, DIFS Franchise Solutions Consulting.  At the time of his decision, this gave him a front-row ticket to a new professional stage and expertise to identify the best and the worst of the franchise industry.  He was done with the corporate America act, so his new stage was set when he came across Minuteman Press International.

He explains, “I was done burning 50 plus hours a week at work and I had an appreciation for the franchise industry and a deep understanding of the model.  So when I recognized a Minuteman Press franchise for sale in my area, I saw it as a diamond in the rough.  I knew that Minuteman Press International was one of the best franchise models out there and the top printing franchisor.  Their more than forty years of success stood out to me, so I met with their representatives, including Bob Heimbuch and we talked about the B2B industry.  I loved the B2B concept of working Monday through Friday from 8-5 and having the weekends off for family.”

The digital print, design and marketing center he saw as a diamond in the rough  was not performing up to its potential, but it is situated in what Rich knew was a rapidly growing part of Pittsburgh.  “In terms of Minuteman Press standards, it was performing below the average centers across the country, but I saw its potential and believed with the application of my business experience and ability to network, I could grow revenues and make it one of the top performers.  After all, I did help take that logistics company from start-up to more than thirty million. I felt confident I could take this franchise and grow it from below average, to some day, the top echelon of Minuteman Press.”

Not everyone realizes the depth of loyalty that Minuteman Press franchise employees willfully submit to the brand, but Rich recognized this and knew it was a tremendous advantage to his investment. “When I looked at this existing franchise for sale, I realized the key component, to go along with the location, were these three employees running the day to day operations of the center.  This became necessary as the owner started moving in a different direction, taking a full-time position as president of the local Chamber of Commerce in the community which stalled the growth.  These loyal employees had done a great job maintaining the client base and each had many years of loyalty to the Minuteman Press brand. I am happy to say that, now we work together as a team to meet each client and prospect’s objectives and good things are happening.”

On his staff, Rich says, “My production coordinator, Don Green, has been with Minuteman Press for over twenty-five years and my part-time offset press operator, Jerry Johnson, has over 20 years with the company.  Also, Melanie Williams is the glue that keeps it all together as our designer and manager; she has been at two Minuteman Press locations for more than 8 years.”

“Once the previous owner moved into his full time position with the Chamber, little attention went towards marketing and promoting the products and services in an effort to gain new customers. I came in and began leveraging my business relationships and started an aggressive network and marketing campaign to address that.  In the five months I have been owner, we have added more than seventy-five new clients and a lot of that came from marketing the business while also exciting the employees again and putting the business back in tune with the Minuteman Press proven system of operations,” he explains.

People are quickly learning that Rich carries a sense of victory and capable strategy into every situation.  As his clients continue to reap the benefits, he continues to rack up repeat business and gain a winner’s reputation.  It is quickly becoming clear that association with Minuteman Press in Cranberry Township is synonymous with vibrant progress and that is what happens when a proven business leader aligns with the best franchise system.  “I was given a good foundation to start with, and then I put my own touch on this operation and combined my experience with the training and support of the franchisor as well as the skill and dedication of my employees.  It has only been five months. I am still in the trenches of learning the printing; marketing and design business while learning to be a business owner, yet in November, December and January, we exceeded prior years’ numbers in sales.”

He adds, “After 33 years in the same industry, working for someone else’s company, this ‘something different’, buying a franchise is new and refreshing. It has invigorated me.”

And as many of his peers continue in jobs that drain them while they continue to make money for someone else, Rich boldly brings this invigorated spirit into each individual project that clients entrust to him.

Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Cranberry Township, PA - L-R: Don Green, Production & Finishing; Melanie Williams, Manager & Design; and Rich Coyner, Owner.

Meet the Team of Minuteman Press, Cranberry Township, PA – L-R: Don Green, Production & Finishing; Melanie Williams, Manager & Design; and Rich Coyner, Owner.

The Nike Coach of the Year Clinic represents just one such client and it’s HUGE…

The Nike Coach of the Year Clinic is a nationwide clinic held in multiple locations and they feature top college football coaches to speak at each venue.  Pittsburgh is a proud hosting city and Minuteman Press, led by Rich Coyner, is their marketing services provider.  “It takes a whole year of preparation, accommodating big names in college football as their schedules change and different variables affect design and print needs.  In November, we arrange an initial direct mail campaign directed to all the coaches in the region.  As they hone in on their featured speakers, we proceed to design and print a three-fold, full-color brochure highlighting their profiles and that mailing is sent out as a strong follow-up call to attend,” according to Rich.

Continuing with more on how they deliver for Nike’s clinic when they need him, Rich adds, “We take all of the biographies, photos, advertisements and we take care of the design and production. To ease the burden on our client, Director of Nike Coach of the Year Clinic, Don Schleicher, we must wait until the last minute to finalize, print, produce and finishing the program for the two-day clinic.  Then, we deliver it all to the venue.”

Don Schleicher would never settle for anything but the best for the annual clinic that is designed to promote the great American football tradition with expert guidance.  He says, “Listen, Rich Coyner’s printing franchise is in North Hills which means I have to drive through the city of Pittsburgh to get to him and that is a direct reflection on Minuteman Press.  I pass other print shops to get to his center for a reason.  As the third director of the oldest continuous football clinic in the nation (in its 56th year), I am going make sure the printing required is the best.”

Don continues, “Rich and his team designs and print registration forms, save-the-date postcards, brochures and of course, our roughly thirty-five page, full-color program featuring every coach who has ever spoken at our clinic.  These are big names with national championships like John Majors – our clinic president, Rip Engle, Paul “Bear” Bryant, John McKay, Nick Saban and many more.  The program Minuteman Press produces for us is a big hit and everyone wants one.”

Product samples designed and printed by the Minuteman Press printing franchise in Cranberry Township, PA for the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

Product samples designed and printed by the Minuteman Press printing franchise in Cranberry Township, PA for the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

Relief at critical times is found at Minuteman Press.  Don has counted upon this for nearly a decade and of his concerns, he says, “Printing is off the table. I don’t even worry about it. I have many tasks aside from design and printing, so with Rich and his staff as partners, I simply do not worry about it. I know the design will be great and the quality of what is printed will be even better.  Plus, while mistakes happen, they bend over backwards until everything is perfect.  I am beyond satisfied.”

Something further strikes Don as entirely unique and earns his lasting respect.  He adds, “When you deal with a man like Rich, know that a handshake means something and you have to respect that.  To be honest, with this program I direct, I am honored to have him, his team and Minuteman Press as a partner.”

Rich Coyner may still occasionally work a 50 plus hour week these days, but he is doing it with a smile on his face, having fun and enjoying the success of building two businesses within the franchising industry.

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