Gloria Jacaruso (center, 3rd from right) and her team at the Minuteman Press marketing and printing franchise in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Pompano Beach, Florida Partners with B2B Client Alpine ITW, the Leader in Engineering Excellence

Alpine, an ITW Company, is a leading provider of industry solutions and increased business productivity for component manufacturers. Alpine ITW is known for excellence in engineering, software, equipment, and service. They trust Minuteman Press with the care and promotion of their brand, both digitally and in print.

Gloria Jacaruso has her priorities in order.  She is not derailed by distractions, nor is she intimidated by a challenge.  In fact, she loves the notion of building business together with people and doing so is a craft she has been mastering since she bought an existing Minuteman Press franchise seven years ago.  To illustrate her vigor and relentless drive to construct winning situations in spite of opposing variables, it should be known that she bought a printing franchise bearing the most proud name in the industry, but it was underperforming and it was during the height of a recession.

“I am the third owner of this center in Pompano, one that was opened nearly forty years ago.  At one time, it was doing very well, but my predecessor lost interest and sales dwindled down.”  Once Gloria assumed ownership, however, the future of the business was to be as limitless as her dedication to each and every person who seeks her partnership in marketing.  Her grand re-opening turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to the local community as she became the architect of proud brand campaigns across all industries, assuring a robust bottom line for the area’s most respected digital print, design and marketing services center.

Alpine, an ITW Company, benefits from a marketing cold call and the culture of cooperation between Minuteman Press franchise owners

One day, Gloria left her center to deliver a completed job to a neighboring client, national building components manufacturer Alpine, an ITW Company, and left her business card with a marketing employee.  The lifespan of impressions from business cards handed out personally frequently exceeds that of an email introduction alone. So, about a year later, Minuteman Press in Pompano was referred to Alpine through a BNI connection and the memory of Gloria’s earlier encounter was still fresh.  “At the second introduction, I had a new client.  I dropped off printing to a neighbor of theirs and was referred to them and they remembered me visiting and leaving my card. On the second try, I got some work as their national marketing division is down here.  We now do work for their national and main headquarters in Illinois.”

Timing is everything and transitions in business are delicate sometimes when it comes to branding, especially.  She continues, “Like many large corporations, marketing initiatives change and so I happened to become involved with them just as they were changing direction from a large, in-house print facility to outsourcing the work and reducing their workforce. Our initial support included the standard business cards and brochures. Over time, they have come to depend upon us for producing and mailing their newsletters, preparing marketing support materials for their numerous national construction trade shows and producing training materials. Additionally, we have begun printing brochures with personalized contact information and marketing information based on their region of the country for several of their major distributors.”

There are times when clients are rightfully consumed with the task of developing their businesses, so much so that things related to marketing collateral are forgotten, especially as they travel. Alpine learned that their partnership with Gloria Jacaruso in Pompano means that they are building business together with Minuteman Press, an entity with worldwide reach in marketing.  She explains, “They do a lot of trade shows and they can forget stuff but we are able to keep in touch with local Minuteman Press centers wherever they might be and send them the files – and they can take care of them.  That is how our network of franchises work in my experience.  I know they recognize the benefit; they know they are always covered thanks to our partnership.  Ordering online simply would not provide that kind of service, especially same-day.”

“Being part of the Minuteman Press family has proven to be a tremendous asset to this customer. On several occasions while at national trade shows, my marketing contact would be in need of additional marketing materials. With a simple phone call to our office, we were able to contact the closest Minuteman Press to the convention center where they were, transfer the files and have the materials delivered to their hotel to support their marketing efforts with a same day turn-around.” – Gloria Jacaruso

With their marketing support and the support of the Minuteman Press network of centers, Gloria was recently recommended to be the printer for the parent company. To support this client, Minuteman Press in Pompano Beach developed an on-line ordering portal that allows Alpine employees to order business cards for a variety of different companies, all under the same corporate umbrella.

Michael Fagan is a marketing specialist who has been with Alpine for 24 years and has experienced typical and out of the ordinary challenges associated with tending to the growth of a reputable business. He says, “I have had relationships with many vendors over the years and with Gloria for over a decade now.  She earned our business and she is wonderful as is Minuteman Press.  I joke with her that I do not want everything I order to be an emergency, but in the back of my mind, I know they will take care of our emergencies, including catching errors before we do. They are so familiar with us, they save us trouble. She has ingrained herself into the fabric of what we do and always gets the project done.”

Here are 4 ways Gloria and Minuteman Press in Pompano Beach help build business together with Alpine ITW according to their seasoned marketing specialist Michael Fagan:

1. Yes. You DO have a marketing department: We offer educational literature to our customers, but when our company had to downsize, we did not have a marketing department. We had to take existing literature and cobrand with our customers.  Gloria was able to work with these documents – some made 15 or 20 years ago with hard-to-find software – and customize certain items for our clients.  She prints them to specifications and ships them directly to them.

2. Out of town and “messed up” but was rescued: We use Uberflip to host our sell sheets and this allows people to click and download a high-quality .pdf file. While at a trade show in Charlotte, NC, we made an error and Minuteman Press in Pompano Beach got us out of a pinch.  They got in touch with a fellow Minuteman Press franchise owner where we were and worked together to get what we needed properly printed. I walked two blocks and picked up what we needed within the same hour of the request.

3. Rebranding gone wrong…then made right: We rebranded our company and Minuteman Press in Pompano Beach was instrumental in that rebranding. Though founded in 1966, Alpine ITW was acquired in 2006 by another company, but they did an injustice to our name in the printed collateral.  The rebrand from Alpine to a name that wasn’t highly regarded was a mistake, so we needed to return to Alpine ITW.  Gloria became vitally important as she made certain we had new sell sheets and took care of 7 different offices, printing new, updated business cards for 350 people.

4. Direct mail does work: We also do a quarterly printed magazine called Good Connections – we print 2500 copies and Minuteman Press will take care of direct mailings of about 1000 to complement our own distribution through U.S. and Canada

Minuteman Press in Pompano Beach combines digital and traditional marketing services with personalized service, relieving stress and producing results for clients in need.  Gloria reflects on the expanding role she and her team is taking as marketing services providers for Alpine ITW, “We started doing work for their national headquarters and that prompted us to put up an online portal for them. As we have uploaded multiple smaller companies, we uploaded business card options for them, so they order and we ship directly to them. It has worked well and we will be doing that for other customers to provide multiple options for the cards – front and back.  It is all simplified.”

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