Lotus Juo, James Juo and their daughters Janissa and Jianna take center stage at the Minuteman Press franchise grand opening in Westminster, Colorado. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Working Together: New Minuteman Press Printing Franchise Owner Lotus Juo Feels Right at Home Managing Her Business Like a Family

Lotus Juo is not new to entrepreneurship, nor is she new to imparting her vibrant spirit and her accumulated knowledge to enrich the lives of others, whatever their pursuits may be. 

Prior to buying her Minuteman Press printing franchise in Westminster, Colorado, Lotus Juo owned a learning center franchise and the children whose lives she touched will be forever impacted. Today, she is channeling her passion for helping others in an entirely new way, working towards becoming the finest marketing services provider her community could ever need.

Before the point in her life came to pass that she made the move from one franchise system to a new Minuteman Press franchise opportunity, Lotus examined her professional gains and re-evaluated her goals on a practical level.  She says, “When I owned my learning center, I noticed we used a lot of print, from educational materials to special apparel.  All of our instructors and our students were outfitted with branded apparel and there were two sets printed per season.  I realized I was spending a lot of money with print shops and it occurred to me that I wanted to be on the other side, where the profit margin was higher, so I sold my learning center franchise and moved to Colorado, knowing it is a fast-growing state. It was logical to assume that there is a lot of opportunity for me if I were to buy a printing business in that area.”

Minuteman Press International Southwest Regional Vice President Jack Panzer was a great resource as Lotus studied the printing and signage industries. 

Lotus researched a great number of franchises and Minuteman Press International really stood out. Lotus was impressed with more than the lengthy history of success that resulted from their proven system of operations.  “This corporation is very family-oriented, devoid of a ‘corporate attitude.’  Jack was very patient with me and very supportive as I went through the franchise weeding-out process. I spent time comparing and contrasting business and corporate philosophies and then I spoke with some franchise owners in this area.”

She adds, “It was a lengthy process before I felt comfortable to make my decision to purchase, and here I am now.  Jack Panzer was a driving force for me when it came to choosing Minuteman Press.  There were other franchises that I reviewed where the corporate philosophy didn’t jive with me at all and this is a really important factor.  Jack and Minuteman Press International made me feel like family before I was an official family member.”

Continuing with more about what led her to a final decision, Lotus adds, “I’ve never had a sense of pressure to ‘sign right now.’  Jack never said things like that and all the other franchise sales people did.  I would tell them to give me two months to think about it and get an attitude in return, I could sense it from them, the pressure from other franchise brokers.  However, Jack didn’t give me that at all.  Instead, he encouraged me to take my time and to avoid rushing into anything to make sure I was making the best decision for me.  It was very comforting and it gave me a sense of being part of the Minuteman Press family.”

Minuteman Press International welcomed Lotus into the franchise family, spending two weeks at their training program at headquarters where she was delighted to find that the culture of her franchisor matched her own. 

For Lotus Juo, the Minuteman Press franchise training programwas relatable and warm, yet efficient and constructive.  “The way we were treated during our two weeks of training was rich with a down-to-earth feel. For instance, there was no sense that we needed to stay away from the CEO’s office and just talk to his secretary, quite the opposite; and that’s how I like it to be with my own business.  I managed 24 employees in my prior experience and I recognized my own family-centered approach in the headquarters of Minuteman Press International.  It is the environment I am creating in my Minuteman Press center today.  I do not want employees who are with us just for the paycheck. We do not serve our customers with an approach like that.”

She concludes with a sense of certainty, “I have assembled a happy, approachable, family-oriented group of people that are excited to engage in the work we do and everyone they encounter can sense that.”

Jack Panzer has been delighted to offer his expert guidance and continued support since his first meeting with Lotus Juo and her family.  He credits the depth of their combined talents and the advantages afforded to franchisees when he says, “Lotus and James made a carefully-considered choice to put their impressive professional energy into Minuteman Press franchise ownership.  Every day, the Westminster, Colorado center continues to grow into a prime example of our proven system at work with driven entrepreneurs.”

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