Steve Brunk (holding scissors) owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Vero Beach, Florida.

The Florida Fruit Association Keeps Growing with Support from the Minuteman Press Printing Marketing and Printing Franchise in Vero Beach

This business to business partnership began with a simple request to print out a few forms. Today, the family-owned business that offers fundraising services nationwide leans on Steve Brunk and Minuteman Press for design, printing, marketing, and organization.

Steve Brunk is not writing his multi-unit Minuteman Press success story by hoping for the best and waiting for business to come his way.  He is a formidable ally to his current and future clients because he is aggressively pursuing growth, not just for his own venture, but for theirs as well.  “I was working for a Hallmark card franchisee in their mall stores where you just wait for holidays to drive business,” he says.

Steve continues, “I knew nothing about printing, but it was something in which I could go outside the store and generate more business.  I also loved the concept of reprint orders because it kept the customers coming back.”  So he bought his first Minuteman Press franchise in Boca Raton in 1995, a printing business that was performing modestly until he took command and brought his entrepreneurial fire into the mix and combined it with world-class training and support from his franchisor.

“I bought my first Minuteman in Boca Raton in 1995,” he explained. “It was under-performing and I built it up to $2.2 million. It was pretty rough in the beginning, but I went out and said ‘yes’ to everyone instead of ‘no’. “I sold that location and moved to Vero Beach where another center was struggling. The franchisor asked me to take it over and the rest is history. In 2007, it had three employees and was in the same shape as the Boca store, underperforming. Now we have 10 employees, we moved into 10,000 square feet building and we’ve just opened a new store in Port St. Lucie, Florida.”

Every single completed project that Steve and his staff put forth into the hands of their clients is a source of great pride.  He explains, “Our slogan is ‘We Design, Print & Promote…YOU!‘ and it is gratifying to be out and about and come across a poster or a flyer that our team produced! Or when a client comes in with some chicken scratch of an idea on some scrap paper and our team turns it into something beautiful and the customer is very pleased.”

Moving and shaking in marketing is how Steve and his staff keep Minuteman Press on the forefront of enterprising minds that can benefit from a partnership with the modern printing industry’s finest marketing services provider.  “We use social media, networking events and local community events to keep our name out there and for businesses to recognize our brand. It’s always nice to have a new costumer come to us because they used a Minuteman Press franchise up north and trust use to do the same great job.”

The Florida Fruit Association is a top client of Minuteman Press in Vero Beach and the partnership began with a request to print a few forms…

Back in 2009, Leo George needed forms to operate the Florida Fruit Association, a business he runs with his wife and two sons. Steve explains, “We printed the forms that Leo needed and from there, our partnership progressed and is strong. Today, we design, print and process fulfillment orders and ship them for Florida Fruit Association.”

Based in Vero Beach, this family-owned company provides citrus fundraising options to schools, churches, marching bands (and more organizations) around the country.

Minuteman Press franchises help garner brand recognition through integrated marketing tailored to each business or message. They can also be the salvation of clients with small office spaces and no room for storage, as many have spacious facilities to help out in that area.  Steve continues, “After a few years Florida Fruit Association changed locations and no longer had the room to do all of their fulfillment orders and that is when we had just expanded to our new location and had plenty of room to warehouse his printing. Now we have space to process his orders and do the shipping and his team is free to concentrate more on their business and marketing.”

He adds, “Leo & his sons work closely with our designers on new material each year for their presentations and updating marketing materials each season.”

During the fundraising “off season” the Florida Fruit Association does not rest, quite the opposite.  They use that time to promote their offering all over the country and count upon Steve Brunk and staff to prepare printed representations of their company to perfection. Sometimes, there are challenges. Lisa Gehin, production manager for Steve Brunk’s multi-unit Minuteman Press operation, remembers a few challenges overcome to the delight of their client, “As they go to visit churches and schools and conventions to offer fundraising services, they need printed materials and banners.  One time, they opened their presentation banner and realized it had been ripped so we made a new vinyl interior so they could take it on the plane with them. Another time, they realized they did not have updated pricing on a presentation banner and they were leaving in two days to go out of town, so we took it apart and placed a new banner inside with the updated information.

There was another time that a printer they were using would not release their artwork for a file, so we recreated and updated it at no charge. They were actually trying to be nice by patronizing more than one printer, but that didn’t work out well.  We make all of our customers feel special and go that extra step, sometimes at no charge, so they are happy. Leo and his sons are great people to deal with and they appreciate the kind of service we provide.  They have a really great business going and we help them be successful by printing only the best for them and keeping it all together and organized on their behalf.”

Over time, the Florida Fruit Association discovered how stress-relieving their partnership with Minuteman Press was going to be, especially compared to their previous negative experience with other printers.  Now, in addition to excellent quality final products, they can enjoy a few perks of personalization. Lisa continues with a few of those perks, “They love working with our lead designer, Ginny.  In fact, Ginny works with their designers directly and we create what they need, specifically. Sometimes, they just need a handful of promotional items or print during their off-season and we are able to produce just the quantity they need and drop it off to them.  They love the fact that we have removed boxes they were tripping over at their office and have been warehousing those items for about two years now. No competitor has offered that service and it makes their space more open, productive and organized.”

Leo George is the President of the Florida Fruit Association where, due to the nature of what his company offers, the term ‘growth’ has meaning on more than one level.  His company is better able to operate on every level with the support of Steve Brunk and his staff.  He says, “We are thrilled to have Minuteman Press as our supplier. We started working together in 2009. Mr. Steve Brunk, owner of Minuteman Press in Vero Beach, came knocking on my office door and gave me a convincing presentation to try his company for one year and we are still working together today. Before I met Steve I use to buy from three of his competitors.”

Presently, Minuteman Press is the only printing and designing company that the Florida Fruit Association, Inc. uses and here are just a few reasons why, according to Mr. George:

  • “We are a family business and they do a beautiful job designing and printing our materials. They also handle the warehousing of our materials and do the fulfillment for shipping the materials to our customers. As our business grows so does Minuteman Press.”
  • “We love working with all the staff too. The personnel are friendly and professional for getting our work completed in a timely manner.”
  • “Both of our companies believe in giving back to our community. We have worked together on many fundraisers throughout the year.”

He adds with sincerity, “I would highly recommend Minuteman Press to any organization that needs marketing materials. They do a fantastic job!”

Minuteman Press is building business together with the Florida Fruit Association, a practice that comes naturally to the best Minuteman Press franchise owners – and Steve Brunk is among them. He concludes, “Leo and I both believe in family and share the same interests in giving back to the community in many ways. As his business grows (and we know it does by the increased quantities of forms ordered) our business continues to grow as well.”

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