Meet the Leal Family, owners of the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Plano, Texas - L-R: Victoria, Maggie, Natalia, and Gabriel Leal.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Plano, Texas Designs, Prints, and Promotes for International Executive Search Firm Sanford Rose Associates

Sanford Rose Associates is the “Recognized Leader in Retained Executive Search.” They count on Minuteman Press in Plano, Texas to produce and deliver vital printing and marketing products all over the world.

Gabriel Leal is a true leader. He began an impressive corporate career in his native Monterrey, Mexico and gathered respect and experience when he was transferred to Europe, receiving his master’s degree along the way.  In spite of the prestige he earned as a white-collar executive and the perks that come along with it, there was a calling that would not be silenced as he was the product of three proud generations of printing industry experts back in Monterrey.

His father still owns the printing company that his grandfather started and his siblings remain dedicated print professionals.  “My dad was so happy when he learned I was buying a Minuteman Press center.  At the time, I was the only family member who was not involved in the industry and I always wanted to own my own business.  I thought nothing could be better than getting into the same industry that had brought such success to my family in Mexico.  My wife Maggie is extremely skilled with accounting and we knew we could run our own business.  So, when we were in Washington, DC, we decided that moving closer to home and buying a printing franchise in Plano, TX was the answer.”

The alignment with the print that defines his lineage, his extensive experience in business and the world’s leading digital print design and marketing franchisor has become a gift to the B2B community in Plano…and beyond.  Many print resources, both on line and brick and mortar are pursuing profit first, leaving the task of resonating with target audiences up to their customers.

Minuteman Press is trusted with the high brand standards of Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc., a Texas corporation and franchisor of the Sanford Rose Associates Network of offices.

When a company has impeccable standards and is staffed with hardworking, dedicated professionals, big things are likely to happen and a spotlight is on the brand which makes finding the best marketing services partner vital.  Such is the case with SRA with a global network of recruiting pros and more than 50 years of experience recruiting highly qualified professionals.  “By now, they have 85-100 locations around the world, mostly in the U.S., but also in Asia.  They expanded quickly and we do most of their business printing as their franchises need very specific branded materials including business cards, various-sized envelopes, pocket folders, labels, thank-you notes, brochures and a lot more and all must be impeccably produced,” according to Gabriel.

In the beginning of this partnership, the team at Minuteman Press Plano took care of the production of marketing essentials, but as good things happen when the chemistry is right and the skills exist, SRA now relies upon them to print, package and deliver as well.  “One of the challenges we meet is making sure each SRA location gets what they need on time, so now we print necessary labels, pack everything well and ship what is needed where it needs to go.  We have shipped holiday cards along with traditional branded items as far as Singapore,” Gabriel notes.

Managing not only fine print production, but also packaging and shipping adds other variables such as USPS and UPS. There was time a package headed to New York was lost, containing completed jobs that needed to be replaced immediately. Minuteman Press in Plano reprinted and shipped everything to compensate for lost time.

“Our clients expect solutions, not more problems and that is why they come to us.” – Gabriel Leal – owner, Minuteman Press, Plano, Texas

The team of Minuteman Press, Plano, Texas - L-R: Maggie Leal, Kyle Krauter, Arturo Hernandez, and Gabriel Leal.

The team of Minuteman Press, Plano, Texas – L-R: Maggie Leal, Kyle Krauter, Arturo Hernandez, and Gabriel Leal.

The corporate headquarters of SRA turns to Minuteman Press in Plano to produce branded print needs, including their quarterly newsletter which are provided as an educational and motivational tool to all of their locations.  Gabriel states, “SRA is a fantastic client and I appreciate the fact that they are protective of their brand and therefore, very particular about how everything is laid-out and finally printed.  In the beginning, we produced 3 sample business cards and it was a learning process for all as we were tweaking the design and they would offer input on proportion or the exact location of design elements.  We are happy to accommodate such a great client who knows exactly what they want and we make certain that every item is of the highest quality and comes out as perfectly as they expect…or we fix it immediately.”

As time progresses and growth is accelerating, Darren McDougal, Managing Director of Sanford Rose Associates International is continually grateful for his partnership with Gabriel Leal and the expertise of his digital print, design and marketing franchise.  He says, “As a Top 10 Executive Recruiting firm in the country, Sanford Rose Associates International continues to rely upon the valued partnership with Gabriel and the Minuteman team.  Their quality of service and attention to detail has been a key component in helping the Sanford Rose Associates International network market and position our offices as the go-to executive search firm for companies seeking to hire the best and brightest.”

Darren adds a rightful note of confidence, “Gabriel and the Minuteman Press team understand our brand value. From design to print to delivery, the consistency and quality of print projects has been phenomenal!”

The best franchise owners adopt the culture of Minuteman Press International, one that carries an investment in the development of brands from every industry and people from all kinds of backgrounds. 

He grew up watching his grandfather and father help people promote various messages through print so Gabriel is, by nature, a caretaker of entrepreneurial ideas at their earliest stages through completion and he trained his staff in kind.  “If we are only thinking about how we can make money – that is not going to work for anyone.  The image of my clients, whether they be doctors, architects, non-profit professionals or from businesses small or large becomes as important to us as it is to them, once we become their marketing services provider.”

Minuteman Press listens first and following the desires of every client, puts plans into meaningful action, armed with the latest in digital print technology and marketing expertise.  “It is their image, their brand, that they are looking to promote, so as long as we make them look good and communicate openly to make good things happen (exactly when they NEED to happen), people come back and tell friends, family and colleagues about us.  There really is nothing we will not do to earn the trust of our customers,” Gabriel assures.

Gabriel has proven to be a driving force towards measurable growth for businesses dependent upon his expertise and people are talking about it: “As projects are completed and our designs or products help them get more business, nothing matters more or could be more satisfying.  Also, it is great for us, too, because people ask them where they may have had that outstanding banner or table cover produced.”

He concludes with pride, “When we do great work and it catches attention in public, as intended, people want to know where it comes from.  It is common for us to get calls or emails of thanks in appreciation of our work.  Also, when a client we hardly know gets back to us and takes the time to recognize that we have gone above and beyond for them, it is a fantastic feeling.”

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