Your Local Minuteman Press Franchise is Your Loyal Design, Printing and Marketing Services Provider

Your Local Minuteman Press Franchise is Your Loyal Design, Printing and Marketing Services Provider

When the “job you needed yesterday” is in the hands of the leaders of the modern printing industry, your business is in it to win it!

If you need to get the word out there about your business, your charity or any multitude of reasons why you need something designed, printed or promoted, you have a loyal partner just waiting to make your mission a personal one. With all the expertise gathered over 4 decades as a digital print, design and marketing leader on your side, your local Minuteman Press is a seemingly endless source of solutions.

Minuteman Press International is the modern printing industry and that means the culmination of a vision to bring color, dimension and life into the concepts held dear by small business owners.  The visionary was Roy Titus and in 1973, the magic was a personal consultation that resulted in precision print marketing for each client. Generations of Minuteman Press franchise owners continue to adopt the culture of the corporation that made every job a matter of personal pride and every client a member of a unique business village, one defined by loyalty, respect and results.

Today, thanks to the tradition continued by the Titus family and close associates, the original magic of print is everywhere, eclipsing attention from online-only promotions and endearing your messages to target audiences with a personal touch. Going forward into the future with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary methods that resonate with people of all kinds assures the continued longevity of this beloved community entity; and so is the story of your local Minuteman Press.

David Walton is Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International located in North Carolina. Dave talks about how small business owners have no Minuteman Press complaints, thanks to the measurable gains and stress-relieving partnership they have found in the B2B franchise leader. He says, “Small business owners have very little time to spend on organizing and ordering their printing needs.  That’s a great reason to call on your local Minuteman Press.  Every one of our stores offer free pick-up, delivery as well as on-site consultation. So you don’t even have to leave the office. That personalized service allows for a much smoother and efficient transaction than any online printer could possibly offer.  Also, very importantly, your local Minuteman Press has a dedicated graphic designer prepared to take your ideas and create beautiful marketing materials.”

64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand. – Content Marketing Institute

William Grewe owns Minuteman Press in Bloomington, MN and he recognizes and appreciates the long-established respect and trust emanating from his brand that assures the hearts and minds of clients all over the world in need of a loyal partner within the business services industry.  Other print options simply do not offer complete marketing services with a personal investment in whatever the clients’ mission might be, making them little more than Minuteman Press ripoffs, to put it frankly.  William’s clients are pleased to rely upon his products and services and some came to him based on the five-star reputation carried by his franchisor, Minuteman Press International.

William, says, “Minuteman Press franchisees introduce their own values and personalities, as the local face of the Minuteman Press brand.  Every decision we make to benefit our customers’ design, print, and promotion efforts potentially affects other franchisees.  Such was our experience with a new customer, who chose our local Minuteman Press franchise when they moved to Bloomington, MN, because of their previous experience with two other Minuteman Press locations in Pennsylvania and Florida.  When their advertising partner told them they could save money by bidding out the jobs to multiple print vendors, our customer told them to shop at Minuteman Press.  When our pricing was in line with their experience in other states, the relationship was started.  So far, this new customer has placed thousands of dollars in orders, and we do everything in our power to provide the same excellent service locally in Minnesota.”

  • Pro Tip on BRAND IDENTITY: “We do take our corporate identity very seriously and with good reason. It is vital for our owners to understand the importance of branding and one of the reasons is because they are promoting the brand through their clients and every time they do so, our brand becomes more powerful. The truth is that a great number of franchise owners get jobs from across the world just because of the strength of our branding.” – Jack Panzer, Area Manager for Minuteman Press International in Arizona / Colorado
“Loyalty cannot be blueprinted.  It cannot be produced on an assembly line.  In fact, it cannot be manufactured at all, for its origin is the human heart-the center of self-respect and human dignity.  It is a force which leaps into being only when conditions are exactly right for it-and it is a force very sensitive to betrayal.” – Maurice R. Franks, professor of law at Southern University

It can be said that we live in a more isolated society that has become increasingly detached in ways we used to seek solace in face-to-face mentorship as people are enticed by the idea of do-it-yourself, point-and-click ordering for everything from our food to the essential needs of the businesses we hope will take off and grow.  As noble as it may seem to come up with a concept for a business, think up a design and try to print it all your own, it isn’t wise and it isn’t necessary.  Over several continents and by the thousands, B2B clients are greatly comforted by the loyalty given to them and the meaningful results garnered through their partnership with Minuteman Press.

Minuteman Press franchise reviews from customers in Lawrence, Kansas and Burnsville, Minnesota:

Here are just two more recent stories from clients among the thousands as Minuteman Press franchise owners Dee Bisel of Lawrence, KS and Dan Reeves of Burnsville, MN continue to proliferate the culture of Minuteman Press International, one grounded by loyalty, excellence and results that matter:

  • “Mindie”, long-time client of Dee Bisel, knows she’s at home when she goes to her local Minuteman Press. She says, “When I send my projects to Minuteman Press, I know Dee and her team will deliver top-notch printed pieces that meet my expectations for vivid color, crisp text, quick turnaround and competitive pricing. They know me by name and value my business. Those qualities alone would be enough to make me a repeat customer. The fact that Minuteman Lawrence is a woman-owned small business as well as a local company committed to sustainability, it cements my loyalty.”
  • “Michael”, client of Dan Reeves, is grateful that he need not worry about tackling design, printing or promotion for his business on his own, nor does he have to seek out multiple vendors for all of his needs. His local Minuteman Press has earned his loyalty by always being there, no matter what the challenge.  He says, “When we need something, we can contact our local Minuteman press in Burnsville, MN, and they are always responsive. If we need to make a change, they do it quickly and then, they get the product out very fast they do a great job.  There is a great range of products, not only contracts that we need to be printed, but they can do also do vehicle signs and other things because they have our logo on file.  Our Minuteman Press is a one-stop shop with a variety of items that need to be printed. It makes it easier for me to not have to use a variety of different vendors.  For anything printed or in any way we need something promoted, we use Minuteman Press.  Dan Reeves and his staff do a fantastic job!”
We Design, Print & Promote…You!

For Erik Schwartz, owner of Minuteman Press in Turnersville, NJ, each day he knows his clients trust him with their projects, with their livelihoods and by virtue of continued excellence, he honors their trust and the brand he represents.  As he assures, “We are experts in design, printing and mailing. We offer consultation on a wide range of marketing strategies, while taking the posture that we are in business to help local people spend their money wisely and only present their best face to the community.”

Minuteman Press International is the modern version of the printing industry, assured longevity by countless clients, worldwide through continued dedication, loyalty, excellence and measurable results.  No matter what you need to design, print or promote, the legacy and loyalty of Minuteman Press is yours.

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