Meet the team of Minuteman Press, Westminster, Colorado - L-R: Jeff Danelek, James Juo, Lotus Juo, and Amanda Simpson.

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Westminster, Colorado Designs, Prints, and Promotes for Family Restaurant Your Pie

As the new leader in the local B2B services industry, Minuteman Press franchise owner Lotus Juo keeps fresh marketing cooking for Your Pie restaurant owners Kevin and Michelle Hansen.

In the spring of 2017, Lotus Juo became the new owner of Minuteman Press in Westminster, Colorado, a boost to non-profits and businesses in need of the strongest marketing services available today. Not long afterwards, the local community was further enriched when their dining options expanded with the opening of a new Your Pie restaurant, where pizza is a passion.

Your Pie’s tradition of brick oven-cooked, perfectly crisp doughs, beer, and gelato, combined with their motto, “family and food come first” aligned perfectly with their local Minuteman Press and the culture of their franchise.  Lotus actualizes her franchise’s motto, “We Design, Print, and Promote…You!” with a family-first feel combined with personalized, bottom-line boosting marketing services.  It makes perfect sense that Minuteman Press in Westminster supports their friends at Your Pie and the harmonious partnership continues to yield new victories and possibilities for growth every day.

Today, the hungry people of Thorton, Colorado, are in for a real treat as they are greeted with the great care and cuisine of a new Your Pie restaurant owed by Kevin and Michelle Hansen.  They, in turn, rely upon Minuteman Press, led by Lotus Juo and her hand-picked staff, to provide design, print and marketing specific to Your Pie’s target demographic.

As Lotus recalls, “I met them through the North Denver Chamber of Commerce. Our grand openings were a month apart. Kevin was just back from his training as a Your Pie restaurant owner, he didn’t have time for what I specialize in as a marketing professional.  They run a great business, serving not just excellent pizza and paninis, but also delicious gelato and craft beer.  Kevin had some print sent to him from Your Pie’s corporate headquarters based in Georgia, but he preferred to have someone local for custom-print work and promotional products.  He is able to come into our center and review everything before it is printed.”

Kevin and Michelle’s franchisor asked them to get three quotes from different printers. It didn’t take long for him to choose Minuteman Press.  “Kevin told me he had to go with me as his printer—not because I was the cheapest—but because I was the only one that was responsive within hours, if not minutes when he had questions and he never felt left out of the process.  I am not providing cheaper products, but the best service and attention to detail.  He also appreciates that I offer free delivery.  We continue to develop our relationship in better ways. I take my kids to lunch there for pizza and gelato, and they love the great combination.”

Fortunately, the modern printing industry is brimming with new ways to put your name, logo and slogan on just about anything you can imagine. The public is eager to gobble up these new and traditional promotional products.  Minuteman Press customizes service to make certain the products delivered are right on the mark to deliver the message. Lotus capitalized on the football fan-fever that her new community so enjoyed and used it to the advantage of Your Pie.

“I created a Denver Broncos schedule on a magnetic card, customized with the Your Pie logo and contact information, printed with a scorecard so people can track scores through the entire season. They can keep this item on their refrigerators throughout the entire football season. As Kevin and Michelle have big screen TVs in their location with excellent food, I thought ‘Beer and Broncos.’  The item fits into envelopes easily for direct mail campaigns and is a great marketing tool for them.

From printing to signage to finding and customizing branded gifts that are perfect for a unique eatery that offers pizza, beer and gelato under one roof, their local Minuteman Press serves it all up with style.  Lotus shares, “After considering new promotional products that would capture Your Pie’s brand identity in the form of a neat item to give away, I found and produced a branded pizza cutter with a bottle opener at the end of the handle.  It is yet another unique functional tool we could provide that will help them promote their business.”

“As a consumer with a family, as well as an experienced business owner with strong support from the Minuteman Press family, I can put myself into the position of my clients’ customers and help them grow their business from that vantage point.” – Lotus Juo

Kevin Hansen and his wife, Michelle, as the proud owners of Your Pie in Thorton, are grateful for their partnership with Lotus at Minuteman Press.  Kevin says, “When we had our grand opening, we were so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running our restaurant.  Lotus eased a lot of pressure with her assistance in the area of design, print and marketing, even delivering our orders to our location when we simply didn’t have time to come get it.  She puts such care into every detail, even a request for coasters.  When we came in to look at what she produced, she must have had six or seven different options, always going above and beyond to help us grow our business.  She was the first to direct us to promotional products and now we have these high-quality items to give to our customers.”

The future is exciting and filled with promise for both new business owners, each from different industries in partnership towards growth.  Kevin adds, “I have already referred another one of our Your Pie franchise owners in Flagstaff, Arizona, to Lotus at Minuteman Press and they ordered some promotional items based on what was produced and working for us.  Also, they are creating some new printed items with Lotus and her team that we intend to use as well.  It is a successful partnership.”

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