Meet the team of the Minuteman Press printing franchise in Long Beach, California - L-R: Robert Perez, Hilda Sanchez, Zulma Alejo, and Dave Rigby.

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Long Beach, CA Proudly Serves Their Community and Helps JFCS of Long Beach-West Orange County

JFCS is an invaluable organization that brings comfort and practical assistance to people in need within the community they share with their marketing services provider, Minuteman Press of Long Beach.  They have grown to a budget of nearly $1 million to further their vision of “a community healed, one person, one family at a time.”

In 2002, Hilda Sanchez opened the doors of her brand new Minuteman Press franchise in Long Beach, CA fresh from the most comprehensive training program in the printing industry and armed with local support that is the envy of independent print shops.  Yet, even the most revered proven system is only part of the reason that the years since her grand opening have earned her a stellar reputation as a marketing services provider today.  She is a commanding, yet amiable presence, but she also still brims with joy at the prospect of helping people define and effectively promote their own business ventures.  That joy, backed by her know-how, proliferates the kind of customer service that business analysts try to understand and replicate and if you wish to know why, ask any of her customers. They are the benefactors of a partnership that never fails to construct mounting successes from the projects they present, while feeling a sense of comfort and ease with every interaction, be it digital or elbow-to-elbow.

“I get to meet so many people working hard to make their businesses grow and I love to get together with my team and work with them so each proposal has a unique spin that represents just the right solution to their need, while fitting their budget.  Sometimes, we take care of all the things they need to operate day to day, from forms to business cards, letterhead and envelopes, for instance. Many times, it’s so much more, including promotional items like mugs, pens and t-shirts, but it’s always something different, unique to the particular situation and that is what is fun about what we do,” Hilda shares.

It is a gift to business growth that the modern printing industry and its leader, Minuteman Press, continually demonstrate that print itself remains a tremendously powerful, increasingly versatile marketing tool.

To illustrate just one way that imprinting your name and logo on more than just paper is the action of a smart and progressive entrepreneur, Hilda reflects on a direct mail campaign that made others pale in comparison.  She shares, “We have an oncology center nearby and they needed our help with a mailing campaign, targeting doctors in the area, hoping for their attention and their referrals.  We presented them with several ways they could use printed representations of their message to make an impression.  Ultimately, we provided them with 1000 branded stress balls to represent ‘stress free ordering’ of the oncology medication they can provide.  We packaged them in a box along with a sharply printed letter and brochure and took care of shipping them to the targeted doctors around Southern California.  It was something new and just what they needed at the time.”

Minuteman Press provides all the design, print and marketing support JFCS needs as they continue to make people’s lives easier when things are most difficult.

JFCS proves that no one need face any challenge alone and their work provides life-changing relief and increases the likelihood that people experiencing misfortune will someday know joy.  Their marketing services provider at Minuteman Press, Hilda Sanchez, has built her career proving that joy is to be found in helping other people realize their greatest potential in business.

Together, the two continue to make a true impact within their shared community.

It is all about spreading the good word about the comfort and practical assistance JFCS offers during some of the most delicate situations human beings must face.   Part of their mission is to support senior citizens, victims of domestic violence and children.  Hilda directs production so that every project is finished well, lead time or not.  She notes with some pride, “It seems every job that comes our way is requested on a tight schedule.  People take “Minuteman Press” quite seriously in terms of our performance, frequently not having a minute to spare before results are expected.  We simply do not allow our clients to fall behind, which is why we cross-train our staff, stay on top of every active project and communicate, communicate, communicate.  This is a central part of our professional style and the reason our reputation precedes us.”

Meliorism, Minuteman Press style:  Meliorism is “the belief that the world can be made better by human effort.”  Hilda Sanchez and Minuteman Press International operate their business with respect to that concept.  She enacted it by connecting JFCS with another dedicated non-profit with similar values, virtues and goals so they could join forces whenever it made sense to do so.

Hilda says, “I am also very active with Assistance League of Long Beach. They do wonderful things for the community including providing school uniforms and orthodontic care for children whose families can’t afford them.  I realized JFCS and Assistance League may benefit from an introduction. As it turned out, they did find a few places where they could work together.  For instance, Assistance League has young adult volunteers who collect items around the holidays so they can provide baskets to underprivileged families.  I was very happy to hear that the two organizations were able to work together to brighten the holidays of families within our community. They are doing great work.”

Touching on the role her products and services play for this respected client, Hilda adds, “As JFCS is a non-profit serving all people with branches throughout the United States, we are relied upon to manage all design, print and marketing for the Long Beach/West Orange County branch.  ‘Race with a View’ and ‘RUNWAY’ are examples of special JFCS events for which we put care into every detail. For “RUNWAY”, a fashion show, a specific logo design with accompanying letterhead and envelopes create the right mood.  They also have us produce classy “Thank you” cards for all events in the name of proper follow-up.”

Pattie Davidson, Director of Development and Communications for JFCS Long Beach/West Orange County is a seasoned marketing professional and knows it’s essential to have a “printer who is truly also a partner.” She says, “Hilda Sanchez at Minuteman Press is definitely our partner. She is resourceful, solution-oriented, and always finds the best way for us to look our best. Her team is a reflection of her in this way as well. For instance, when I deal with Robert or someone else on staff, I feel they know me and understand my peculiarities such as wanting to come in to the center to review the piece in person before it’s printed.  They are great in that regard and invite me to come over to take a look and approve everything. Minuteman Press offers a very high level of service and I really appreciate it.”

It’s one thing to get praise, but relative to the high-standard Pattie maintains to quality, the praise she gives carries great merit.  She adds, “We at JFCS have been so satisfied with the quality of what Minuteman Press produces. I must add that I am really picky. My life prior to JFCS was the tourism industry where everything has to be presented perfectly.  As a non-profit, we don’t have the budget to spend on elaborate promotional pieces, so the guidance and quality provided by Minuteman Press is something I can always count upon.  Also, if there is ever a problem, I tell them and they fix it.”

When praise is genuine, referrals are sure to follow, which Pattie confirms by offering, “We have a donor who produces an event for us, and she and her husband underwrite all costs.  Every dollar in ticket sales and sponsorships comes back to JFCS.  She was intent upon finding the cheapest prices for printing she could.  We introduced her to Hilda and Minuteman Press and now she uses them because she finally understands how important it is to have a printer you can rely upon, one that you know is going to deliver the best work.”

Pattie concludes with a most wise observation, “It’s not always about the cost.  It’s about more important things. That printed piece is going to be sent to request sponsorship and you simply can’t have any rough edges or substandard quality.  It has to look just right.  Hilda knows this and makes certain everything is top-notch through her Minuteman Press Center.”

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