Minuteman Press Franchise in Woodland Hills Puts Printing and Marketing Muscle into the Growth of Gold’s Gym in Southern California

A respected name in the fitness industry counts on modern printing industry leaders Minuteman Press as they grow and expand in the diverse communities they serve in Southern California.

Anyone who talks to Garth and Craig Sanders is put at ease almost instantly, even if they are in a real jam, pressured, and aren’t sure there are viable solutions to the challenges that led them to their Minuteman Press franchise in Woodland Hills, CA.

Since 2011, the Sanders brothers and their staff have demonstrated the ability to hone in on marketing solutions for their clients (who are gathering in greater numbers all the time).  Further, their natural ability to connect with people in this seemingly always plugged-in society allows for consultations that foster a true understanding  and genuine investment in what becomes a mutual objective – to design, print and promote their message with care and prominence, customized to impress just the right audience.

“Our designer Herbert, who has been with us since we started and myself, along with a bindery person or two along the way, all wear many hats on a daily basis.  The fact that many print jobs are remembered later than sooner by our clients is probably one of the biggest challenges we face on a daily basis.  Especially, when dealing with some of our ‘A’ level customers.   Our ability to process orders quickly and efficiently, either by printing in house at a moment’s notice or by use of our many ‘central facilities’ is the key to customer satisfaction,” says Craig with well-earned pride.

It is by tirelessly wearing those many hats and doing it with a style that is appreciated on a personal level that allowed Garth and Craig to build up a strong business relationship with their largest client, Gold’s Gym, who is a tremendous presence in the fitness industry.

Gold’s Gym So Cal had an important printing project in production when the printer they were using dropped the proverbial ball – and Minuteman Press picked it right up and saved the day for the fitness giant.

At the time he first bought his printing business, they were doing a modest amount of printing for Gold’s, a warm up compared to the marketing weight Minuteman Press in Woodland Hills would take on as trust between the two internationally respected brands deepened over time and “jobs well done”.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” These words from Ernest Hemmingway held true when Gold’s Gym SoCal first put their trust in another printer and were let down at a critical time. Then, in dire need of help, they placed their trust in Garth and Craig Sanders’ Minuteman Press and learned overnight that this time their trust was well-placed. “A panicked call came in one day from our main contact, Evangelina Young, informing us that their other printer dropped the ball on a time sensitive job that needed to be completed in less than 24 hours.  Just short of actually announcing ‘stop the presses’ that literally is what we did. We completed the job for them, delivered it and basically saved the day.  When I bought the business, they were an existing client for our shop.  At the time, we were doing some printing, but our value to them really became apparent when she was in a big bind; and though we were still new to this we came through for her and got it done,” Craig reflects.

Garth, Craig and their team at Minuteman Press do some heavy lifting when it comes to the marketing efforts of Gold’s Gym So Cal.

As they are one of the most highly respected brands in the fitness industry, Gold’s Gym So Cal maintains 16 locations and will be expanding to add more over time, with Minuteman Press as a long-term marketing services provider.  Craig notes, “Every month we provide them with banners, posters, flyers, business cards and forms for their 15 locations in Southern California.  The biggest challenge is logistical.  We handle the various art files that pertain to the different locales as they have to appeal to many different demographics.  Usually, we receive the files with a very short window in which to have all the jobs printed, packaged and shipped to all the gyms.”

Members who train at their facilities are grateful for the clean, motivating and enjoyable environment provided by Gold’s So Cal.  The rich diversity they represent is impressive, necessitating an impressive variety of artwork to target those specific audiences.  Minuteman Press in Woodland Hills is able to facilitate this complex task and through meticulous organization, makes certain all artwork and finished products are delivered to the appropriate locations.  Garth explains, “One of the main reasons they continue to send more work our way is the efficiency with which we manage the specific marketing needs of each location.  They can count upon us with a task that is critical to their growth. Without question, the proper demographic needs to experience the intended brand experience through print and we take that seriously.  They also appreciate how we use proprietary software to provide detailed invoices, spreadsheets and, (after shipment) tracking numbers.”

Evangelina Young, Director of Operations, Gold’s Gym So Cal, is extremely pleased to praise the healthy working relationship she has with her local Minuteman Press.  For times when, as Garth describes, “She has asked us to get things done by tomorrow,” and it gets done, she simply is very grateful on behalf of her organization.

In her own words, Evangelina says, “I love Craig and Garth!  We have never worked with a vendor of any kind that has taken so much time to get to know our company and truly meet our high standards! We pride ourselves in our look and the quality of our gyms and we demand excellence in all we do.  They understand our values, our goals and constantly go the extra mile to make sure that every product delivered meets or beats our expectations.”

A healthy future is in store for the alliance between Gold’s Gym So Cal and Minuteman Press, one that gains strength from mutual trust and consistent respect for a famous brand that will only be getting bigger over time.  Garth adds, “We have an extremely good working relationship.  We are very happy to support them as they expand their operation.  I see that Gold’s Gym So Cal is growing and I look forward to growing along with them.”

Evangelina is equally enthusiastic and confident going forward as she concludes, “I can honestly say when it comes to quality, service and expectation – Minuteman Press can’t be beat!”

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