Fred Edelstein, owner, Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise, Santa Clara, California.

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Santa Clara, California Handles Projects for Kiyasa Group with Care

The international distributor of PROUNA, Greggio Silver, Dogale, Kiyasa Signature, and Lehmann Glass depends upon the digital print, design and marketing expertise of Minuteman Press to bring their fine products to life in print.

After 25 years in corporate financial management, Fred Edelstein collected various reasons why he wanted to make a big career change.  He set his sights on franchising and after comparing many options from staffing agencies to food services, he started to collect reasons to look further.  He didn’t want to manage a lot of employees or deal with a revolving door of teenage workers.  Ultimately, he focused on buying a printing business because, after many years of managing money, the idea of creating things really appealed to him. Fred says, “I have twenty-five years of working with money and that left me with a hunger to make real things.”

Instead, Fred Edelstein wanted to make those things using the latest methods and technology that the printing industry has to offer. He learned that the best way to enter that realm was from the top with the number-one rated design, digital print and marketing franchisor at his side, Minuteman Press International. In February 2014, Fred signed his franchise agreement and had a grand re-opening in Santa Clara, CA and he knew that he had a lot of work to do, but with the training and support from his franchisor added to the business intelligence and determination he brought in, the odds of measurable growth were stacked in the favor of his new venture.

On the purchase of the #1 rated Minuteman Press printing franchise, Fred adds, “It was low-cost because I chose to buy an existing center that was struggling.  My job is to generate leads, quotes and to pay the bills and count upon my service representative to follow-up on those quotes and my pre-press operator to take the work orders forward to production.  Now, I regularly get 5 star reviews on sites such as Yelp, where I have almost forty excellent reviews.”

To further pump up promotions for his center, he maintains a blog on Facebook and continue to promote our business using traditional print and digital marketing represented by efforts directed into Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and SEO/SEM optimization.  Things are looking bright as he says, “I have been climbing in revenue steadily every month.  In the last six months, I have reached a plateau and I am working on that.  Fortunately, I enjoy the fact that I meet a diverse clientele from auto mechanics through corporate CEOs.  I am an approved vendor with Intel and Cisco as well as a division of Apple.  At the same time, I get to work with a lot of local restaurants, dentists and doctors.  I get the whole length and breadth of many industries and while I get to develop relationships with them, I also help them meet the goals they set for their own growth.”

One such client is so pleased with their partnership with Minuteman Press in Santa Clara and Fred Edelstein that they generously give gifts to the staff as well as Fred and his wife and not just a $5 box of chocolate.  The gifts they give are from the catalog of high-end products from their company, Kiyasa Group which includes PROUNA fine bone china, Greggio Silver, Dogale, Lehmann Glass and it’s own brand Kiyasa Signature.

Kiyasa Group has operations in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America  – and they have a corporate office not far from their partner in print, Minuteman Press of Santa Clara

The founders of Kiyasa, Yasamin and Kiana Bahadorzadeh, are two sisters with a “passion for outstanding design and craftsmanship” and they founded the boutique luxury tabletop company in 2009. According to their website, they are very careful with new introductions to their portfolio and travel the globe to seek works by designers who have unique vision combined with talent and dare to imagine the unimaginable.  They have full control over the production process and do not compromise on quality.  It is no wonder that they count upon Minuteman Press to produce their product catalog, making certain everything is accurate and the full beauty of the products are honored in color.

Fred explains how he connected with the folks at Kiyasa: “I got them as a client through direct marketing.  They are in a business park similar to my own and I paid them a visit.  I walked in and met them and I started doing their catalogs.  I brought them the samples, knowing that the quality of the artwork is really important to them so I made certain they saw we understood that they want their colors to pop. They were quite pleased.”

Kiyasa Group comes to Minuteman Press for direct marketing and digital color printing expertise…

“Kiyasa Group provides five different catalogs of high-end products to their audience, also selling through SAKS and other upscale magazines.  I primarily print all of their various catalogs for distribution and price sheets. We also take care of their thank-you cards, business cards and envelopes,” Fred notes.

Talk of excellent quality makes regular rounds in all business discussions, but as Minuteman Press is the modern printing industry, that talk is backed up with results and clients with elite standards like Kiyasa Group respond with trust.  Fred explains, “It is absolutely imperative that the exquisite pieces Kiyasa produces are represented with color precision.  Their catalogs contain lots of photos and they are very particular in the color department.  On occasion, if a particular blue, let’s say is not looking quite right, we can address that because my prepress operator is trained in the latest technology from Konica Minolta and Xerox; and let me assure you it takes expertise.  We are experts in color management and printing.  This has proven to be a big plus with a client such as Kiyasa.”

On several occasions, last minute pricing changes prompted Fred to enlist his team members to work longer hours to make sure the jobs are done on time and accurately.  “That’s how the market is moving overall, a ‘need it now’ basis.  All of my customers ‘need it now’ and our aim is to accommodate them.  They are a wonderful group of people and we have an excellent business relationship based on trust.  They know they can depend upon me to maintain a high standard and produce what they need at a reasonable price,” he adds.

Kiyasa Group actively participates in the key trade shows in the US and has a permanent showroom on the 17th floor of the 41 Madison building in New York City.

As the high-class international company continues to grow, their appreciation for Fred Edelstein and Minuteman Press deepens.  Farnoosh Givehki, Kiyasa Account Manager, says, “We have been working with Minuteman Press since 2015 for all our printing needs including catalogs, price lists, business cards, sale sheets and other marketing materials in quantities of 500+ replenished every 3 months, at times with short notice.”

As deadlines grow tighter and the need for customized printing increases, this partnership is strengthened by a lengthening track record of challenges met with accuracy and style appropriate to the kind of class Kiyasa offers through their products.  As she adds, “Fred is simply the best. He has been very flexible and accommodating with all of our requests. As an example, he went over and beyond to fulfill our request for a project that had a very close deadline. He made sure to deliver within that tight time frame.  He also created samples to ensure quality and he was very accommodating with any customization and specifications we needed, which usually no other printing company does. Fred is very helpful and resourceful. He has worked hard to ensure excellent customer service and production quality for our company, in the shortest amount of time, and with the most reasonable cost.”

She concludes, “We are extremely pleased with the results of our printing needs and our partnership with Minuteman Press so far. Fred and his team are very courteous, professional and helpful.”

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