Norm and Bonnie Kurnick, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Studio City, California.

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Studio City, CA Provides Marketing Support to Expanding Medical Surgical Supplies Company Intrauma

As the internationally respected medical surgical supplies company focuses on research and development, new technologies, innovative projects, and continuing education, Minuteman Press supports Intrauma’s efforts with digital and traditional marketing expertise.

STUDIO CITY, Calif.–Not every person  could spend 40 years in the business world enriching more than one industry with integrity, adaptability, knowledge gathering skills and still continue to lead with humility, but Norm Kurnick has done so. After graduating from college, Norm accepted the position of controller for a food distributor. His desire to connect with the “people side” of business led him to his first foray into entrepreneurship as the owner of his own distribution company. Years before Minuteman Press International would receive his talents in their award-winning training program, Norm had made a clear decision to make customer service his top priority.

It was in 2012, when the housing recession hit that Norm had the foresight to move on from his hardware supply company in search of a business opportunity less vulnerable to the whims of other people or the fickle nature of the housing market. Norm says, “I was looking for a new opportunity and I spoke with a friend who owned a local print shop. He opened my eyes about the printing industry. From there, I met Dan Byers and we made a deal. I opened my Minuteman Press franchise in Studio City, CA in March of 2012. I am very happy and have grown our business by 35% thus far.”

“The tools provided by Minuteman Press International in regards to SEO, graphics and the relationships they have developed with vendors gives us, as a group, the buying power to provide our customers with the deepest discounts in the industry. They deserve much praise, nationally and internationally as they do hard work behind the scenes to support us. I talk to owners of other franchises and it is clear to me how much better our franchisor supports its owners.” – Norm Kurnick, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Studio City, California

Print has changed dramatically over the years. Minuteman Press printing franchises have the ability to make your design, marketing, and printing dreams happen. They can print your name, business information, logo or slogan on any item, regardless of material. Taking full advantage of the world’s most famous brand in the printing industry, Norm is pleased to have a team outperformed by no other. While his staff handles design, digital print and bindery, he also employs a part-time offset pressman to help round-out the team at Minuteman Press Studio City. Norm says, “In the world of digital printing, we still maintain the operation of a two-color offset press because there are times this option will save my customer money. When jobs are less costly to produce using offset, I offer them traditional offset printing so they get the best price advantage.”

Norm’s way of approaching his work day begins and ends with every customer getting more than just his print job completed. Norm extends care for their business plans beyond his own bottom line. He sees himself in partnerships with his customers that help them achieve their goals while connecting on a personal level in a way not easily forgotten. He says, “Partnering with vendors and customers (not just saying so, actually doing it) is how we make ourselves distinct from the competition. We take care of our customers in a way many people have forgotten is possible. I make personal deliveries as a matter of course and I shake hands with people when I do it. I want my customers to know that I am here to help them.”

Norm continues, “I do a lot of networking and I am a member of several groups. One of my fellow BNI members, who is also a client of mine, brought his son to our meeting so he would be exposed to more of the business world. His son made a terrific presentation to our group. I wrote them a note afterwards, praising the young man’s efforts. You really become family to your customers if you do it right. Several of my large clients were referred to me. To have others trust me enough to refer my services to their friends and associates is the highest form of praise I can receive.”

Intrauma is a company with strict and demanding standards and Minuteman Press continues to help them project those uncommon qualities as they expand their reach.

Intrauma exports a wide variety of Italian veterinary orthopedic products and recently celebrated its 5th year in the United States, with Intrauma America LLC operating out of Hoboken, NJ. They continue to invest, expand and grow job opportunities to create a larger structure in the U.S. They will soon finalize FDA approval to introduce a human product line. Norm and his team at Minuteman Press take care of a wide range of marketing needs for Intrauma and they do so at lightning speed, as needed.

Their partnership runs most efficiently by working closely with Tom Knudson, Veterinary Managing Director for Intrauma North America. Tom is grateful for Norm and Minuteman Press of Studio City as he travels often and has no time for less than excellent service and the best that modern printing has to offer. He shares, “I met Norm 2.5 years ago during a copy and print crisis.  I needed some color printing for a veterinary event, so I went to a well-known copy/ship chain and they couldn’t meet my timeline or budget. I Googled printers in the area, found Minuteman Press and contacted Norm.  Norm was gracious, helpful, and extremely organized when it came to getting my continuing education packets together in time and under budget.”

Norm and Tom do not see each other often but their partnership progresses with help from technology, ongoing communication and continued excellence represented by each completed project. “Tom is based in New Mexico and he travels extensively. We are always available to Tom when he sends us his digital files. He advises us where and when the job needs to be delivered. We make it our priority to always meet his needs so that he doesn’t have to think twice after he sends us an order. Minuteman Press and Intrauma have formed a wonderful partnership in which Tom knows he can trust Norm with his printing requirements. Tom is confident that his orders will be delivered on time and look great.”

Minuteman Press is an omnipresent force for all things print and marketing for Intrauma. “Tom sells his products through distribution and due to the nature of his schedule and his traveling, he doesn’t touch anything physically. He asks us to send a specific amount of brochures, for instance, to various distributors, even to sales representatives’ homes. He sends us artwork and specific databases for the mailings and his preferred timing for each mailing. We use our discounted rates to produce and mail his marketing collateral all over the country. We have completed several mailings for Intrauma, with as many as 10,000 items at a time,” Norm explains.

Direct Mail fact from “Print is Big”: For every $167 spent of direct mail in the US, marketers sell $2095 in goods.

Minuteman Press is seasoned in the practice of using targeted direct mail campaigns to help clients meet or exceed their goals and Intrauma relies upon this service frequently. Norm says, “The mailings we produce and implement for Tom and Intrauma begin when we receive artwork from Italy and make that artwork “mail ready.” From there, Tom sends us multiple databases from trade organizations and other sources. We combine the databases, analyze them, removing duplicates and correcting errors through verification software. We also evaluate shipping costs on their behalf, especially if they need things in a hurry and may not have time to make the best choices on his own to match his budget.”

Norm continues, “We then customize each campaign to Tom’s specific needs. He will ask us to focus on particular regions so he can target them with a particular message. He might have a meeting in Iowa and need the veterinarians in that region of the country to receive the exact printed collateral desired, needed to meet Intrauma’s objectives.”

Minuteman Press in Studio City has worked hard to maintain positive, genuinely close relationships with clients, resulting in a 5-start rating on Yelp. Norm adds, “For a client such as Tom, he is relieved to know that we understand and support his goals. He is not able to meet with us in person, so we have figured out a system to meet his needs. With us, he never has to worry.”

As a dedicated hunter of solutions, Norm was there for Tom in 2014 when he needed transparencies for an overhead projector. In Norm’s words, “I searched for the material as I knew it had become tough to find. I rarely say ‘I cannot do this’ to a client. I found a way to get those transparencies done for him.”

Most recently, Tom consulted with Norm on new ways to give his company that little something extra for an upcoming conference and Norm suggested several sharp-looking promotional products. “Tom selected a duffel bag and sling bag imprinted with the Intrauma logo.  Branding and marketing with promotional items is a large part of my business as motivated business owners take advantage of modern print’s expanding capabilities.”

Tom’s busy career is made less stressful as a direct result of the products and services provided to him by Norm and his staff at Minuteman Press Studio City. Tom says, “Norm and his staff are gracious, hospitable, and always willing to accommodate timelines.  The work of Minuteman Press is impeccable and I don’t have to delegate or micro manage; Norm is the best type of colleague, coworker, or team member. Over the years, I’ve turned over more and more everyday printing work to Minuteman Press. Norm prints and ships when & where I need, on time. I will continue to count on him to do so moving forward.”

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