Charlie and Lyn Church say hello to neighbors and market their business at the Keswick Village Festival.

Are You Looking to Own a Business? See What Real Business Owners Have to Say about the Top-Rated Business Service Franchise, Minuteman Press

What is it really like to own a Minuteman Press business service franchise?

For over 44 years, Minuteman Press International is the industry-leading business service franchise. What started out as one print shop in 1973 has grown into nearly 1,000 full-service design, marketing, and printing franchise locations today. We have developed a franchise system that stays true to our core values, where we treat our owners as people who are part of our franchise family, and not just numbers. You don’t have to take our word for it, as Franchise Business Review has named Minuteman Press International to their 2017 Top Franchises and 2017 Top Business to Business Franchises listings thanks to positive feedback that came directly from our owners.

Below are just four examples of Minuteman Press franchise owners from different cross-sections of the U.S. These are their real stories, in their own words, that show how and why they chose to join so many others in owning America’s best business service franchise:

Husband and Wife Franchise Team Leave Sales Careers to Spend More Time Together:
Lyn and Charlie Church, Glenside Pennsylvania
Lyn and Charlie Church own the Minuteman Press design, print, and marketing franchise at 359 N. Easton Road in Glenside, PA.

Lyn and Charlie Church own the Minuteman Press design, print, and marketing franchise at 359 N. Easton Road in Glenside, PA.

You joined the Minuteman Press business service franchise in July 2016? What was your background before franchising?

Lyn and Charlie Church: “Charlie has an extensive background in consumer product sales. Lyn used to work in sales, too. In fact, they met in a drugstore they both called on. She then had her own interior painting business. In more recent years, Lyn worked in operations for local nonprofit organizations. We also owned a children’s clothing boutique for a few years.”

Why did you choose to franchise with Minuteman Press?

Lyn and Charlie Church: “After becoming empty nesters, Charlie left a long-term sales job that had him on the road covering 17 states. We wanted to spend more time together, so he looked for jobs closer to home. When he didn’t find anything interesting, he suggested attending a franchise show in Philadelphia. That’s where we saw Minuteman Press. We were familiar with the brand and we were impressed by the professionalism of the personnel we met. Lyn admits the Monday – Friday store hours appealed to her. We were ready to take on a new challenge, but we wanted a comfortable work/life balance. After visiting a few local stores and talking to their owners, we were impressed with the solid system Minuteman Press has in place to guide owners. We like that Minuteman Press International is still family owned and it seemed like there was a lot of support for owners on the local level.”

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about running your business?

 Lyn and Charlie Church: “Without a doubt, the most fulfilling thing about owning our Minuteman Press franchise is being able to help people grow their businesses. When our customers are excited about the products we have produced for them, it is very satisfying. We have also helped with personal orders like funeral programs. Helping someone at a difficult time is also a good feeling. We are excited to come to work every day, which we couldn’t say about our prior careers.”

How has the ongoing local support you’ve received from Minuteman Press helped you along the way?

Lyn and Charlie Church: “”From the time we decided to explore a Minuteman Press franchise, our Regional Vice President, Richard Hornberger, has guided us every step of the way. He handled negotiations with our landlord for the lease and fit-out of our space. He also helped with the hiring process of our Graphic Designer & Production Manager, Tina Filice. She has been an integral part of our success and we have Rich to think for helping bring her on board.”

“Our local Field Representative, Richard Hartz, comes to the store weekly for at least half a day. He assists us with everything from marketing to production. We have also called Rich and Rich numerous times with questions and they have always replied in a very timely manner. We owned a children’s clothing boutique for a few years, and we were flying blind without experience in the field. The local support we have received from Minuteman Press has been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals.”

What are one or two pieces of advice you would give to potential franchise owners?

Lyn and Charlie Church: “In exploring franchise opportunities, look for the level of support we get from Rich Hornberger and Rich Hartz. There is a system in place that works, so don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We also remember a great tip we got from Mike Jutt (Minuteman Press International Executive VP & Director of Training) at owners school:  Go marketing every day. If you have a problem, marketing will solve it. We try to go marketing every day, and we see the results when we do.”

Living Proof of the American Dream: Manny Castro, Downey, California
Manny Castro, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Downey, California.

Manny Castro, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Downey, California.

Ten years ago, Manny Castro realized his dream of owning his own business in the form of the Minuteman Press franchise in Downey, California. On the surface, Manny’s journey to entrepreneurship is similar to many of his fellow franchisees. “I was a distribution zone manager for a weekly publication company, and I was looking for something new,” says Manny. He continues, “I had researched many other companies and different industries for a while, but none of them gave me the level of confidence that I needed to motivate me and move forward that Minuteman Press did.”

For Manny Castro, that confidence boost he received from Minuteman Press International — as well as knowing that he would have their support — meant the world to him. He explains, “Once my decision was made, and we moved forward with training and opening up my center, they gave me a great solid foundation, and second to none ongoing support to this day.”

From El Salvador to Entrepreneurship

Take a closer look at Manny Castro and you will get to know a man who has every reason to celebrate a milestone such as ten years in business. He says, “I came to this beautiful country 33 years ago without a dollar in my pocket, no skills, no academic degrees, no English, not even a high school diploma. Just a young teenager at that time, running away from a very conflicted civil war in El Salvador, looking for a better life.” Reflecting back on those painful struggles and thinking about where he is today, Manny exclaims, “All I can say now is God is great!”

Ongoing Support + Authenticity = How Manny Castro Builds His Business

For the past ten years, Manny Castro has built his business by building authentic relationships with his customers. As a business owner who is part of the Minuteman Press franchise system that provides crucial ongoing local support, Manny fully understands and appreciates the importance of establishing real connections with clients in his community. He says, “I love my local field representatives; we have a great relationship with Regional Vice President Dan Byers and Area Manager Steve Szymanski. They have my back any day and any time. Our success as owners is their success as well.”

Even at the very top of the corporate level of Minuteman Press International, Manny Castro sees that the core values and integrity of the Minuteman Press franchise system that have been shared with him shine through. Manny thoughtfully drives this point home, saying, “Thank God for the vision of the founding fathers of this great franchise Minuteman Press International, and the legacy that has been passed on and is reflected through our CEO Bob Titus, and the entire team all across the globe.”

Dedicated Mom & Entrepreneur: Renee Mansour, Bend, Oregon
Renee Mansour, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Bend, Oregon.

Renee Mansour, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Bend, Oregon.

In February 2015, Renee Mansour bought an existing Minuteman Press franchise for sale in Bend, OR. Since then, she has worked hard on behalf of her growing customer base, followed the Minuteman Press program for success, and has significantly grown her business.

Why did you choose to franchise with Minuteman Press?

Renee Mansour: “As our children became teenagers, my desire to do something for me became stronger.  I took a position working for a local company full-time, and I struggled with the lack of satisfaction I felt.  I am a committed person that gives 100-plus percent, and when that wasn’t received by my employer I started to feel that I would be better off putting my energy towards my own business.”

“The support Minuteman Press provides was one of the things that appealed to me.  Business to business sales and the hours of operation (8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday – Friday) were also another reason we choose Minuteman Press.  We still have teenagers at home and I want to be present in their lives.  Those reasons coupled with the fact that Minuteman Press is the only franchise I researched that offered a cap on royalties, made it an easy decision for us.  The more I sell beyond the cap, the more I am rewarded.”

What are the keys to your business service franchise success?

Renee Mansour: “The success I have had comes from being a sincere, kind, energetic person as I market to businesses in Central Oregon.  Making marketing calls is the number one key to my success.  I have a set follow-up plan I use after providing quotes to potential clients.”

“Other keys to my success include:

  • Utilizing email marketing campaigns with monthly promotions
  • Mailing Minuteman Press International’s postcard marketing program via Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a service we can also provide to our clients
  • Being an active part of Minuteman Press International’s Internet marketing program they make available to all owners
  • Last but not least, the key to my success is the support of family and friends, as well as the entire community.”

Renee Mansour: “The biggest reward is the success I have had.  Success comes in many facets.  One is that our customers enjoy working with us and know we provide great service with a quality product.  Another success is that we have doubled sales consecutively over the past 2 years.  This is due to the hard work and dedication of the team and myself to our customers.”

How has the ongoing local support you’ve received from Minuteman Press helped you along the way?

Renee Mansour: “The support we receive from Minuteman Press International is amazing.  With any business, you have employee turnover. Minuteman Press is here with each new hire training them on how to utilize the tools we have to make their job successful.  This takes the burden off of me and other staff. During this time, I am able to continue marketing while providing service to our customers.  Our Regional Vice President Chris Jutt and our field representative are just a phone call away and here to help with any and all matters.”

What are one or two pieces of advice you would give to potential franchise owners?

Renee Mansour: “My advice to any entrepreneur or small business owner is to get out of the office and market your business.  Be that kind, energetic face that people want to do business with.  Then follow it up with great service and quality products. Join BNI as well as Opportunity Knocks.  You need to not only work in your business but on your business.”

How to Make the Transition from Two Careers to Owning a Business Service Franchise:
Connie and Darryal Chandler, Humble, Texas
Connie and Darryal Chandler, owners, Minuteman Press franchise, Humble, Texas.

Connie and Darryal Chandler, owners, Minuteman Press franchise, Humble, Texas.

Since 2010, Connie and Darryal Chandler have owned and operated their Minuteman Press business service franchise in Humble, Texas, just outside Houston. Connie and Darryal come from two totally different careers – the airline industry and teaching – that are completely unrelated to printing and marketing. Franchising was right for them because they were looking to own a business but also wanted help getting started in a new field, along with an ongoing support system that would be there every step of the way after they opened.

Connie Chandler: “The biggest advantages are the help, support, assistance, and knowledge we get from Minuteman Press on both the corporate and local levels. It’s a huge asset to us. I can call my local field rep or someone at corporate including the President and CEO, who will call me right back. Having that kind of support and high level of access when we have questions or needs is really something that sets Minuteman Press apart. I am able to leave the center for a day or a week and knowing my employees can also call the Minuteman Press support team if I am not readily available.”

Connie adds, “Before we made this decision, we did our homework and everything we could find out about Minuteman Press was positive.  We have not been disappointed. As a matter of fact, we have been more than happy. Minuteman Press International provides so much support, as well as providing us with ‘buying power’ in many ways.  Our franchise fee is well worth it to us!  We know we made the right decision. We are part of the Minuteman Press family.”

What are the benefits of owning a Minuteman Press business service franchise?
  • Monday-Friday working hours where every business is a potential customer
  • The best franchise training and support including ongoing local support right where you are
  • Some of the best mass purchasing power due to our size and position as industry leaders
  • Our unique royalty incentive program
  • Proprietary business management software that makes running your business easier and more efficient
Minuteman Press has been named a Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review based solely on direct feedback from owners.

Minuteman Press has been named a Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review based solely on direct feedback from owners.

For more information on Minuteman Press business service franchise opportunities, call us at 1-800-645-3006 or fill out the contact form on this page. There is no obligation.