Jeff Peterson, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Alexandria, Virginia.

Top-Rated Westley Girl’s School in Ghana Gives Minuteman Press Franchise in Alexandria, VA an A+ for Custom Graphic Design and Printing

As the proud alumni of a select African High School prepared to gather for a reunion in Washington, D.C., they relied upon their local Minuteman Press franchise in Alexandria, Virginia for critical design help and printing.

Jeff Peterson’s choice to buy a printing business had a lot to do with the fact that he worked for Emerson Electric for 30 years and had a strong manufacturing background.  He knew that the printing industry was continually expanding and keeping stride with contemporary demand which included promotional products and online marketing assistance, but he was (and is) proud to call himself a printer, first and foremost: “When people ask me what I to, I tell them I am a printer.  This lets them know that I am pretty plain speaking and while other print shops feel pressure to talk about how they work on websites or they somehow feel threatened by the ‘printer’ title, I wear it with pride.”  Jeff knows that the longevity of print and the demand for real-life printed materials or branded gifts is steadfast and there is no need to be concerned thanks to the timelessness of his craft.

When he discovered a prime franchise opportunity in Alexandria, VA, he and his wife moved from Chicago to become part of the modern printing industry that is Minuteman Press International.  “I get internal pleasure from saying I am a printer because that is my core bread and butter. I have a strong background in sales and marketing, so even while I was in manufacturing, sales and marketing were then and continue now to be my strength.  When I talk about manufacturing products or in my current capacity, printing various products, it’s not just the manufacturing that interests me, it is the fact that we customize each product based on exactly what is needed in the situation,” explains Peterson.

He is a proud PRINTER with the power of speed and superior production only an established and well-respected worldwide brand as his franchisor can provide.

Although Jeff proudly proclaims himself a “printer”, his community receives the full breadth of all the leading digital print, design and marketing franchise has to offer, starting with a personal investment towards maximizing the outcome for each customer’s objective.  Jeff elaborates, “In the printing industry today, there’s a nuance to customer service in the sense that it is a collaborative effort between me, the printer, and my customer.  Printing is still a huge market and I set myself apart from all the competition, in part, because I embrace what I am, a printer, before anything else comes into play.  It is a plain and simple title that people understand and it is true that Minuteman Press can do a lot of services in marketing, but in my area, near the nation’s capital, there are many national associations and not-for-profits and their need for print is great and that is a big way I serve my community.”

An elite Girls’ high school in Africa, Westley Girls School needed Minuteman Press to redesign their logo and help make their big, internationally attended reunion spectacular in Washington, DC

The Westley Girls’ High School in Ghana selects the highest aptitude students to attend their top-rated program, all sponsored by their government.  One day, an alumnus of the school, Gloria P., walked through the front door of Minuteman Press in Alexandria in need of design and printing help for an exclusive event that would include approximately 100 of her fellow alumni.  She came in with a concept for a program she hoped to print and a modest representation of the school logo, which she presented to Jeff Peterson.

Jeff explains, “When I first talked to Gloria, she had very little idea of what she wanted and she held in her hands a small, felt, school shield or symbol. It looked pretty lonely and simple and needed work to do justice to this proud school for its reunion.  I explained that our designers could re-create the school logo and make it much better. I told her that once it was redesigned, she could use it for future events and all other promotional activities for the school.”

Gloria, having gone on to graduate from a U.S. university and now working for a consulting firm that serves the U.S. government, decided to trust Jeff and his team to honor and enhance the simple logo that was all she had to represent the school so dear to the many women who have graduated from a school that had been in operation since the 1830s. She needed to have stellar programs for this event to be held in D.C., which would welcome graduates from Wesley school from countries around the world.

Westley Girls’ High School was ranked 68th out of the top 100 best high schools in Africa by Africa Almanac in 2003, based upon quality of education, student engagement, strength and activities of alumnae, school profile, internet and news visibility.

By the time Gloria was presented with the fruits of the design labor, courtesy of Jeff and his team, she was delighted with what turned out to be a stunning program with a refined, embossed logo on the front of fine stock for the cover and special, textbook quality, matte paper for the inside pages.  “When Gloria entrusted us with the design and print needed for the Westley High School reunion, we wound up creating one of the most beautiful items we have ever produced.  I continue to use it as an example of what Minuteman Press can achieve for a customer.  What might have been a simple print job somewhere else turned into a fine example of an embossed program that any large corporation or government agency would be proud to use.  Gloria would come in during the design phase and we worked on the details together.  When she saw the final product, she was ecstatic with how we transformed her simple, felt symbol into a striking, proud logo that could be used going forward to represent the institution at any event, on any continent.”

That one project, three years ago, sparked a healthy client relationship that furthered Jeff’s reputation for excellence.  To this day, Gloria P. stops in to visit Jeff and his team for anything she might need and she refers many people to Minuteman Press thanks to the great experience she had, for which she gives them full credit.  She says, “Jeff Peterson and Minuteman Press did an incredible job designing and producing the program for the August 2013 Wesley Girls’ High School event held in honor of Ms. Garnett – the late headmistress. Jeff and his staff provided excellent guidance and service, which clearly demonstrated their experience and professionalism.”

The Westley Girls’ High School has a respected tradition that is honored when its alumni gather from around the world, where they have built fulfilling lives that reflect back positively on the empowering culture of their alma mater.  Minuteman Press International maintains its own proud tradition as the multi-national, preeminent printing industry leader. They train and support franchise owners not only as marketing services experts, but also as trusted partners, invested in the thousands of personal and professional victories worldwide, represented by satisfied clients such as Gloria.

On her experience with Minuteman Press in Alexandria, she concludes, “Impeccable taste was evident in the design and execution of the custom embossed logo that graced the cover of the program. The end products, the program and music sheet, were widely distributed to alumna all over the world including the U.S., UK, South Africa and Ghana.  They have become treasured keepsakes.”

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