Meet the team of Minuteman Press in Clifton Park, NY - from left to right: David Vumbaco, Kelly Denue, and David Fizer, franchise owner.

Minuteman Press Franchise in Clifton Park, NY Helps Genius Plaza Ignite the Genius in Children around the World

Minuteman Press keeps the learning tools sharp and plentiful with design and print, so communities throughout the world (especially the most underserved children) can have access to high-quality education.

David Fizer bought his Minuteman Press franchise in 2013, in Clifton Park, NY, after leaving his former employer, specifically looking for a business that would offer something all other businesses would need.  When he decided to become a marketing services expert, with training and support from the modern printing industry’s finest franchisor, Minuteman Press International, he positioned himself to do exactly that.  David says, “In my former position, I was in charge of printing purchases.  Therefore when an announcement was made that Global Foundries planned to build a multi-billion dollar campus locally, I realized many new businesses would be opening or moving into our area.  I then asked myself, what to all of those businesses have in common?  The answer is that they all need to promote themselves and will need printing services.  That is when I decided to look closely at opening a printing business of my own.  That’s the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of how I ultimately decided to purchase a printing franchise.”

David trained his team to be aware that it isn’t rare to find quality printing, but it is rare to champion quality printing coupled with exceptional service.  Service that is so personalized, clients trust that their best interests will be served.  We build this trust by consistently communicating with our accounts.  We are constantly building, cultivating and fostering a long-term partnership.  This assurance is earned with each on-time, completed job.  We realize our customers rely on us to be the printing experts for of each / every situation as well as to suggest ideas they may not have been considered.  “For example, we have business owners come to us who are experts in their field and want to grow their business but simply don’t know how.  Assisting them in by providing a comprehensive marketing strategy which includes printing services, designed to grow their businesses is just one of the ways we add value.  Our operating philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for the person placing the order!  We strive to be top of mind when any printing need arises,” David explains.

Before he made the move into entrepreneurship, David was in charge of the U.S. operations for an international eyeglass manufacturer, a company with a base in Austria.  His successes helped him learn how to grow a business and he combined his hard-earned professional sensibilities with the award-winning training of Minuteman Press International, creating a solutions-driven environment in which marketing challenges of all kinds are met with enthusiasm and resolve.  “Sometimes, people need to acknowledge that their business reputation isn’t the best and damage control needs to be done.  That isn’t a message everyone wants to hear, but it is so important to have an expert eye because it is difficult to be unbiased and take an honest look at how other people view your business.  We are able to help research and review how their company fits into the grand scheme of things within their fields.  Many times, people think their business reputation is ok when in reality it isn’t, or it could be far better.  This is an area in which we play a critical role that our competitors simply cannot.  We make it much more service oriented.”

“Often times we get an order from a business who sees us as nothing more than a simple printer then once we begin to build our business relationship they discover we are so much more.  The first thing we do, which is probably the most important thing we do, is to learn as much as we possibly can about them and their business.   This is the foundation of building a lasting meaningful relationship with the customer.  The more we know about their business, the more we can suggest; which ultimately helps them grow.” – David Fizer

Genius Plaza knows that ALL kids are college material and Minuteman Press provides practical material needed to facilitate learning for this fast-growing champion of student engagement.

Genius Plaza prides itself on democratizing education, providing top-notch engaging, practical, research-based curricula to a broad range of students and it is specifically designed for diverse communities.  They represent the first multicultural education platform with highly-skilled educators, programmers, designers and mentors who continue to tear down barriers to what they define as the only barrier to sustainable development, access to information.

STEM is a familiar buzzword in education, referring to science, technology, engineering and math.  Genius Plaza adheres to a philosophy that expands to include the arts, thus the acronym STEAM.  To include arts programs promotes creativity and increases the odds of graduation and the promise of higher education.  Their approach encourages students to be the protagonists of their own learning. Furthermore, their online curriculum is fully bilingual.  They are enriching the lives of students across the globe with a solid foundation in a range of subject areas from math and science to language arts, with a proactive approach designed to stimulate creativity and leadership skills.

As they continued to expand their reach, they discovered that partnering with David Fizer at their local Minuteman Press resulted in an immediate upgrade in the printed portrayal of their brand and something online printers are not equipped to offer, an ally that will meet with them in person and go to great lengths to help them exceed their goals.

David notes, “Gene Roca came into our center three years ago, representing Genius Plaza.  He was very skeptical since he had been disappointed with the quality of printing as well as the service he had recently received.  He wanted very high quality printing coupled with fast turnaround times.  Our product quality is excellent therefore when you marry that with our agility, it’s a difficult combination to beat!  Gene subsequently placed a test order and from that point forward we have been his printer of choice.  The Genius Plaza’s product is bilingual education and part of their service is providing classes for an after-school program here, locally.  He sells comprehensive programs to school districts and some of the products we produce for them are programs and teacher’s manuals.”

He continues, “I don’t think we have quoted any jobs to him that we haven’t wound up producing.”

“I see us as being like a tool in Gene’s tool belt. If he needs something, he can come to us and get it.  Our relationship is built on trust and mutual respect.”  – David Fizer

As part of their mission to provide equal access to quality education, Genius Plaza needs lots of books and binders and some weeks there are five or six print jobs needed, on a tight schedule.  There was one time that programs for a conference they were sponsoring in D.C. were needed urgently and Gene was just about to just cancel the order (3 days before the event) because he felt he was running out of time and could not afford overnight shipping.  David Fizer simply wasn’t going to forfeit and assured Gene they would beat the seemingly insurmountable practical odds.  He says, “My staff and I worked through the night.  Then, the next morning, I made a delivery from my center to Washington, D.C., and met him the morning of the conference.  This solidified a business relationship where he knew we were going to go above and beyond for anything he asked.”

Gene Roca, Vice President of Genius Plaza, had enough of the negative side of dealing with impersonal online printers and had to stumble over a quick printing location that didn’t meet his standards before meeting David Fizer and the Minuteman team that would become his marketing services experts.

“We were looking for a local printer that would do a better job for us as we were working with online printers and weren’t happy. They were usually late, the quality was not what we needed and we hoped finding a printer we could meet with in person would be an improvement, but the first one we tried did not meet our expectations.  Then we identified David Fizer at Minuteman Press and decided to have him do a small print job including business cards, flyers and brochures. He delivered on time, we liked the quality and he delivered in person.” – Gene Roca, Vice President, Genius Plaza

Since he was able to experience an immediate upgrade in quality through finding and working with a true expert in design, print and marketing, Gene was ready to entrust them with bigger challenges.  He says, “So, when it came time for us to have a big event out of state, we decided to turn to Minuteman Press.  We were running late on our end and reached out to David and told him that we knew he could do miracles and we needed one.  He worked day and night and delivered all of our programs to us out of state, driving nine hours to our venue, personally.  He saved the conference, arriving in time with the program which was of great quality. We didn’t have time to check it but we trusted him and that paid off because it was very well done.”

Here are 3 main ways Minuteman Press in Clifton Park, NY, helps Genius Plaza expand their reach to the benefit of quality education for all:

  • We produce teaching aids of all kinds
  • We produce full-color brochures, business cards, stationery, envelopes and flyers
  • Recently, we printed twelve-hundred workbooks, six hundred each of two different versions in less than a week, with great quality and personal delivery.

As Minuteman Press looks forward to helping Genius Plaza with years of continual growth, Gene Roca looks forward to maintaining a business relationship that has proven trustworthy and able to accommodate each unique request they might have.  He shares, “I will continue to give him work going forward.  We are a start-up, so we are moving very fast and we need people working around the clock to get things done.   We always have complicated work to get done and we can talk to David about logistics, design and quality.

Most of the time we need to ship books out of the country and Minuteman Press helps us come up with all sorts of possibilities and delivers on time.  David Fizer is one of our strongest partners and is a total professional, proving time and time again that we can rely on him.”

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