The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) Used Minuteman Press to Take the Fast Track to Making a Big Impression

The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) Used Minuteman Press to Take the Fast Track to Making a Big Impression

Sometimes, your greatest ally is the expert who won’t let you settle for ordinary. Such is the case with Minuteman Press franchise owners like David Rowley.

“One job we did for WMATA came when they wanted to make more copies of their employee manual. Instead of the normal white binder with a slip in sheet, we created a custom binder that really stood out.” – David Rowley

David Rowley bought his first Minuteman Press location in Crystal City, VA, a franchise that had been in operation since 1979.  He took ownership after the original owner retired. The business community he was to serve was to get a redefinition of service that they may not have realized they needed.  Prior to his decision to become an entrepreneur, he spent ten years working in Human Resource Development for CSC and four years before that were spent working for the UN in Geneva.

David says, “I felt that these experiences made a good fit for owning a Minuteman Press Business Center where we are not just order-takers but consultants to our clients.”  As his philosophy is aligned with the culture of Minuteman Press International which makes each client’s objectives a central focus of their motivation, an unstoppable alliance towards growth and success.

As his first digital print, design and marketing franchise grew in Crystal City, VA, David expanded his ability to serve the business to business community by purchasing a second Minuteman Press franchise in Arlington, VA, that had been running successfully for 15 years. When its previous owner wished to retire in 2013, ownership was assumed by David Rowley and the continuity of excellent service not only continued, but was strengthened.

David Rowley, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Crystal City, VA.

David Rowley, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Crystal City, VA.

Every entrepreneur is motivated by something and the best ones are motivated by something greater than money, as is Mr. Rowley.  He explains, “One of the primary reasons that I bought into Minuteman Press was that it is mostly in the B2B services industry where you get the chance to establish a strong relationship with repeat clients. I get energized by helping my clients meet their goals. As one of my clients said to me, ‘Don’t just give me what I ask for, but give me what I don’t even know I need yet.’”

David now owns and operates his own multi-unit Minuteman Press marketing franchise operation with a team that he has trained to establish relationships with each individual who walks through his green and orange branded doors.  When people order something with the hopes of promoting a cause or a business venture, he makes it a priority not just to take the order and fill it on time, but to understand the reason for the order.  He takes that information and from his vast knowledge and resources is able to provide options that have potential to save money and recognize the good fortune that comes from having a dedicated marketing services provider.  “I have always emphasized to my team that we are not just order takers and that our clients come to us because they know us, trust us and value our expertise”, David explains.

A visit from an important delegation prompts the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to get help from their local Minuteman Press

When the railyard and maintenance facility of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority needed a branded gift for a special occasion, they were fortunate that it was David Rowley and Minuteman Press that received their call.  They were in the process of getting new, upgraded trains for the DC subway system.  Part of that process involved receiving delegations from the Japanese company that built the new trains and the delegation would certainly come bearing gifts, as is customary.  This put the good people at Metro in sudden need of some kind of a branded gift worthy to present to the delegation, so they asked for a traditional branded pen when they consulted with David.  They learned that they could have their pens as requested, but David and his team explained that there was something more outstanding that could be produced if they really wanted to make an impression on the delegation.

David took the time to listen and understand the particular situation.  He explains, “We were asked to imprint pens with the WMATA logo and have them fit into a small box.” Dave and his team decided to take the simplicity of the branded pen and build something unique around it, creating a 3D model with the train car details apparent.  It included the length and weight of the cars and since the Metro line is identified by colors and the new rail line was to be represented by silver, David’s team wrapped the pen in a brand new metro map, including the silver line as an added bonus.

He continues, “In the end, they received a customized pen, engraved with the WMATA logo and the new railcar’s name, as requested, but it was wrapped in this small map of the metro system including the new, yet to open silver line.  Then it was wrapped in bubble wrap and put into a custom box that we created that looked like the new train from all angles (front, side, top, etc.). So in the end instead of a pen in a box, they got a keepsake that they were super excited about.”

Branded gift for WMATA produced by Minuteman Press, Crystal City, VA.

Branded gift for WMATA produced by Minuteman Press, Crystal City, VA.

“The customer had a lot of pride in what we provided to him, a customized, branded gift that truly stood out and made a big impact for a good price. He was showing it off to everyone.” – David Rowley

It is common for clients of Minuteman Press franchise owners to be well-tended to in the delicate science of marketing to a contemporary audience.  What is increasingly uncommon is a quality David Rowley makes certain to deliver with every challenge presented to him; the insistence to find a way to take a typical request and use it as a foundation to create something extraordinary for his clients, much to their delight and bottom-line benefit.

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