The team of International Minute Press in Farmington Hills, MI. Pictured from left to right: Back row – Dave Wattles; Lynn Wattles; and Justin Hays. Front row – Liz Tchorz and Jennifer Kruse.

International Minute Press in Farmington Hills, Michigan Helps Trijicon Hit Their Marks with Design and Printing Solutions

How one enduring partnership between two family-run businesses has helped spark growth for both…

With the help of their local International Minute Press as a marketing and printing expert, a Farmington Hills, Michigan-based family business grew into a major force in weapons’ sights and supplies, earning the trust of those who are most in need of aiming accuracy and dependability, the armed forces and law enforcement.

“The world has only two types of people…those who do and those who don’t.  Our team is made up of the ‘do’ types,” proclaims Dave Wattles, owner of International Minute Press in Farmington Hills, MI. Dave is not justWhistlin’ Dixie as the saying goes, just ask his deep, loyal client base, earned over 21 years as their ally in printing, marketing, design and promotion.  He assures, “Our team is small but keenly customer-centered and we work very hard to meet and exceed all of our customers’ needs and time frames so that they can meet each objective and grow in business.”

No matter the size of the company they help, from the people who walk in off the street, to the clients they have helped to develop healthy bottom lines with expert marketing services, Dave speaks on behalf of his entire team when he states, “We feel great helping others reach and meet goals for individual events or company growth plans.  We are part of the message and want to make sure that we help send a good-looking, cost-effective package out on behalf of all of our customers, regardless of their current size.  We always offer plans and ideas to help reduce costs and still get the desired results, ultimately doing exactly what the customer needs.”

With greater than 20 years in business and with the culture implemented by his franchisor, Minuteman Press International, one that puts personalized customer service into a normally cut and dry B2B services industry, Dave has cultivated special relationships with clients that endure. They know each other’s family histories in many cases and the friendship only serves to help the business objectives through genuine familiarity.  He adds, “It’s interesting how things evolve and you end up doing work for the children of customers who may have walked through your door decades before.  It stops you in your tracks.  It’s wonderful.”

In fact, it was a small, family-owned business that made its partnership with International Minute Press in Farmington Hills some 21 years ago so they could get the copy jobs and labels they needed for their gun-optics venture.

Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights in the world for tactical and sporting applications and International Minute Press helps them hit the print, design and marketing target every time 

Their founder, Glyn Bindon, is a gentleman who worked for Ford as an engineer, where he developed the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) which is now trademarked and nationally known as a method for helping the brain process visual information.  He went on to start his own business, producing gun sights and scopes, finding himself with the only company in that field with clearance to use the radioactive material “tritium” to produce superior night sights.

World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics, Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications. 

Today, that family business, Trijicon, dominates night sights marketing and reigns as the premier gun sights and optics manufacturer in the country, if not the entire world.  Dave Wattles’ team at International Minute Press of Farmington Hills represent the modern printing industry and were able to adapt and accommodate the progression of design print and marketing demands of a small, family business that are now internationally respected and in demand. Their customers include the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Special Operations Forces, United States Government, and state and local Law Enforcement.

“We have been printing for Trijicon for twenty-one years and from the outside looking in, they are this huge company, recognized throughout the world as a major manufacturer for weapons supplies, but they are still family run.  We intend to support them and help them continue to get bigger.  That is what we do for all of our clients.  It’s weird because when we printed for them originally, they had their location in Farmington Hills and needed essential printing and copying jobs.  Now they have offices in D.C., the Carolinas and other regions and they host big shooting events over the course of the year.  It is wonderful to be a part of their growth.” – Dave Wattles, International Minute Press franchise owner, Farmington Hills, Michigan

The original Trijicon plant was located just behind Dave’s center in Farmington Hills, in 1996.  Dave says, “I visited and asked for the opportunity to be of assistance with their printing and when I would complete and drop off jobs, they would ask for more and it just took off from there.  Now we provide approximately 80 different instructional manuals, stationery, business cards and as they have expanded recently into other areas (including bow and arrow supplies and infrared) their need for additional products and services has expanded as well.”

As Dave is an enthusiastic member of a gun range in Detroit that hosts pistol training for concealed carry permits, he made new contacts within the field that led to more instances where his role as a marketing services provider hit the mark for actual marksmen, in these cases. Dave explains, “When I said I print for Trijicon, the folks from NPRC (National Patrol Rifle Conference) took notice and now we print this annual event which Trijicon co-sponsors.  We have been taking care of printing for NPRC for nearly 5 years and we make sure all of the programs, signage and every target is designed and printed to the highest standard.  We handle unique, trademarked and copywrited targets specifically for these events.”

Dave and his staff produce all of the training manuals, targets and awards for NPRC, which hosts honorable speakers each year. This year a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, will open the event which also holds raffles to benefit “those who have served the greater good”, including the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.

“Since 2000, the NPRC has been America’s premier patrol rifle, active shooter and instructor development training event. Annually it brings together hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country to train, collaborate, network and learn ways to improve their organization’s training program and readiness for violent encounters.” – from the NPRC website

“NPRC is what we are working on right now.  We will have 150 shooters representing military and law enforcement coming in for that event and the printing will be ready.”  – Dave Wattles

“The design and printing we do for NPRC, particularly the targets, need to be very precise in their layout in order to simulate various scenarios,” says Dave.  He adds,” For example, there may be 20-35 small circles printed on a target ranging from 1-10 inches and they use Trijicon optics to shoot and hopefully hit them in ranges from 100 to 300 yards.  Plus, we print various silhouettes for indoor ranges but the weapons are to be used as if they are outdoors at 100 yards, so we print the silhouettes in specific sizes to simulate specific distances.”

Sgt. Brian Wojcik MA (Ret) is Vice-President of Center Mass, Inc., and they rely on International Minute Press for the production of essential printed items so the many respected participants of NPRC have a successful experience.  He does not withhold due credit when he says, “We are thankful for great work that Dave Wattles and his staff does for us. We are a small business and at times run out of things we need at inopportune times. Dave has produced these items and delivered them to us, at times on the same day! I have no other company I work with that gives us that type of service and quality of products.”

Reflecting on the work of his franchise, Dave shares, “Our printing goes all around the world for use in tactical training and a lot of those customers happened to be in law enforcement.  Today, we are shipping new targets to Washington and Ohio for police training.  It is rewarding because the men and women using our printed items in training are the ones on the front lines.  They have to put this training to use to save lives, both their own and those of civilians.”

The loyalty that comes from the elite service provided by Dave and his team is evident as Sgt. Wojcik adds, “We get calls and requests to switch our printing work several times a month but not one company has been able to match the quality and timeliness of Dave and his group. We will continue to work with International Minute Press as long as I am in charge here at Center Mass.”

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