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Cadillac Enhanced and Refreshed Their Brand With Help From Their Friends at Minuteman Press in Escondido, CA

See how former car salesman turned marketing services provider Sean Miller became a valuable player in a major luxury car re-branding project for Cadillac.

Sean Miller and his father were intent on going into business together and the process of narrowing down the multitudes of business opportunities to the one, the most superior was lengthy and they nearly made a move that would have been considered a mistake, compared to their current success as the owners of Minuteman Press of Escondido, CA.  Sean, who had been a car salesman for ten years, wished to refresh his career as he was tired of the instability that is attached to working for someone else and desired, in his words, “something more stable and flexible that would give me the weekends off and allow me to live a better lifestyle”.  His father and business partner, an airline pilot for 25 years, was looking to generate retirement income.

Both men joined together on a two-year journey filled with exploration into entrepreneurship and were tempted to buy a pizza franchise, but something told them to re-evaluate before signing anything.  Sean said, “We wanted to make sure we weren’t leaving anything off the table.” Good fortune led them to a franchise expo in the fall of 2014, where they met Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Southern California, Dan Byers and Area Manager Steve Szymanski.  It was at that meeting with two of the representatives of the modern printing industry that Sean and his father discovered they could buy a printing business and align their objectives with a franchisor decades deep with success stories such as they hoped to be.  They learned about the incredible evolution occurring within the print industry that allowed the proven franchise system to remain constant while the capabilities of Minuteman Press franchise owners expanded and branched out into marketing territory beyond print on paper.

Sean says, “We went to that expo with an open mind and took a look at every kind of franchise you can imagine (from travel to the food franchise option we nearly took) and on the way out the door, we encountered Minuteman Press International.  We were intrigued by the fact that we could run our business with far fewer employees than if we were to buy that pizza franchise.  We knew it was a diversified model with potential for growth.”  Little did Sean know that the decision to break away from being an employee to take on life as a business owner would not spell the end of his relationship with his former employer.  Even better, he would redefine his role and play a pivotal role in honoring their most prized asset, their well-respected Cadillac brand.

Sean Miller, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Escondido, CA. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Sean Miller, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Escondido, CA.

Minuteman Press owner gets a company car and North County Cadillac gets a marketing specialist

Prior to his assumption to employer himself, Sean Miller was an employee at North County Cadillac and he spent the end of his car sales’ career as an internet sales manager for the renowned brand.  Fully ensconced in the role of marketing services provider and business owner, Sean decided it was time to get just the right company car and there was only one place he wished to go, his former employer.  When he visited, he was asked what it was that led him to move on and he shared, “I own a printing and marketing franchise.”  This turned out to be just what the folks at North County Cadillac needed to hear because they had a delicate task ahead, refreshing and enhancing their brand to a specific standard. “As soon as they learned that my expertise was in design, digital print and marketing, they wanted to know more. They wanted to know if I could provide new branded apparel, embroidered polo shirts, in particular.  Naturally, I told them I could do that and more, as a Minuteman Press franchise owner.”

Last year Cadillac announced a new program designed to enhance and refresh the Cadillac image. The idea of the program is to propel Cadillac into the pinnacle of luxury dealer standards, hence the name, Project Pinnacle.

Adam Leighton, Sales Manager of North County Cadillac explains how he came to need the marketing services of Minuteman Press, “The broad range of Cadillac experiences, communications, and designs demand execution fitting of a luxury brand. As a dealership, we rely on different creative agencies that often start in different places but must navigate their way to the same place, to create one brand.”

Sean and his team started the process of perfecting the design requirements in October of last year and there needed to be a lot of back and forth during the revision of the artwork, in keeping with the objectives of Project Pinnacle.  They did some research and found high-resolution vector files of the Cadillac logo that could be used to make fine embroidered shirts, making sure to work with his client to revise the logo to perfection.  “We did a dozen samples before the artwork was just right and approved.  There was so much to be done in order to make certain it was compliant with Cadillac corporate and that everything met their specifications.  I was introduced to the regional district manager for the company and he made sure I got everything I needed to produce the shirts in exactly the way they needed to be with quality superior to anything they had before.  I delivered the finished shirts personally, meeting their deadline and their reaction was fantastic.  We are thrilled to help Cadillac with Project Pinnacle and are dedicated to our partnership with them now and in the future.”

Adam from Cadillac is confident he has found his marketing services provider for the long term and he’s enthusiastic to keep growing with their assistance.  He adds, “Moving forward, our dealership is extremely excited to work with Sean and his team at Minuteman Press for future projects and endeavors. We all know that our needs will be met by the pinnacle of marketing services.”

Minuteman Press franchises produce custom apparel that helps your loyal clients wear your brand with pride. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Minuteman Press franchises produce custom apparel that helps your loyal clients wear your brand with pride.