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Minuteman Press Promotional Products Spotlight: 5 Promotional Items to Add to Your Summer Marketing Program

This summer, use promotional products as a gateway to connecting your business and brand with customers in meaningful ways they will appreciate.

Promotional products are tangible, useful items that recipients appreciate. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? The best part is that promotional products are not seen as advertising in the eyes of consumers, and that is why they are so effective in connecting brands with current and existing customers. Promotional items also resonate in people’s homes and are kept for longer periods of time than any other forms of advertising.

For example, according to SAGE, 8 in 10 consumers own between 1 and 10 promotional items, and 6 in 10 hold on to promotional products for up to two years.

Another benefit of adding branded promotional products with logo to your marketing program is that they never go out of style. That is because graphic design, marketing, and printing experts you’re your local Minuteman Press franchise can produce anything you can put a name, image, or logo on. Because of this, virtually any hot-selling item or popular trend can be turned into a marketing piece that is emblazoned with your company name, logo, branding, and contact information.

Here are just a few examples of popular items that your business can use as promotional products to supplement your summer marketing program:

  • Fidget spinners: All the rage this year, fidget spinners can be found almost everywhere you look. Take advantage of this trend by getting branded fidget spinners with your logo and distributing them to your customers. Any parent will appreciate something free and trending that their children can use, and these are sure to travel with families wherever they go.
  • Mobile phone power banks: One hot promotional product that should be a staple of your summer marketing program is the mobile phone charger/power bank. Perfect for people of all ages, branded power banks will put your logo in one of the most highly visible places it can be: Right next to your customers’ smartphones.

DID YOU KNOW? According to ASI, 60% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that gave them a mobile phone power bank.

  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers: For all of the beachgoers, hikers, road trippers, and travelers that help make up your target audience, wireless Bluetooth speakers are the perfect promotional products to offer them. Streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora are extremely popular, and by connecting people to their music in the form of a branded Bluetooth speaker, you are building an important connection between your brand and the things they love.
  • Beach Apparel & Accessories: Custom branded apparel is one promotional product category that is always in fashion. Promotional T-Shirts, tank tops, towels, and sunglasses are all favorites that will be received well by customers. Throw in a drawstring bag or tote and your clients will definitely carry a favorable impression of you all summer long.
  • BBQ & Backyard Essentials: For those who love to “grill and chill,” promotional products such as branded BBQ utensils and hot sauces are sure to be appreciated. Throw in some backyard items like Frisbees and other essentials like Koozies and your brand will certainly sizzle with recipients.

This summer, let your local Minueman Press franchise be your marketing and promotional products guide!

Minuteman Press centers are widely known for offering effective design, printing and marketing services, and business owners will be impressed by our ability to produce custom designs and make sure your summer promotional products are printed to maximize brand effectiveness and impact.

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