Minuteman Press franchise owner Dave Loudon presents home-schooled high school graduate Dan with his freshly printed diploma in East Northport, Long Island, NY. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Minuteman Press and Promotional Products Prove the Pomp and Circumstance of Graduation Is Nothing Without Print

With the help of the Minuteman Press franchise in East Northport, NY, one home-schooled high school graduate in Long Island was given a tangible, printed diploma that made all the difference.

By Mary Friese, Minuteman Press International

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.–When homeschooling seniors complete their courses of study and “graduate”, the school district sends a bland letter to acknowledge the end of compulsory education.  A printed diploma isn’t necessary to carry on into college study, but Dan, 17, of Northport, NY wanted one.

Already accepted to all the colleges to which he applied, a graduation ceremony wasn’t necessary either, but he (and his peers) wanted one of those, too.  Their public school peers put caps and gowns on and march center stage at high school graduations all over the world as a matter of tradition. The climactic moment that their loved ones hope to capture on film is when their young adult hands grasp their very own high school diplomas.

Graduations without printed diplomas and programs that bear individual names, achievements and honors would likely not require tissues.  If they lacked print, they would lack substance and they would not move us to joyful tears.   

Dan and his homeschooled friends knew this instinctively because as maturing, intelligent human beings they recognize the irreplaceable presence of print.  They each insisted that although it wasn’t necessary, they would have their “real” printed high school diplomas.  For the newly-minted music education major, there was only one place to go, the place that just two years earlier designed and printed his business cards so he could drum up some business with beginning trumpet students, East Northport Minuteman Press.

With the official documents confirmed, franchise owner Dave Loudon went from printing business cards to help Dan launch his earliest endeavor as a music teacher, to printing a high school diploma to help bring a milestone event to life and launch him into higher education.

And so he has his high school diploma, printed by his local Minuteman Press and just like the printed worksheets that bear his earliest writing attempts at age 5, it will be saved…and not on a hard drive. It will be saved, framed and present in his home as he takes on college studies.

Print captures the feelings that come with milestone moments and pulls them into reality for us.

Danny joined a small graduating class of independently educated seniors for a touching ceremony in New York City on June 3rd, during which slideshows highlighted the moments of each of their educational journeys, parents collected printed programs and every single one of the seniors elected to get their names printed on attractive diplomas, though the official paperwork from the district is all that they needed.

Like most graduations, festivities included songs and wise words from mentors and teachers that had touched their lives.  It also included a humorous moment that was dependent upon the promotional products provided by a well-known cough drop company.  One of the graduates became known for popping Luden’s cough drops into his mouth during the many classes they all shared together during the teen years.

A witty fellow classmate contacted Luden’s and this student not only walked center stage to receive a printed diploma, he also received a lithograph of himself in a Luden’s commercial (signed by members of the corporate office), a giant, imprinted cough-drop stress pillow and various other goodies that the company has custom-printed in order to promote their brand.  The good-humored teen cradled the gifts bearing his favorite company’s name and posed for photos.

The moment brought people of all ages a good laugh, prompted lots of shares on Instagram and Snapchat … and it could not have been replicated by a video chat with Luden’s marketing department.

It was a moment of pure connection that only print can provide.

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