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Oakwood University Trusts Minuteman Press Franchise in Huntsville, Alabama to Design, Print and Promote for Them

Grand events, heartstrings and technical accuracy are all requirements that are met by Jonathan Dunwoody and his Minuteman Press franchise in Huntsville, AL … and a short lead time doesn’t stop them from getting the job done.

During the past nine years, Jonathan Dunwoody enriched the business to business services industry by putting a professional belief he had into action – providing the best customer service in the industry to his clientele. To this day, he leads his team at Minuteman Press in Huntsville, Alabama, to put their expertise to work as a unified force whose only purpose is isolating the greatest way to design, print and promote each and every client.

Even better, Jonathan makes sure that wisdom guides every challenge, acknowledging that circumstances and sometimes human temperament can be unpredictable. So, if a problem is encountered, Jonathan’s unique ability to direct his staff to look at every situation from the perspective of the client and solve the situation from that perspective continues to endear him to his community, while the excellent practical results of his vision continue to assure loyalty over the long-term.

He says, “Communication between our crew and the clientele is a must to handling difficult jobs in the time needed EVERY time.  I adopted a rule from one of my colleagues called the 15 minute rule.  If there is a challenge that takes you more than 15 minutes to figure out then stop immediately and get help from someone else, whether that is one of your coworkers or the client for whom we are completing the work.  We find a way to make everyone happy 99% of the time.”

As far as helping other businesses grow, Jonathan enjoys it when solutions are found, sometimes, in a very creative fashion since most of the people who work in his center have strong graphic design backgrounds.  “One of the main ways I have been successful is by hiring folks who are smarter than I am, especially in the design arena,” he admits humbly.

Minuteman Press in Huntsville donates print services to The United Negro College Fund and it leads to a mutually respectful and productive relationship with Oakwood University

One day, Jonathan met a marketing representative from Oakwood University through one of his contacts at his local BNI group.  He met Cheri Wilson, from the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) campaign for North Alabama. True to his style, Jonathan offered to help out, even granting $1,000 in fine print, becoming a sponsor.  “I did that every year and slowly gained more and more business from the university”, he explains.

As trust and familiarity grew, so did the partnership between Oakwood University and Minuteman Press.  Jonathan’s team has been able to capture the spirit of the institution with proudly branded shirts, mugs, pair of sunglasses and more.  Students wear and use fun and practical branded items that further their sense of comradery as well as promoting the good feelings they have about their university.

In addition to continual support for all of their marketing needs, there is a special weekend during the spring that features annual events that are of great importance to the university and each event relies upon very specific printed items in order to run smoothly and help people enjoy themselves.  “They have a particular weekend in the spring that includes the alumni association gathering, an honorable event for retired faculty, plus several other specific gatherings that require printing with a very short lead time, usually, to accommodate last minute changes”, explains Jonathan.

Here is a quick peek at the printed demands of the many exciting events held at Oakwood University during a special weekend in April:

  • For the Alumni Association, they printed 3,000 postcards, 2,500 20-page booklets and 250 coil bound books, plus 30 large, impressive signs to evoke memories and the enjoyment of the guests.
  • Several giant checks to represent grants and scholarships, all professionally mounted were provided.
  • Oakwood Live is a gathering of prospective students that gets them excited about their upcoming attendance. Minuteman Press printed 500 booklets that boast why their selection of Oakwood would be a great one and offers information about scholarship opportunities.
  • The Faculty Research Symposium is designed as a gathering of great minds to generate new ideas for the upcoming year. The event required 150 booklets tailored to the specifics of the theme.
  • “In the middle of all of this design and production for the big weekend, we printed a whole bunch of special posters that highlighted specific student achievement with descriptions of their projects, including research methods used,” says Jonathan.
  • To help keep everyone on track and the entire weekend organized, Minuteman Press of Huntsville also printed and laminated press passes and lanyards specific to the various events and vinyl banners to set the scene and help direct guests.

All printed needs, including signage, direct mail, event programs, flyers, brochures, forms, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and postcards have been tended to with care and delivered on time, as a natural progression of their partnership.

When a Direct Mail Campaign is precisely what is needed and you have an expert marketing services provider…

Recently, Oakwood hired a new coordinator for their enrollment department and she was uncertain about the role Minuteman Press could play to make her job easier, so Jonathan visited with her.  It turns out, direct mail was precisely what was needed, so he swept in with expert assistance: “I came to find out that she had a direct mail project she was in the middle of trying to tackle by herself and with volunteers.  It was about 2,500 total pieces and she had some of the letters printed, some of the envelopes printed, all of the postcards printed from us, some of the envelopes stuffed but nothing addressed.

I asked her to let me figure out the best way to handle the direct mail campaign and ended up saving her quite a bit of money in postage savings and took all of the work off of her hands so that she could concentrate on more important things.  My team took the pieces and put everything together. We printed the rest of what was needed – stuffing, addressing, and delivering to the post office the finished pieces.”

Kenn L. Dixon, M.A., CSMP / Director – Integrated Marketing & Public Relations for Oakwood University genuinely appreciates the alliance Oakwood maintains with Minuteman Press, one that consistently results in top-quality work.

According to Kenn, “The quality of products, service, and relationship with Jonathan and his team at Minuteman Press have been outstanding.  They have been willing to work with us on large and small projects.  Even when there are last minute details that need changing; we have not been disappointed.”

He adds a nod to a future that is as bright for their partnership as it is for graduates of the institution he represents, “Oakwood University Integrated Marketing and Public Relations team relies on our partnership with Minuteman’s team to accomplish our mission as a department and institution.  Having a detailed and consistent partner in the future will continue to make Oakwood University competitive and relevant for years to come.”

Jonathan is enthusiastic and determined to help his client meet all their objectives with just the right style and approach going forward, “Minuteman Press looks forward to helping Oakwood University continue to grow in popularity, concentrating on the full range of marketing services to get the good word out while providing value across the board.”

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