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Utz Quality Foods Joins High-Profile Clients of Minuteman Press as the Hunger for Marketing Services is Satisfied with Style

It’s been said you can’t have just one potato chip and the same is true for marketing services. This is why Utz Quality Foods, a giant in the snack industry, counts on Minuteman Press in Hanover, PA for a wide range of products.

Scott and Kitty Kurz embody the most admirable traits of those who build great things, not the least of which is determination, grit and a work-ethic that should be modeled by any entrepreneur hoping to make it big in whichever field is their passion. Yet, these virtues are only a fraction of the formula that has brought these two good people success.  Their partnership in business and in life is one that most of us would be boastful about for its fluid productivity and natural ability to find the balance needed to solve any challenge.

Kitty says, “Scott and I have owned our Minuteman Press franchise for 6 years. We did not know anything about the print world but knew if it did not have our very knowledgeable staff we would sink.  We purchased an existing store that was doing well but we thought it could be doing better.  Hanover is a manufacturing town with a variety of industries represented but with a strong focus on the food industry.”

Scott and Kitty Kurz, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Hanover, PA.

Scott and Kitty Kurz, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Hanover, PA.

Scott and Kitty assumed ownership of an existing franchise and infused it with their own personal blend of business intelligence and proactivity enough to transform it into a rightful representation of the modern printing industry that is Minuteman Press International (with the fattened bottom line to prove it).   Yet, rather than boast, they lead instead with humility and a real sense that each day is a gift with which, together, they will realize greater heights; and they bring that bountiful energy into their Minuteman Press franchise, where it permeates the spirit of their staff and defines their company culture.  It is no wonder that big-name companies and small business owners consider themselves fortunate to be long-term clients.

As America eats up snacks by Utz Quality Foods, the snack giant puts more of their proverbial chips on the table for Minuteman Press to print

Utz Quality Foods join Scott and Kitty of Minuteman Press as a Hanover, Pennsylvania-based business.  Founded in 1921, this family-owned company produces a wide variety of snack food enjoyed throughout the United States and they count upon Minuteman Press and the unmatched marketing services provided by Kitty, Scott and their expert staff.  “One of our customers, Utz Quality Foods, had been using our print services for one job.  It took us three years of continuing to do this one job and, in the meantime, building the relationship with our one contact.  I continually asked if we could be introduced to anyone else within the company that may benefit from our services.”

Kitty’s dedication to maintaining contact and her obvious investment in the success of her clients pays off, in this case with an expansion of her role as marketing services provider for the snack giant.  She explains, “Finally, I guess, the trust was strong enough that our contact introduced us to the person who is now the director of HR.  He was in the process of developing a handbook for their route salesman.  They had been looking for a printer with whom to partner.  Because of our strong relationship with the first contact, this was our ‘in’.  It is as a result of that relationship that we now produce much more work for them such as their health and wellness program, their internal newsletter and many more jobs.  There is still more to be had but it is a growing process that takes time.”

Scott Kurz shares some of the projects that he and his team at Minuteman Press produce to help Utz Quality Foods maintain their appetite for success:

  • Once per year we print their employee benefits package.
  • We do two or three additional mailings for them throughout the year, helping them deliver updates to their retirement plans and 401K to their employees and those jobs are time-sensitive.
  • We print their newsletter, “The Tasty Times,” quarterly. We do the whole layout for the newsletter, courtesy of our graphic designer.
  • We also produce their official letterhead. They reply to every consumer that writes to them. We print 6,000-10,000, annually.
  • We generate their “new hire” guide.
  • They sought our input in the development and production of a guide book for their route sales division. This is now an annual job.
  • We help them with their Christmas party, employee recognition and a variety of other “as needed” print jobs.

Utz Quality Foods produces more than 3.3 million pounds of snack foods each week. It’s the largest independent, privately held snack brand in the country.

Tom Scholles, Director of Human Resources for Utz Quality Foods, is pleased to share his appreciative sentiments about the quality of work produced by Minuteman Press and even more pleased to acknowledge that of utmost value is the excellent relationship his company has with Scott, Kitty and their team. He says, “Minuteman Press has been an ideal partner, meeting many of our business needs.  While quality, pricing and turnaround time are very important to us, what has proven most valuable is our strong relationship with the entire Minuteman Press team.  No project too big or small…and often solutions and deliverables that exceed our expectations!”

“Over and over again, it becomes apparent that it takes patience to build a relationship of trust.  Pursue every lead and treat every customer, large or small, as if they are your number one customer.” – Kitty Kurz

As true leaders do, Scott and Kitty progress with their own gratitude for the dedication and skill of their team.  “It is our staff who makes it all happen.  Without them we would not have been able to double our sales in our time of ownership,” Kitty shares.  “They continually step up to the plate and provide solutions and make it all happen.  Scott is now the print expert being able to listen to customers and offer valuable cost savings solutions.  It is my goal to constantly expose us to new opportunities to meet more people.  I try to pursue every lead that is presented to us and never stop pursuing.  It takes 5-10 touches for many contacts to become an actual meeting.  Then we have to prove that we can ‘do it.’”

And prove it, they do. Scott, Kitty and their team have done so over countless design, print and marketing challenges, throughout the course of each relationship they develop with their many appreciative clients.

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