Tom Watson, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Livingston, New Jersey.

Minuteman Press Franchise Review: For the YMCA, the Place to Go is Minuteman Press in Livingston, NJ

The Minuteman Press franchise in Livingston, NJ helps keep one of the most famous fitness institutions in shape when it comes to marketing.

While all Minuteman Press franchise owners enter the digital print, design and marketing industry armed with the most-well respected brand in the world and award-winning training, even some of the most successful among them do not have previous experience in printing. Such is not the case with Livingston Minuteman Press franchise owner, Tom Watson, as he has been in the printing industry his entire career and has lived in Livingston, NJ for 20 years.

Tom is a proud, third generation “printer” carrying on the tradition from his father’s side of the family. In fact, the last time he worked for someone else, it was none other than the number-one-rated franchisor that is now his faithful partner, Minuteman Press International.  He offered his knowledge and supported up to 43 franchise locations in the role of field representative for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. After imparting his knowledge of the printing industry to the benefit of the Minuteman Press franchise owners he assisted while working for the franchisor, Tom Watson decided it was time to follow his heart into entrepreneurship and his work experience gave him faith rest that the corporation that was once his employer would be a stalwart and irreplaceable ally.

“As the owner of a Minuteman Press franchise, I am able to use my years of experience in the print industry to help other business owners and customers with their printing and signage needs,” says Tom. As fate would have it, he was the one who originally set up his current location when his current business partner, Bhumin Patel went into business years ago.  The two developed a great relationship and when Bhumin desired more free time to pursue a new endeavor, Tom came on as a partner and took over operations at Minuteman Press of Livingston, NJ. “I have a Graphic designer that has been with the store for 7 years so he is well trained with all the responsibilities of a production and graphic designer and he also knows all of our customers and they all know him very well and I can count on him to get all of my work done with the highest quality and standards that I would only accept and allow to leave my store.”

In the song that animates everyone at parties and sporting events, “Y.M.C.A.”, the lyric holds truth about marketing one’s business when it says, “No man does it all by himself”

How fitting it is that the institution honored in the famous party song by the same name knows that it needed a marketing services provider as partner, rather than doing it by themselves.  They found such a partner it in the modern version of the printing industry, Minuteman Press.

When Tom Watson first came on board as a partner in the Livingston Minuteman Press center, his focus was to bring, full-force, the unmatched skill-set developed as a field representative for the printing industry leader.  He went right to work with old-fashioned marketing, joined by the new field representative in the area, Kyle Barker.  One of the places they visited was the corporate office of the YMCA which was just down the street, in charge of 8 YMCA facilities in the area.  Tom and Kyle were able to meet the Director of Marketing and after a discussion, he sent us a few jobs on which to give him quotes.  “At the time, they were doing all of their printing and promotions through that very facility for all their area locations,” according to Tom.  “Well, my pricing, turnaround and quality were strong and ever since then, they have been one of our top customers to date.”

Tom and his staff assumed the role of marketing services provider, relieving the corporate office of YMCA of all manner of printed and promotional tasks so they could focus on thrust of their business.  “If they ever need postcards or specific mailers, we take care of the entire mailing campaign for each branch.  If they have any type of event, we take care of all of the printing from rack cards to signage.”

Safety is a priority:  YMCA will require all adults over the age of 18, including volunteers, to initially present a form of state or government-issued photo identification, thus getting cleared by its new Raptor System before being able to enter the facility.  Parents will be provided with an access card while their children are in sessions.

Minuteman Press in Livingston, NJ assists the YMCA with informing the public about the Raptor program through printed postcards and mailing programs.

Inherent to the culture of Minuteman Press is a personal investment in the success of each client.  Keeping with that, Tom looks forward to providing more marketing services for the YMCA and offers his appreciation for their organization, “As far as what we hope to do with the YMCA moving forward we would love to do as much work for them that they can give us.  I foresee doing some apparel work for them because they need branded shirts for their many summer camps.  No matter how we help them reach their marketing goals, I enjoy seeing them flourish because the YMCA helps the whole community, from children to seniors.”

Greg Albers, VP of Marketing and Communications, Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges, recognizes that the comradery between his company and Minuteman Press is an essential part of the vitality and growth of the community they call their own.  He says, “We understand that a strong community is created when businesses and individuals can build positive relationships that foster trust.”

Greg concludes, “We support and serve the same community and when we are able to partner with Tom Watson from Minuteman Press on jobs awarded, we know their high-quality work will support the delivery of our mission.”

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