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Men on the Move Keeps Moving Up in Business Thanks to Minuteman Press in Bellerose, Queens, NY

The prominent East Coast moving and storage company Men on the Move is one of many clients that have grown from their partnership with Scott Levine’s Minuteman Press franchise in Bellerose.

Scott Levine was a customer at the Minuteman Press franchise he would eventually buy in 1985.  He wasn’t looking to buy a printing business, but wanted a career change, so one day when the owner of Minuteman Press in Glen Oaks was making a delivery, Scott asked him when he was going to retire and as fate would have it, an exit strategy was a welcome discussion.  A handshake deal in June progressed to the day that Scott signed a franchise agreement with Minuteman Press International in November and from that moment, current and future clients of this particular printing franchise were going to benefit enormously from a motivated, dedicated partner in all of their pursuits. To this day, the now digital print, design and marketing franchise is now located in Bellerose, Queens, NY, and is invigorated by Scott’s enthusiastic insistence to solve any challenge with style, a trait for which he and his staff are well-known and trusted.

Scott took over a printing business that was not being run to its full potential and went to work using Minuteman Press systems and methods of operation.  Scott knew that he and his predecessor had very different styles and described the former owner as a “low-key, non-aggressive marketer”, the opposite of the dynamic force that was Scott’s entrepreneurial nature.

“I bought the store and came to meet him, all excited. I was used to doing a million things at once.” After opening the door, turning on the lights and cleaning the glass on the copiers, however, the “million things” Scott was prepared to do, turned into nothing more than making coffee and reading the paper…waiting. “He was going to stay with me and advise me for two weeks, but after a week, I thanked him and sent him on his way and he was happy to go. He was ready for retirement.”  And as the former owner was ready for the slow lane, Scott was ready to energize his business with a more enthusiastic approach, one that would take his clients’ perceptions of what could be done to a new level.  One of the first things he did was to take his rolodex, rich with contacts from his previous business and he sent out announcements of his new printing franchise and how it could serve everyone.  The move gave his current client base an immediate jump in business because he had a strong reputation and the trust attached to it carried through to his Minuteman Press ownership.

“I was Google before Google was invented.  I have a reputation as the go to guy when people don’t know. I enjoy figuring out how to solve problems.”– Scott Levine, Minuteman Press, Bellerose, NY 

“My attitude is that there is nothing we do not do, as long as it is legal.  That has always been my mantra in terms of what we do and don’t do”, Scott says.  Some business owners shy away from things they cannot do on their premises.  Minuteman Press franchise owners welcome a wider range of projects and are fluid about finding solutions as they have many competent vendors with whom their franchisor has worked hard to secure agreements.

Men on the Move has kept their momentum strong for 30 years with the help of Minuteman Press

A Long Island-based moving company serving families around the east coast and beyond since 1985, Men on the Move began, according to their website, as a “Long Island moving company and after some time, it only seemed natural to add on storage facilities.”

John Beyer, owner of what is now the established and respected moving and storage company Men on the Move, was one of the first customers to walk into Minuteman Press in Bellerose after Scott Levine assumed ownership.  “John is just one of many clients who came to us early on who are pleased with our service and are, to this day, still with Minuteman Press.”

At the time, both entrepreneurs were just starting out and what started as simple print jobs has developed into a healthy partnership in which both men felt the same drive to build their companies. That shared drive strengthened their bond and the ways in which Scott and his staff were able to help Men on the Move develop a strong presence for their brand solidified the position Minuteman Press holds as their sole source for all things marketing.  Scott explains, “At that time, John may have had just one truck and one or two employees and he did all the moving.  He has since grown that company to the point that he has many trucks and self-storage centers in the metropolitan area.  He has seen tremendous success and Minuteman Press has been his source for anything he needed to market his business along the way and we continue in that capacity.”

As all businesses have marketing needs that span multiple channels with print as a continued strength to drive brand recognition, Men on the Move entrusted their brand to the design and production team at Minuteman Press.  To this day, every essential from business cards, letterhead, brochures, and all necessary forms are the provision of Scott and his team.  As John’s company grows and opens new facilities, Scott and his team design and produce the appropriate signage, as well.  Additionally, there are times that the local news publishes articles about the now thriving moving company, so Scott makes sure each piece of good press is reproduced and used to benefit their marketing campaign.  “We work very closely with them on a continuing marketing program to promote their business through targeted direct mail”, adds Scott.

John Beyer is thankful for his long-term partnership with Scott and Minuteman Press.  He says, “Minuteman Press of Bellerose has helped Men on the Move grow and Scott has given us ideas on how to present ourselves in terms of our brand, especially as we expanded and got into the storage and packing part of the business.  He always has great input on ways to bring added value to the service we provide to our own customers.  His pricing has always been fair and the jobs have always been on time.  Plus, they are pleasant to deal with which makes the entire experience uncommon.  Add that to the fact that I can say out of thousands of printing jobs over the years, I honestly don’t remember there ever being a mistake.  I really don’t.”

When a business partnership as healthy as the one between Men on the Move and Minuteman Press endures, so does mutual respect and even, friendship.

“Over the last thirty-two years, I have probably referred no less than twenty clients to John for moving and storage services and every single one has been satisfied.  He, in turn, has sent clients to me for printing and marketing services.  With trust, comes referrals”, mentions Scott.

Scott Levine has been told he has a “good aura” by many people and that aura, combined with a high-powered work ethic and love for solving problems was a perfect match for the proven system provided by his franchisor, Minuteman Press International.  Decades later, he is still charting new territory in marketing success and enjoying every minute of his ongoing growth.  As one of his many long term clients, John Beyer notes the generosity that his marketing services provider and friend puts forth into the community, adding, “One of the things I like about Scott Levine is that he helps a lot of charities.  Minuteman Press gives back to the community.  There is nothing they can’t handle and they always seem to have the right resources for you when you need them.”

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