How The Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association Made Themselves at Home as a Valued Client of Minuteman Press

How The Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association Made Themselves at Home as a Valued Client of Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press franchise owner Ruthann DiLauri maintains such a high degree of excellence that clients “check-in” and stay on for the long-term.

ORLANDO, Fla.Ruthann DiLauri is a natural leader with keen business intuition developed over a respected career as a high-level corporate executive.  When she assumed the role of entrepreneur through the modern printing industry’s leading franchisor, Minuteman Press International, she merged her innate managerial skills with those that can only be sharpened by experience in the corporate trenches.  Those who entrusted her with the promotion of their own businesses were quick to discover that she infused her company culture with dedication, not only to the end-result of the many projects she and her staff at Minuteman Press see to completion, but with pride in the proper execution of the entire process from pre-planning to production.

To this day, Ruthann’s clients are the benefactors of the high-standard by which she has operated her digital print, design and marketing franchise for the past 17 years, along with her husband, Kevin. As her reputation continues to precede her, new and long-term clients are pleased to bring all manner of marketing challenges her way as they have come to realize that their expectations, regardless of the size of the job, are likely to be exceeded.

“All the services that we provide are largely customized by the client.” says Ruthann.  Quick production along with excellent quality is the hallmark of the reputation that her business continues to develop with each completed project.  “We have the simple “print and deliver” order but many of our jobs require fulfillment, variable data, shipping or customization in some way.  That is what makes us unique among our competition and why many of our customers have been with us for years.”

There’s a misnomer that implies entrepreneurs who make their marks as owners of a business to business services industry franchise do so with less personal gratification than their peers in retail, that B2B is all about dollars and cents.  It may be true for some, but owners of the number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise, Minuteman Press soon discover that the human element of customer service is very much alive as they build their businesses and develop mutual respect and healthy partnerships with clients.  As Ruthann confirms, “It is very gratifying when a client consults with us on projects before they begin and welcomes our input to solve problems.  Several of our clients use us as part of their development team on projects.”

The biggest and the best hotel and lodging trade association aligns with the most respected name in marketing services

As one of central Florida’s largest and most influential trade groups, the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association’s membership includes nearly 80% of more than 121,000 hotel rooms across three counties, plus close to 500 “supplier” organizations that do business with the hospitality and tourism industries.  They entrust Ruthann and her team at Minuteman Press with designing, printing and promoting their brand.  “CFHLA is the largest regional hotel & lodging trade association and central Florida is the tourism capital of the world with over 66 million visitors in 2015 (which is much bigger than Las Vegas and New York City)”, she notes.

One might wonder how a marketing services provider could secure such an account.  Ruthann sheds light on the straightforward answer, “We joined the association!  They have more than 500 allied (supplier) members and there are quite a few printers and sign companies (10+).  They chose to print with us because of our service.  This is an example of how a networking group can grow your business.”

“Today close to 50% of our new business growth are members of CFHLA or referred to us from a CFHLA customer,” she adds.

In fact, as they are rebranding and preparing for upcoming events, the careful attention to detail needed to do their respected association justice is in the best hands.  Ruthann explains, “They are rebranding and changing their logo.  We are printing all of their new signs, banners and stationery.  From a simple envelope to a brand-new lobby wall graphic of their logo, we are doing all of it!  We also print for all of their industry events.  The next big event is Bacchus Bash.” Bacchus was first held in 1987 to secure funds for Hospitality Educational purposes and has grown to “Orlando’s Biggest Street Party”.  Last year, the event grossed more than $123,000 for hospitality scholarships and grants.

CFHLA membership is dedicated to supporting the industry in Central Florida. Members socialize with the “Who’s Who” of the local hospitality industry and have a voice in the governmental, social, cultural and charitable fabric of the Central Florida community.

Richard Maladecki, President/CEO Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association, did not hesitate to praise his partnership with Minuteman Press, “The level of professionalism offered by Ruthann DiLauri and her team at Minuteman Press is exceptional relating to customer service, understanding timelines and quality of the finished product. Ms. DiLauri is considered a ‘partner’ of the Central Florida Tourism industry and is respected for her business sense. Nearly 100 CFHLA Member businesses utilize the talents and skills of Minuteman Press.”

Impressively fast, yet well-planned production coupled with high-quality results are constant allies to clients of Ruthann DiLauri when they come to her in need and under pressure.  As she says, “There are times when it can be exceedingly challenging with everyone wanting their jobs “now”, but we have a team of contract/temp individuals that we can use for projects as needed.  Most importantly, we are fortunate to have many long-term employees who understand our business model and have “another gear” to make sure we deliver and exceed expectations.”

Ruthann and Kevin DiLauri’s Minuteman Press franchise is located at 7751 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite 117, Orlando, FL 32819. For more information, call Ruthann and her team at 407-355-3302 or visit their website:

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