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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: How to Use Customer Testimonials and Reviews to Market Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business, customers like to feel valued, personally connected, and trusting. One of the best techniques for this business and branding marketing strategy are customer reviews and testimonials.

Testimonials are an effective marketing tool that build trust, are candid and convincing. So how can your business use testimonials? Today we’ll take a look and find out.

Ask for Feedback

The first step in generating effective testimonials for business is asking customers for genuine feedback. Send out standard emails to consumers who buy your products or service and ask them to fill out a short survey with room for comments. Not only can this create useful testimonials to market your business, but it can also show areas to improve.

PRO TIP: Make sure your Google Business, Yelp, and Facebook Business pages are up to date. Then, make it easy for your customers to leave reviews by providing them those links.

Keep it Short

When using testimonials in marketing materials, keep quotes short, sweet and to the point. Potential customers don’t want to read a long, drawn-out claim of how great your business is, but they do want something to give a quick synopsis that will stick in their memory.

Be Authentic

Ask testimonial customers permission to include their statements in marketing materials. If possible, include their name, company and year of the testimonial. Show potential customers this is a real person who was truly satisfied with your services.

PRO TIP: Shine the spotlight on positive testimonials by utilizing a targeted direct mail campaign. Include a photo of the customer alongside their quote and have a strong call to action to drive up response. Also, use a cross media marketing strategy that encourages direct mail recipients to visit your website where they can access further relevant information.

Give Explanation

Choose marketing testimonials that are as detailed as possible. Comments such as “I love this company!” are nice, but they give little information about what your business actually does or excels at. Utilize testimonials that give specific examples of how the company helped a customer. The more a customer describes a positive experience, the better received their review will be.

Vary Users

One testimonial doesn’t carry much weight compared with other businesses who have grouped them together. Aim for as many testimonial options as possible, and publish a significant amount on your marketing materials. Be sure to keep some on the back burner for variation, but put multiple reviews in the spotlight so consumers can see a wide range of positive opinions.

PRO TIP: Direct mail is not a one and done proposition. Put together a collection of your best testimonials – six to ten reviews should do the trick – and roll them out in a coordinated direct mail campaign over the course of a few weeks. The more exposure your brand has to potential customers, the more they are likely to remember your business and reach out when the time is right.

Stay Updated

When using testimonials in print and online with marketing materials, it is important to keep them updated regularly. Clients won’t be impressed if they come back to your site various times within a year-long span and continually see the same two or three testimonials. Continuously strive to get new business or franchise reviews and update them as regularly as possible to stay fresh and appear current with potential customers.

Ultimately, marketing your business does not have to be all on your shoulders. Strengthen materials by letting customers speak for you through testimonials and reviews. Build trust, personality and credibility through client testimonials singing your praises, and your marketing strategy will thrive.

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