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Minuteman Press Promotional Products Spotlight: The Power of the Pen Will Help You Promote Your Brand

Through history, adapting through technology and confirmed by science, branded pens will continue as an inexpensive but forceful tool in marketing.

Once upon a time, every story was written by hand, not by keyboard.  From fountain to ballpoint, we still love to put pen to paper, particularly when things get personal.  It’s been called mightier than the sword and in business it is far mightier than an email or a pop up ad.  According to ASI, 56% of consumers in the U.S. owned a logoed pen and can be expected, on average, to use it for around 6 months.  As they take notes from their desks or jot down numbers or lists at home, they will use it 3 or 4 times a day during those 6 months, on average and typically pass it to a friend or colleague.

It is true that the concept of branded pens is not new. There are literally billions of writing implements in use, but go ahead…pick up a pen today and as has been true for decades now, it will probably display a business name and logo.  The simple reason is that it works to draw the right kind of attention and it continues to work for a long time, helping your business gain a little extra kick in the popularity game.  From clickers, to ones with caps, to pens that come with built in styluses, this classic tool has been influenced by trends and technology in our culture. Therefore, pens remain a smart place to imprint your company name and logo.

4 reasons why the power of the pen will not be outdone by the lure of the keyboard:

Putting pen to paper is superior to putting fingers to the keyboard.

1. Pen to paper = greater FOCUS: Let’s be honest about the computer. We all need to be connected online and if you need to churn out a lot of copy, it’s handy to do so with a keyboard.  Yet, a computer is a major time-thief and it can be a black hole of distracting videos of kids who sing like Janis Joplin, puppies, microwave experiments and mind-numbing political debates.  In this sense, the classic simplicity of a relatively clear desk, a pen and perhaps the elegance of professionally printed stationery is a gift to your focus and your inner peace.

2. Pen in hand =greater retention: When you put ink on paper in the process of taking notes by hand, you are stimulating a part of your brand called the Reticulating Activating System which is the head boss in charge of studying and retaining information. Lifehack.com reports simply, “We retain information when we take notes by hand” and many of us gravitate naturally towards traditional note-taking for that reason.  The RAS part of our brains are like a filter that sifts out the most important things that you are supposed to be focusing on in the moment and the mechanics of writing lights the RAS right up.

3. Pen use = greater creativity: The University of Washington did a study in 2009 during which elementary school students demonstrated the ability to write with more substance than their PC-composing peers and they also did it faster with a greater number of complete sentences.

4. Pens = perpetual brain health: The act of writing puts not only motor skills to work, but your memory and a lot more, according to physicians…so consider it a neurological fountain of youth to let the keyboard rest and put ink to notebook. Also, if you want to have an easier time absorbing new skills when it comes to math, music or foreign alphabets, the Journal of Cognitive Science can assure you that symbols written by hand are more likely to be retained by your brain.

The power of the branded pen is a gift that keeps on giving to your business

Every society on the planet agrees that part of receiving a gift is not only gratitude but the honor bound action of giving something back in return.  Human beings are programmed by nature and nurture through the law of reciprocity and the norms of culture to respond favorably if we are given something, even something small.

Integrated marketing is wise and to strike the right balance, ideally, requires the assistance of a marketing specialist who can tailor your digital and print campaign into client luring perfection just for you.  However, as companies pour money into media and giant marketing techniques believing they are most effective, they may be wasting time and money.  Your basic branded pen is a formidable ally towards growth that can lead the way in front of an array of other key marketing tools from complete professional stationery and business cards to other promotional items such as apparel to tech items.

If you are still having a hard time believing that something as simple as a branded pen can be such a strong force for your brand recognition, here are 2 reasons you should be a believer:

1. Always at work: For as long as there is ink in a pen (and that’s a very long time), they continue to hustle in your name. Long after email advertising has been deleted or ads have been scrolled past, they are promoting your brand with each thoughtful stroke.  Even if the user isn’t making the conscious effort to pay attention to your company name and slogan as imprinted on their pen, the more they use it, the more the connection is strengthened subconsciously.  This link will help ensure that they will seek you out when it is time for products and services they need that you can provide.  Credit goes to a humble, personalized pen that you were kind enough to give to them at no cost.

2. Pens prove high demand = high exposure: All people, across all demographics want to use them in various scenarios from work to school, to jotting down notes on the phone at home. This desire will not stop any more than our busy lives will slow down and this is fantastic news if you want to promote yourself without spending a lot of money.

If you take a look at a study released by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) it will encourage you to compare the cost of branded pens to other types of marketing.  The study says that imprinting pens costs around 1/10thof a cent per impression, which equates to approximately $1 per thousand impressions.  To compare, your average online advertisement costs about $20 – $30 per thousand.

It might not surprise you to find out that going to a marketing services provider and printing sharp looking professional pens is inexpensive, but the payback in terms of gratitude, brand recognition, positive reputation boost and recall makes the power of the pen too great to turn down.

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